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Mission Saint Germain
Jesus, the forgotten Master, "Know, my Heart"

The Inner Mystical Meaning of Jesus' example for Aquarius 

The Ascended Master Jesus Christ......the same yesterday, today and forever!

One of my most cherished portraits is an Artist's rendition of Jesus Christ and Saint Germain beholden as brothers, merely great co-servers to mankind. He is portrayed as the one known far, as simply the Christ,.... his arm tenderly around and embracing the shoulder of Saint Germain.

There, side by side these two examplars of freedom eternalize and symbolize the cooperation of two ages. One the age of Pisces, 2,000 years prior where Jesus Christ stood singularily as the one chosen and anoited to walk the initiations so that hence, the souls of all men could know the measure of the Soul's ultimate Victory.

Saint Germain receives the torch from Jesus and stands with us now as the Wayshower of the Present Age of Aquarius, prophecized to be the culmination of mankind's fruits, either the outpouring of Mastery culminating in a Golden Age period or wrought by the free will continuance of Momentums of an ignorant or wholly self fulfiling futulity.

If Saint Germain is perceived as the father in this Age of Freedom, assigned by Spiritual heirarchy to minister to an unascended Mankind, carrying with him the unguent and Gifts of the Violet Flame, it is Jesus who pragmatically bore the "dirty work" necessary in Pisces.

The Period of the Age of Pisces, generally an Age, being a 2,150 year period from the onset and Completion of the Mission and Example of Jesus was intended for mankind to become the incarnation during this cycle, the very example of self mastery exemplified by the overcoming Jesus demonstrated. It is not as Cosmic Counsels direct, something that is vastly perceived ,.......where through Jesus' attainment all mankind would be delivered of Individual responsibilty to earn by our own merits.

Perhaps it is diligent to reconsider the lessons and intructions that Jesus was able to personify that we might still at this hour be greater capable of internalizing.

Aquarius is intended to be an outpicturing of the God qualities of God Love and its Divine attributes which manifest on what is referred to as the one o'clock line or point of Mastery that all mankind is undergoing. This is happening on a planatary scale as well as to each of us personally. The greater the "tests" of the Divine Love or God Love we can receive are also countered by that which is in oppostion to these qualities, namely mild dislike, hatred and hardness of heart. These momentums create an inner "warring" within our members as well as an outer Warring with Peoples, Countries and factions. In a sense, it has not been transmuted either on a Planetary scale or within ourselves fully.

Saint Germain came "equipped" with the Dispensation of the Violet Flame where Mankind could apply himself by the giving of Violet Flame Mantras and Prayers to mitigate, transmute even erase these momemtums of habit that are returning as our Karma. Still there has to be sufficent numbers that recognize the need and purpose to engage in this work and service.

It's kind of like this,.... Mankind has not adequately "balanced the Karmic books", so to speak that was intended to have opportunity to Acheive during the two thousand year period of Pisces. Pisces came and went, depositing into this current cycle of Aquarius a pre-existing debt of untransmuted energy that must be accounted for. 

The Good news is through the Graces of those Ascended Masters who are a part of Sponsoring life and evolution on this plane.

Getting back to Jesus' influence, we must understand Jesus stood and conquered certain and complete aspects of Personal and Planetary Mastery that was anchored in the Earth and on inner levels that WE all could have have a blueprint to follow

Even so, many of earth's lifestreams are ill prepared to cope with the iniations of Aqarius which is divine love, because we have collectively been unwilling to root out of our consciousness that which opposed our Victory In Pisces.

Pisces was/is intended to be the coming of God Mastery.

Mastery through taking up one's calling to Master the elements of the four lower bodies, Mastery in bringing forth one's divine blueprint in the etheric body.

Mastery is developing the mind as a chalice of the higher Mind in the Mental Body.

Mastery of the emotions and through the solar plexus or solar plexus chakra, the energies of the emotional body or the water element.

It's interesting to note Jesus is referred to as the "prince of peace". Peace or the stilling of the Emotional Body is significant in Mastering, anti-peace momenmtums which come to assail us through the mass consciousness in irritation, irratiabilty and what is called the Martian A's, including anger, argumentation and apathy.

God Mastery on the two o'clock line is challenged by among other things, doubt and fear.

How can one develope Attainment on God Love in Present Aquarius, when we still are searching for our Victory over the doubt that we are inheritors and deserving of our Mastery that our Highest Good intends for us?.

The Key may be in the Secret Path of the Heart borne by Jesus.

Because of Jesus' Victories as Similar to what Gautama Buddha acheived we have a Universal example that all mankind can draw from.

Jesus was fiercely opposed in his initiations. He bore the tremendous weight and condemation of Planetary karma, so that our own souls when facing tests would have an inner record that no matter what occurs to us, it is possible and that all things could be overcome.

To some degree Jesus attainment on divine love is so Great, so prevailing he is the Universal embodiment that even other Ascended Masters can draw from.

As students of Mastery we would be foolish to not enter into communion with the Heart of Jesus, through devotion and supplication in taking up his path of service and ministry to life.

Jesus, was formerly the Chohan of the Sixth Ray serving earth's evolutions in tending to the hearts and burdens of people.

Is it not true we would lose or (loose) our own burdens by ministering to others, so that the Sacred Victorious Inner Heart of Jesus' flame could enter in and consume our own burdens.

"Follow me, My burden is Light" are words of admonishment of the Master.

What example of present times do we have to examine and truly feel the "flame" of Jesus that unequivocially guides us? 

During the year of 1994 i was present during a Dictation given by the Ascended Master Jesus Christ, through the Messenger Elizabeth Clare that completely demonstrated what is required to grow the forgiving heart.

There was a horiffic and completely consuming tradegy that appalled and angered millions of Americans shocked by a young Mother who had plotted and carried out the murder of her two young boys.

Apparently the young woman drove her two young children, one three years old and the other fourteen months locked in her car to drown in a lake.

The outrage of the public and even hatred was immense, especially when it was revealed she had desired to be rid of the young boys because they got in the way of her continuing an "affair" with a man, who was leaving her somewhat influenced by her having children.

I remember being Present in that 1994 addess (dictation) by Jesus, where he espoused the necessity to "forgive and forgive again" ........

*........."I say, seven hundred, seven thousand times seven give the cup of mercy, give the cup of forgiveness, and discover an astounding transmutation of your own karma and the wrongs you have carried with you for so long because you have condemned yourself, criticized yourself and therefore felt you could not rise again."

To my surprise the Master directly spoke to the very recent and practical tragedy that had been greatly diffucult for people to find any compassion, nor understanding.

He Spoke; ** "Think of the Mother who in desperation took the life of her two little boys." "How the nation is disgusted with this Mother. Severe crimes are being committed every day in every nation. Shall we toss this one or that one onto the rubbish heap and say, "This one is no longer worthy of kindness or compassion. His sins are too great."?

His words came upon me and humbled me before his flame, because in that instant i was re-united with his sacred heart, my own inner sacred heart and i knew what would always be the measure of understanding, the requirement of the good shepard that must live in us that we could even begin to minister to life. It was Jesus again, unlike any other flame, uniquely gifted and giving, but only able to extend to life because he had borne so much burden, had been castigated before man, felt the fallows of devotion.....but who could teach us the contrite heart.....who can give to the aquarian man and woman, the education of being through sacrificing of the lesser self,..... the lesser wants,..... that we might be lifted up.

These are the seeds we must water within our own being given to us by the Master gardener who can help us cultivate our own soul if we would seek him.

I hope we do not keep Jesus Christ, Christ Jesus the Ascended Master a forgotten lamp that would light our way within the inn of our beings as the Universal heart and teacher that he remains if we would but call on him.

Call on to him, the beloved Christ and the Christ within ourselves that we may serve and thus be served....it is the need of the hour.....it is the love for Aquarius, for the Mission of Saint Germain....he is Jesus, our Master dear....that all might be made plain.

ADDENDUM:    Shirley Crask is a woman who created a memorial to the two young boys, that had died, became an instument for the tremendous healing fires and mercy that Christ inspires.

Shirley Crask who originally was outraged and felt her own hatred towards the Mother who had killed her own sons discovered within herself the Kind of Mercy and forgiveness the Christ within can contain. Crask, pinned a picture of the Mother to her chest and below it were the words, " Lord protect her and keep her close to your heart and forgive the "would be" Christians who are not willing to forgive her."

Crask also placed a metal container of "stones" near the memorial to the two children, with a note, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."

*, and ** indicate quotes taken from Pearls of Wisdom, copywrite, Nov 6, 1994 Church Universal and Triumphant- Summit Lighthouse Vol. 37 No. 45