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The Pole Position with Saint Germain by brother Ron

Mission Saint Germain
Will you too find Saint Germain on a street corner

 A few stories and accounts of The Spiritual Choices in the lives of my friends and myself

I was totally motivated when I came across this picture that was sent to me from another brother who had the flame and the HEART! to basically get Saint Germain's image AND EL MORYA"s and the Chart of Our Divine Self on this street pole in New York! Wow!
Imagine the burst of energy we can feel when we might be traveling in a big city like New York or any city for that matter and we come across  this cool divine reminder. We are all looking and searching out for those little instances when synchronicities come across our path . what a little boost!
I just think its so cool to make some decision that we can be out there patrolling the consciousness of our neighborhoods. Some people are so ready for breakthroughs in divine understandings and new concepts that they may never have heard about and out of the blue they could come across the image of Saint Germain and say, "wow, what is that?' Because so many more people are lifting up their energies. They are ready to have these breakthroughs because of the New Energy that is really coming closer to the planet and those people that are ready are going to start finding these little nudges that are going to inspire interest, causing the soul in us to be in our higher minds, our higher hearts, our higher selves!
We can be a part of a really powerful solution, simply by even giving a mantra like IAM A BEING OF VIOLET FIRE.  I AM THE PURITY GOD DESIRES, Wherever IAM!!. It's not that hard the more we give over the energies of our thoughts we are creating little by little transformations. Plus we then invite the higher energies to have a habitat or place to fill in on this plane. It's a little practice of course, yet that is how we fill up our auras. People who do not even get these things notice something about our energy
Angelic energy gets attracted to us more when we carry the vibration of divine energy of Love, for example. Its starts with being positive, maybe taking the attention from these phones people play with or too much Netflix. Get out with people, get out in Nature. Have the Violet Flame in your heart   
Maybe start by being friendly to people and where you can smile at people, wave to people. When we are practicing to keep the divine energy we are like a fount and we are sending these energy waves even when maybe it might not appear it is working . Its having an effect
I personally love going through Supermarkets where people shop and giving my little prayers, little sentences, sprinkling the Violet Flame, "Saint Germain come in these aisle ways and help these people that come here, get turned around!!  Violet Flame is everywhere and to its flame I do adhere!  
Even the colors of our clothes carry vibrations. I wear my little purply hat and people always comment, then I have an opening to say something nice back to them, like Thank You which is an energy of Gratitude!  
You can always listen to the stories of others too and many times that helps connect you to the path because many of us are undergoing similar growths though in different and colorful ways
I was at a  small gathering of people in a prayer circle when a man named Ron, which is my namesake too started to share his account of when he was living in a spiritual community and they had asked him to become in a sort the postman to deliver mail for the community
He shared with us how he was willing and interested in taking this new position and the person assigning it to him said fine.
Along the way he said how unbeknownst to the people that were inquiring about this new "job" he had in fact spent several years working for the government in a postal position. He was also told the "church" would be paying him a salary of $5 per hr. He was fine as he was fine washing dishes for the community too
Then the lady that had told him , he was "hired" came back and said. they decided they were in fact going to give the job to somebody they already had on staff, and Ron told us, part of the reason was because, they would not have to pay him, so Ron was willing and seemed nonplussed and went back to his voluntary dishwashing job
He then said they came back again and said they had decided they needed him after all because the person they had thought could do the job could not because the man did not read or understand English so the Job was his again
We in the group started to laugh and share in his personal story of being tested with saying yes and then having to adjust to changing situations and the decisions of others and then being brought back in again. We could all see life in that community was just as much about how we handle things then what actually we might be doing
The key was Ron being willing and keeping his harmony, which many of us might not and have gotten frustrated, so in a sense that can be a  spiritual test too!
Afterwards I joked thinking of both of our names and the fact we were sitting together and said "Two Ron's don't make a Right!" then said again, maybe two Ron's do make a right
The point being that Ron's personal story made come alive one man's experience on the path that could be true for any of us and his "story" and the way he told it sure made a vivid impression on us and how we learn
I had another account of a woman I know named Malika ( not her real name) who lives in Colorado and for many years she lived near Sedona in Arizona and she was always calling me with the different spiritual experiences she was having, she often seemed enthusiastic and would be sharing all the different people and groups she was involved in. I kind of felt that I have found my path with Saint Germain's teachings but I can still learn something from what others are doing
Then kind of out of the blue I stopped getting calls from Sister M, she sort of just dropped off the radar
Eventually she did get back in touch with me and let me know she had moved back to Colorado and had been taking care of her aging parents. She did not sound the same and she was talking more like a Christian person would speak of their religious life. I think it was because of her parents upbringing and background and Malika probably adapted. There was no more excited accounts of the latest group Malika would be involved in. She was much more subdued and I think like Ron in a sense she really immersed herself in the responsibilities of the requirements of what was called for in that situation. For Malika it was taking care of her parents . She adapted
This went on like a couple of years I think and I did not talk much with her
At some point we made contact again and it slowly started to feel like M was coming back into the swing of having energy and interest in her adventurous self again. She seemed more animated and maybe she had done the bulk of her work and service with her parents. Maybe there was the necessary healing that often has to take places in families.
So Malika calls me recently and she is all enthusiastic again and tells me she is going to Florida and going to be with this group and 4000 people will be there. She wants me to look at their website and she really is now out of her cocoon and she flying again and its like the old Malika and in a sense I'm happy for her, because she seems to have her energy back and maybe she has the time again and direction for her own journey
But Malika is a wonderful soul and she is a very true person to her Spiritual ideals I think and she also seems like A spiritual romantic and I can relate to that and we have had conversations about Twin Flames and Malika feels she knows who her Twin Flame is, and she has had all these very strong impulses and connections to this man and he is kind of a public figure. A lot of people know him and I know him personally too. One of the issues is that this man is married and he still is.
Now, years before Malika had an encounter with this man and it became very powerful in her soul and they did not wind up joining together, but this "backstory" has been a very powerful and persistent part of her life plan and we have had many discussions, but because of his freewill choices it has often felt to me in hearing her stories and feelings and accounts that this would be best to surrender and give it to God and try and move on as best as possible. Who knows what will be the outcome. I do not know if he is her Twin Flame or not, but like with all things we have to find our harmony of acceptance as best as possible. I also know several people that are really involved in this Twin Flame energy and it seems like it compels them, some feel really strongly there is something to resolve, others seems almost obsessed almost possessed by the energy
What do you say then? How can we help? Where is the Highest good? What is the will of the Divine?   
Before I go on any further I want to mention this little book I carry in my backpack and I started reading chapters again and it's called "God is the Answer" and I have found that I'm at many crossroads myself striving to get set up in a new town and community and find work and find a balance between my own efforts and seeing in so many places my own vision at any giving time seems either shortsighted or incomplete , yet I feel I am in a good place spiritually but maybe I am being tested on my faith and I just don't have the answers maybe as to how to proceed so I don't want to struggle but I'm having to make a lot of adjustments to let go and let God
That is part of why this article story is called In the pole position with Saint Germain or God really, and how do we allow that, how can we surrender the limited human consciousness for the energies of the greater divine and Universal source energies
The little book says in all things think," GOD IS THE ANSWER!" that meditating  and reminding ourselves that is the key. So I wanted to pause for that!
So Malika  is on the phone with me and she starts telling me this dream she has and she mentions how there is this energy in the dream and its passionate and after a while I get that she is talking about a person, a man and she is feeling the dream energy and it "feels' very real and she is involved in it like its more than a dream so the way she is telling me is like she is actually having this physical encounter with the male figure and they are together and she is very involved in feeling the energy. It's powerful and filled with connection and love and her passion has got me involved
Then, at first I do not see it coming but then it's like she says his name, the man we both know, and I'm like, "oh, him again?" Yes, Ronald!, she says and I'm thinking, "still , you have dealing with this for so many years"
And Really what can I say?
This all reminds me of other people that have written to us on this website and have these questions really vivid stories to share about the Soul mate or Twin Flame, and I'm like, "God, what can I say to them? "what should I say, anything?
Sometimes God does give me a specific direction, but usually it comes back to we all have to face how we resolve our own deepest questions and concerns, and with that can come a whole range of struggles and breakthroughs and efforts and all the maneuvering we can summon and sometimes we try and move heaven and earth, and I guess ultimately its our own path and we determine how much energy we want to spend on it
Afterwards I have to admit I do not know in my outer mind or limited perspective what is right for her, but I pray she finds divine timing and the highest good. So many times I have had to as they say, "leave it on the altar"  
I am grateful my sister is feeling the fire again. Keep us tuned in for developments!!
The last little story comes from my Friend Elliot , who is truck driver in California, and lives in an agricultural town called Castroville. Elliot has a few children and he lives with his wife and family and even has other children with a previous relationship and he is a spirited person, and likes to laugh and in his travels as a truck driver his routes take him to many places, but mostly now he works in Northern California and his route is pretty short considering he can travel up to San Francisco  and Oakland at night and be back in the morning
Him and I have always kept a pretty good connection and I met him in another farming town called Salinas, where I used to work as a salesman
We like to share stories of our tales on the road and because I have worked for many years in California doing wine tours we share the different types of encounters we have. I transport people. Elliot drives a 53 foot rig and transfers goods. He sees a lot of the working man mentality and life is truck stops and loading and unloading while most people are a sleep. I mostly deal with people on wine tours getting loaded and then unloaded when they have to go home
Eliiot is one of the few people I know another one being Mike Garcia, a successful real estate broker, that never has an issue or feels embarrassed to say, "God Bless You" In a sense I have always felt Elliot is a Spiritual man and at his roots, though he is steeped in taking care of his family , he knows he depends on God. So in a sense when we get in uncertain periods, we can talk about God. I have always appreciated him for that
I learned from Elliot that his Father died in a trucking accident in  town called Kingman, Az, which I have some roots there myself and have lived there and I drive on that same Highway, so that was another connection between us and I have prayed about that
So me and Elliot are talking and he's asking about how my new journey is going in Montana and I tell him how I like it here and I'm feeling my spiritual energy growing and the beauty of Nature and that I have more Spiritual friends here and that there is a Saint Germain community and  a lot to be grateful. I also tell him I'm still trying to find and work out what work and income I can receive and I'm living in some else's house and how its cold in the winter and I wonder how I am going to pay my upcoming bills
But I also tell him how I'm writing and getting to more spiritual services and how appreciative I am that people here are down to earth , more friendly and less uptight
I also tell him about my little book. "God is the Answer, " and he and I have talked about Saint Germain and Archangel Michael so he has an open heart
He them tells me about times in California and for truckers work has slowed down and he's only working about two days a week. So I try and say, "well be grateful for those two days" and I say again "God is the answer" and I'm starting to see how my own consciousness is evolving. I'm passing the word on and I'm trying to get others to turn it over, so Elliot being the God loving person he is, hears that and I think it helps him in his situation and maybe that is why he called this morning
Elliot went on to tell me about how it is colder there now and how the heating bill has gone up, he said, "PG & E is like $200 a month!" and I know those are real issues when things slow down especially
So in a sense Elliot in California is a part of my Spiritual family, just like Ron the mail man in Montana or Malika and her Twin flame mystery in Colorado and brother Dave with his bookstore in Livingston, who is the man that postered that pole in New York that motivated me to write these accounts. We are all connected in some way through the Spiritual energy we share
Ultimately it gets back that in all our situations, probably the greatest most efficient and complimentary solutions we can have to the situations, opportunities and challenges we face are mitigated and made more effectively  when God is in the pole Position, when we allow that consciousness to be our leader, to allow us to get to the finish line in greater and lesser things.
I am so grateful I found that image when brother Dave took the time and effort to leave us a reminder. I just feels life goes better when we put Saint Germain in the Pole Position. AND THEIR OFF!!! and there they GO!

The Violet Flame is Everywhere and to its light, I do adhere. IAM Blazing in God's Name . IAM Blazing in God's Flame! Blazing, Blazing, Blazing!!