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Mission Saint Germain
Why Saint Germain? Why You?

Getting some perspective of Who are the Ascended Masters


People may at first think that Saint Germain or any Ascended Masters are in some far remote part of the Universe or that they don't exist at all. We might have a tendency to think of them in some exalted way, that what they have accomplished is significant, but that is THEM! Well the fact is the Masters had many embodiments just like we are having and they definitely had to pass their tests also.
The Ascended Masters like Saint Germain or Mother Mary or El Morya like to refer to Earth as a schoolroom. Two laws are at work on this plane, one is the Law of Karma, the other is Re-incarnation. Karma helps us understand that everything that occurs in the Physical Universe relates to a formula of energy or previous action. We are constantly creating. We want better results, we must consider higher actions in words, thoughts and deeds. What ever you want to call it, what goes around comes around . Karma may be a Sanskrit term, but it isn't just for our Hindu brothers or only is applicable in the East. It's universal law. People in the West are really waking up to this. We may have gotten fogged by doctrine but Jesus actually understood the Law of Karma and he taught it to his disciples. Part of the requirement for becoming an Ascended Master is to balance at least 51% of your Karma....it used to be 100%!  Yikes!
So Karma is a work in Progress, but Saint Germain has sponsored the use of the Violet Flame to help us balance our Karma, we'll get to that later.
Give me some Good news!   ......well the other guys story (Re-incarnation) is actually a mercy of God because the Soul has continued opportunity to perfect herself (soul is feminine). Whether you call it God, Universal intelligence, The Mighty IAM Presence (I prefer) or Spirit. there is an order in the Universe and there is a definite purpose. The Ascended Masters teach that the Goal of life is for the Soul to re-unite with the planes of Spirit, they call it the ASCENSION. You see we are really only borne once Spiritually (in Spirit) with our TWIN FLAMES (another story). Meanwhile back on Earth our Soul has incarnated originally to Anchor God Mastery on the Seven Planes of Being, the Seven Works or Rays representing specific Qualities of God Action. Another word for God is G. O. D., Geometry of Divinity....So we are intended to outpicture and manifest on this plane the Seven Primary Attributes or qualities of God Mastery, Chohans or "Lords" of each Ray  
1st Ray, God Power-                            El Morya 
2nd Ray, God Wisdom-                        Lanto 
3rd Ray, God Love-                              Paul the Venetian 
4th Ray, God Purity-                             Serapis Bey 
5th Ray, God Healing and Wholeness-   Hilarion
6th Ray, God Ministry and Service-       Nada  
7th Ray, God Freedom-                        Saint Germain  
So Re-incarnation establishes the continuity of the Soul that it has ample time and space to perfect itself and accomplish it's reason for being. Ever not finish all your Chores? Decide to do something else indulgent only to have those incomplete tasks waiting for you? Well that is what happens to the Soul. So we begin to see how Re-incarnation becomes the rule rather than the exception. It is almost folly to think the Soul can perfect itself and gain all that mastery in one life.
Going back to those Seven Rays or Qualities of Mastery, Saint Germain actually is Know as a Chohan or Lord of the Seventh Ray. He is responsible in Spiritual Hierarchy to minister to Earth's evolutions the initiations and opportunities of God Freedom, Alchemy, Transmutation, Change and Forgiveness. He also is one of the key Masters responsible for bringing the Violet Flame for our widespread use and experimentation through the giving of mantras and Scientifically composed Prayers called Decrees. The Violet Flame itself is an action of the Seventh Ray, it is a frequency of Light when invoke through the agency of our higher self in the name of theIAM Presence can effect Alchemical Change in the Properties of Matter  ......a simple way to call this Violet Fire forth could be: In the Magnificence Radiance of My IAM Presence, i call forth Saint Germain's Violet Flame to bless, heal and uplift mankind in Freedom's Transmutative Fire. Then, "Violet Fire Radiate in me. Violet Fire expand through me. Violet Fire bless, heal and set life Free" IAM theViolet Flame, IAM the Violet Flame, IAM the Violet Flame....set all free, set all free, set all free.  
Getting to know the Masters is like getting to know yourself, except knowing our True Self which is what all the Ascended Masters have realized, is more like becoming familiar with a latent, almost forgotten part of us, it has been hidden way in a sense because many of us have simply put our attention elsewhere, sometimes for thousands of years. The Soul itself is very impressionable. It takes the guidance of our personal mediator, also know as the Christ self (Christos, is a greek term for "anoited one" ) to teach the Soul how to access the higher energies of our Individual God Presence, the God Self, The IAM Presence .....this is where the Ascended Masters exist, in the Planes of Spirit, having won their freedom from the rounds of re-birth and cycles of Karma. This is what they strive to impart to un-ascended mankind, an accelerated path returning to the origin of our being, fully clothed in the fullness of our God Mastery. What they have done we can do also.
This is a good place to stop because i think getting to know the Ascended Masters, getting to know our true higher nature doesn't come all at once automatically. I kind of liken it to romancing a Woman. There is a part Mystery involved, a certain striving, a certain entering in with intention and devotion. Of course the higher calling of Woman is Womb-Man, which is the womb of the man-ifestaion of the Christ , aborning in the womb. Remember the Soul is the feminine counter part of Spirit. It is a feminine way of being. It doesn't reveal itself at only a glance, there is a courting, a certain proving of one's valor , a measuring of one's resilence. Measure by Measure, Petal by Petal the unfolding.... come calling again!

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