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Spiritual times of No Money, honey!!
Mission Saint Germain

Not really!....but follow the principles inside and expand more abundantly!!

Spiritual Gifts are all around us!


Spiritual times of no money, honey!

Disclaimer!! This story does not imply really “no money” In fact we prescribe to the Universe, “Iam grateful for the abundance that is mine!”

I recently noticed how the Universe was blessing me when my outer finances were kind of a few quarts low

Odd stuff started to help me when I saw I had to budget more. I was also reading some book that was reminding me that to God, “Abundance” comes in many forms

I have tried to say to people that for me at least, times of being flush were not that much different vibration ally than when I had just a little. At least I tried to keep a good attitude

Sometimes I think it is more important to get an attitude change and turn around the way we are seeing things, then the tests come.

Maybe we need a sense of appreciation for the things we already have. Maybe it is our friends or how God is calming my mind, the lessons our soul gets. Maybe we do not have gratitude for that

God must feel, “are you only coming to me for money?” What about the riches of the Soul?

Are you any more humble? Helpful in my causes? Willing to pitch in for the Greater Good?

Do you think I’m just a bank? That is not how the Wisdom of the Universe is ordered

I often wondered what God is trying to bring to my attention. Just the other day when I really needed it, I lost twenty bucks, boy, my outlook really got tested then

Maybe, that old snidely voice, was trying to goad me, “how do you feel now, buster boy”

We turned that around, and I even prayed that the right person who found it, would be blessed

Honestly, that was hard, but afterwards I thought I had held out on giving a tithe, so the Universe snatched it anyway! Yikes

Sure, it seems better and we have less stress when we are not worrying about how to pay the internet bill or my cell phone  

Actually I’m not big on worrying or anxiety and I always try to turn to God’s help when I might be in one of those periods. I try and flush out of me ways in which I might improve by putting my attention not on my problemos but what I can do about either my situation or my outlook

Sometimes it really feels like this spiritual force or mind gets ahold of my attention and I get re-directed about all sorts of things

In those moments I try and just park my concerns with the Divine Mind

Lately little things have happened to me that were letting me know the Universe has got my back and it’s grateful I’m listening

It’s pretty amazing when we notice the little clues and occurrences that are unfolding right in places we might not have looked

I woke up this one morning and I was thirsty and I wanted some water, but I really wanted this green drink juice at the co-op. I was ready to go out to the store at 8AM. It’s kind of pricey that green drink too

Then I noticed that my attention got directed to a part of my room and there was a full container of
“smart water” my friend had gifted me a few days before. It was like the “higher mind” was pointing out to me, you do not really need that juice this moment but here is some fresh water I have for you right within your grasp!

It was also like you do not need to go out right now, there are other things to do

Strangely again, I wanted to take a shower and I could not find my amenities bag that I keep all my stuff I use in the bathroom. It was just here a minute ago

A couple of days earlier I realized I was out of floss, and I thought oh, that is going to cost me a buck or two and I had gone without it for a couple Of days.

When I could not find “my bag” I was forced to look in another direction. Something said, well look in that different bag and see if you can find what you need to use in the bathroom, like shampoo.

I dug in this other larger bag and behold, I uncovered a second stash of dental floss. “Hello, thank you universe!”

Then of course, I rediscovered the bag I was looking for too

Before I go any further I have to tell you this little word game that came to me this morning. I was thinking about the attitude of being grateful because when we are on the ropes we can get ourselves kind of sour about things

So I thought I could have a better attitude. Then I thought, well, let me try and feel a better sense of gratitude about things. I was reading a little book I keep by my bed and it was basically saying, can we actually just give these things to God to solve or take care of, or carry and can we work on  keeping our minds and our thoughts and feelings focused on what “source” would rather have us be.

So, that mindset had me make another shift.

Then the word “Godattude” came to me. Wow! That new word was a combination of having God gratitude or gratitude to God and being in the right attitude!


I also noticed that when are feeling “sour” about things all we have to do is add a C. and an “E” and we can make a C.E. (clean escape) from our issues by giving it to “Source”.

So, I was having that kind of morning. It was whimsical and mystical and I made my way down to the shower and when I got out I realized I forgot to bring a fresh change of garments with me. That kind irked me, because I was behind the scenes a little tense about things but I remember I wanted to have the right “godattude!”

Just then, I realized because when I decided to not go out earlier looking for my Green Juice, I instead washed my clothes, which were in the dryer next to the bathroom

That was the next “solution” the universe gave me. “Right timing” my clothes I needed were right next to me. Again the lesson was sometimes the things you want are right next to you, right within your grasp

I felt like this higher mind “intelligence” was showing me, all we have to do sometimes is take the next best step and trust, don’t get blocked out by being dour or sour about life, but be open even in situations where it may be hard to have a positive outlook.

That is probably why “they” say your mental outlook is important

Just for our information, later in the day I went to that co-op I was determined to get to, first thing in the morning before the higher guidance led me to not engage in that action

I found out “all” the containers of green drink were gone. In fact the store employee told me some person came in and bought 8 of the drinks them selves

Something was saving me the wasted trip, uh?

So, I gave it up, I thought?

I went to my work,  a sales job in a retail environment and I carried a new attitude and a willingness to put my faith in higher forces that I was not going to just try and do it all by myself

As, it turns out the day passed by pretty quickly and I did not get any new sales, but I felt I was in the right energy with things and I had a sense of well- being that the right things would work out in right timing

Afterwards I made one final effort to go find my green drinks at Costco. I did not have a member card but my friend did so I called her and we went over there just before the store closed

To my pleasant surprise, in the section we found them, they were on Sale and in abundant supply

“I will toast to that,” I exclaimed happily and did not even wait to have a drink before I got out of the store

As far as the rest of my little ‘realities” and concerns I felt more inclined to trust in the Universe, have the right “godattude” do my part and surrender, more good is coming my way!

Posted and written By Ron H on Feb 28,2016   sirronald@earthlink.net