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The Valentine's Day to Me: A self Compassion story
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Sometimes a little Chip of Love is all it takes!!

Musings on Valentine's day, the Courage of Divine love and self-compassion

The Valentine’s Day to me


You may be thinking, “Well that sounds a little selfish” But I say why not decide to start over and give yourself all the things you missed out on. I’m not talking about material things. I’m talking about just the list that comes up. Go ahead put in in

The relationships that didn’t work out. Even our disappointments with God. How about Jobs that seemed too hard and we did not get enough from. Could be not enough pay or not enough appreciation.

How about the kind of life we have hoped for or dreamed of. Maybe we have even stopped thinking about that anymore. Well, what about that?

Can we for a minute decide that something matters again? Oh, forget about it if we are not in love for the moment or that greater things are happening for other people. We are talking about a redo here

A makeover over a costume change, well if we are not going to do it for ourselves who is going to do it for us... That idea in itself should move us a little at least. What do you think? I know, I know it does not sound romantic

But it lets a lot of pressure off us. Hey, I give up. Now what? Where can I go from here? It’s not that bad come on.

I don’t know about you but I’m starting to laugh a little it’s actually kind of funny. I think I can go somewhere with this

I like that this kind of little courage comes up that I did not notice as much. There are a lot of things that can make us happy. The general looseness that comes from being ok with ourselves

Are you ok? I’m feeling ok. Ok?

It’s funny that the first thing that came to me when I decided to send a Valentines to myself was that I wanted to share it with others

In fact I felt all of you in my little inspirations. It did not matter if I got a telephone call or not. I decided to just get over it. Whatever it is

There is that little laugh again. I’m kind of glad I did this. I don’t know why really but something feels better. Not that things were that bad. It’s just things were that normal

So have a Happy Valentine’s day if you like or don’t have one. Have something. I guess

I hope we are ok. All right?

Submitted by Sir Ron on Valentines Day 2016 email : sirronald@earthlink.net posted on www.missionsaintgermain.com feel free to share with acknowledgment  


On Valentines 2016 Chera and Bruce's Party
Into the Arms of Infinite Love, Chera,Ron,Nancy

Author's notes: we have received much new insight and expression from people who have added something to our "story" of Valentines thoughts.
Thanks go to Sister Joan, who gave us the awareness of Self-Compassion and the gentle gifts we can give ourselves in many way
" Self-compassion if a good idea.  I'm learning too.  I understand what you are saying there.  I bought myself an English pennywhistle and music book for Valentine's Day.  It made my whole body feel better when I played it"
To Lady D who reminded us we can give ourselves flowers at anytime and the appreciation we do not just have a Soul Mate to acknowledge.
I grabbed a bouquet and put it on the conveyer belt as I heard a still small voice inside say, "For Heaven's sake buy yourself some flowers!"
To the Divine Ms Rose

You are so busted for eating potato chips

Love and more laughing,

Divine Ms. MarithaRose

To Sister Maraya on the many dimensions she travels and also concurs..... "Appreciation being the key for me and everyone baby!! "
To  Sir Ron and the God Courage that inspired me to send this ode to my previous relationship and surrender in divine love and the release of energy that came with it
To Chera and her Beloved Bruce who read this V day message in bed and decided to have an awesome Valentine's day party that night. I went !!
To Barb who said 
"Yes Happy Valentines Day! Great idea just love ourselves no matter whats going on
and it will spread the love. Thanks for the thoughts"
To Cheryl in Sac town who said: 
"Not selfish at all!! Thanks so much!  The
                  elementals know you all too well to send you a heart shaped potato chip. Cheryl

Bruce and Chera host of Valentines gathering