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Mission Saint Germain seeks to help people learn about the Teachings of Saint Germain and The Ascended Brotherhood of Light known as the Ascended Masters.


Saint Germain's basic teaching positions the Soul as a vehicle to realize and integrate the energies of Spirit, through the Real or permanent self called the IAM Presence.

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A Spiritual Light known as the Violet Flame becomes an agent for this transformation and acceleration in consciousness. The Ascended Masters have indicated this Violet Fire to be a key ingredient of The Golden Age, whereby unascended mankind can through the Path of self-mastery act as co-creators in this Physical world of form. While The Ascended Masters operate as Spiritual Teachers to mankind, it becomes our calling here on Earth to manifest our own divine destiny as a community of those willing to be bearers of Greater Spiritual light and purpose. Mission Saint Germain seeks to unite and ignite those who can walk this path, both practically and in enlightened service to fellow seekers of higher truth. We hope that you can find some comfort and fellowship in our postings, which can be an environment for your research or as an unfolding of your own path of higher learning. Please contact us with any comments or questions you may have about the Ascended Masters, the Violet flame or most joyously how we can become more of our eternal, true, victorious Selves. It is a wondrous path; it is one, which we are all destined to become. May you be forever free in the LIGHT!

NEW STORY!! POSTED 2016 Pole Position with Saint Germain and some stories of personal encounters of the path ( click below pic)

Pole Position For Saint Germain

Our Calling

This site is dedicated to students of the Light, Sons and Daughters of Freedom committed to assisting the Ascended Master Saint Germain to bring in the Golden age of Freedom and the Culture of the Divine Mother.

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"The World is awash in the Violet Flame!

Chart Me Up!

A self Portrait of our Real Self

Front and Center with El Morya

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Lady Master Venus

Free Counseling and Ministry (non-ordination)
Contact us for help
If you desire some help and assistance with your walk on the Spiritual path or any questions about these principles of the Ascended Masters, please contact us. We can listen, share insights to your situations and hopefully offer a compassionate voice of understanding and divine love. This is not a psychic service nor are we channelers. We are dedicated though to the spiritual premise of Jesus, Saint Germain and the divine Mother to offer service, assistance and support to our fellow brothers and sisters on the path. We do not claim to be healing or mental health professionals. Simply yearning hearts that desire to be agents of God's goodwill towards man ( woman) contact sirronald@earthlink.net

V Shaped Amethyst Crystal From Tucson

Two Videos: Top one is Ron Henry being interviwed about the New Living Expo and Saint Germain.

2ND one below: Part 2 Ron Henry at New Living Expo

Ron Henry on French American Public Access Program May2011 San Francisco (above)

New !! 4/24-Violet Flame Now! learn how to use the Violet Flame- click for audio of invoking the Violet flame, anytime live and archived! Oh try, oh try, oh try!   Have divine JOY! in doing -click player

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NEW- 5/22 Saint Germain mantra-"Saint Germain's Freedom Call to the Earth! hear the audio and learn how to use (click player)
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NEW!! 4/21-Archangel Michael prayers and decrees (audio) Click player to hear
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These books offer accounts and experiences of the Ascended Masters

Drawing forth the Abundant Life!
"Having it the IAM way"

The Divine Whole, About Us....About You.

Mission Saint Germain is an interactive, mutually cooperative experience. We don't recruit or solicit members. It is our purpose to expand the understanding and applications of the many wonderful tools and Path of the Ascended Masters and their teachings. You might also see helpful articles and stories about how we can pass our "tests" that life presents us. It could be humourous or sobering just like the path we face daily. We strive to be balanced, sometimes finding ways to pay our bills can be as important as studying the sacred texts, praying or meditating. We want to be a support for each other. Remember, it is the Higher Self of Each of us that is intended to develop. We post commentaries,personal experiences and shared knowledge of Saint Germain so that YOU can bring forth greater gifts and Mastery and WE as a collective body of light can increase. We subscribe to a "Culture of Relationships", The Masters, Your Higher self and fellows strivers on the Path.

Mission Saint Germain is dedicated to helping to find those souls and individuals who make up the sprinkling of Lightbearers who are a part of the planetary anthakarana or "web of life" spanning cosmos, connecting the ascended hosts with souls on this planatary body and throughout the matter cosmos.



Time to get cleaned up with the Violet Flame, we'll show you how!

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Don't forget to give your invocations to the Violet Flame daily! A simple desire in your heart to expand the purifying energies of the Violet Flame can inspire a greater sense of upliftment in your life. People who go through mood energies (and we all do ) can benefit from simply placing your energies upon the Liquid Light and Spiritual essence of the Violet Fire. By Even giving outloud the name of Saint Germain and the Presence of God activating through the IAM name is a powerful mantra.
Why not call out for divine justice in the name of the Violet Flame in world conditions, the healing of the planatary body, elemental life and your own body elemental?
A simple fiat to the Light can be:
In the name of my own beloved IAM Presence , Saint Germain and Portia establish the Violet Flame right where IAM.
IAM  my divine perfection!
IAM perfect healing won!
IAM  perfect attunement with my own divine plan!
IAM the divine plan and Victory for the Earth!
IAM Saint Germain in action in the Earth Now!
IAM the Violet Flame in Light and Love I Vow!  
IAM the Violet Flame in perfection manifesting in me now!
IAM the Violet Flame purity in all Life which i endow!
IAM the Violet Flame forgiving, healing, and sending love to all and above.
IAM the Violet Flame healing like a Mercy dove!
Want to learn more about the Violet Flame ? Click the below link

Discover the Secrets of Elemental Life and learn, to our Earth......"IT'S OF ELEMENTAL IMPORTANCE!" (click pic or nav bar for story)


Mission Saint Germain Special Report
What the heck! is happening to the causes of Freedom in Taiwan? when the President of a democratic Island cannot even make a state sponsored visit and be welcomed in the most free nation in the world.
Mission Saint Germain asks Why? and finds many causes,complexities and perhaps missplaced allegiances that cloud the dilemma of Taiwan and its fight for freedom.
Read, "A Day in the Limo detail with the President of Taiwan" as Mission Saint Germain's Ron Henry saw and first hand many of the elements, support and opposition to the freedom of Taiwan during President Chen Shui-bian's visit to San Francisco January 8,9, 2007
Also included are Saint Germain's admonishments to preserve the sacred Island of Taiwan and the ancient people of Chin holding the balance of light in that region.  

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For a lot of people Mark Prophet was a pretty good example of the Father Principle.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Click for Saint Germain Anatomy of an Ascended Master

NEW POSTING 3/16/16 "Comfortably numb with 911" click link to story!

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Beautiful artisan's work of Saint Germain Maltese Cross ( contact us if interested)

NEW POST ( Below) posted 2/28/2016 "Spiritual times of No Money , Honey!" ( click pic, below)

New Post 2/28/2016!!
Spiritual Times of No Money, Honey!!

New Story Posted Feb 14.2016 Click below pic!!

Love is in The Chips!! A Valentines message

Welcome freedom lovers of the Universal Calling Of Light. Let us be active and up and doing to help our Beloved Terra and the Divine Plan of the Lightbearers in 2016


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Brother Ron of Mission Saint Germain helps explain , "The Chart of the Divine Self"(above)

Ron Henry ioffers an overview of The Mission Saint Germain website and some personal perspectives of the Ascended Master Path for your exploration

Prayer to Help Elemental Beings!! Yea!

"How Sylphs saved the Day From Chemtrails!" click pic below for Article and more Pics of Sylphs

Sylphs over Marin County, California

Help the Count! click pic 4 story....Peace, homes!
CLICK PIC 4 story

 Can You Help The Count?
 read "the New Way to help Saint Germain!"
Saint Germain’s connection to the Caribbean, The Temple of Purification and Atlantis
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Great Divine Director

What are Twin Flames?
new post 12/15/09 What are Twin Flames?

NEW!! What are Twin Flames? (article) posted  please visit our article on Twin Flames by clicking on above pic. Also we have a broadcast archive on "Twin Flames and the Spiritual dimension" from 11/27/09 
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Twin Flames?  please listen to this segment which includes prayers and invocations for the Spiritual contact , healing and alignment we can make with our Beloved Twin Flame energy (click arrow in box,26 min)
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"THE JESUS-SAINT GERMAIN connection PART I ( a personal story) click the below picture for link


NEW!! Celebrating Saint Germain! please listen to our joyous broadcast (originally aired 7/17), with commentaries and testimonies of Saint Germain's influences in the lives of people
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New !! Listen to "Everything You wanted to know about the Violet Flame" Part 1, a series to help people learn how to and many types of info about the Violet Flame, click arrow in player below
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Archived segment on the Violet Flame
Join us as we demonstrate how to use the
action of drawing in the Violet Flame energy.
It is a divine science sponsored by Violet Flame Angels,
legions of light and The Ascended Master Saint Germain.
Violet Flame Now! go to:
to listen to archived show on "Violet Flame Now"
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It is purported that Francis Bacon is an embodiment of Saint Germain

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Lemuria and Atlantis once were high civilizations

Could Your City use some Violet Flame sky?




 " Mother Mary was there," notes from a seminar


On May 7, 8, 9 I attended a seminar called  "The Re- Creation of Self, Healing with Mother Mary" in Van Nuys, California with around 100 other people.


We have written an account of some of the experiences there on this website.


Please take some time out to visit this article and even more so to consider letting Mother Mary and for that matter all those that represent the flame of the divine Mother come into your heart.


We seem to be really consumed with so many things that clamor for our attentions. Many of us are feeling Spiritual burdens and also the challenges of making our way in this world of ours.


Maybe we can find some comfort and solace in the heart of the Mother, take some time out from our day, to give her rosary and sing her hymns of joy, to come to know a mind and heart of God filled with intelligence and warmth.


Would you find a place inside for the Divine Mother, the Cosmic Virgin, the Mother Ray within the Inn of your being?


The New Age Rosary


Hail Mary (MA-RAY) full of grace

The Lord is with thee

Blessed art thou among women and

Blessed is thy fruit of thy womb Jesus

Holy Mary, Mother of God

Pray for us now

Sons and Daughters of God, Now and

At the hour of our Victory! over

Sin, disease and death


Hail Mother Ray! Hail Mary! Hail Light of the Holy of Holies


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Find Out What is the Karmic Board of Spiritual Overseer's ( Click Text on Karmic board Audio)

Elemental Importance

The Posse coming to your town soon!


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