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Comfortably numb with 911

One Tin Soldier? Christopher Bollyn in Livingston, MT

Recent talks in Montana raises the not so forgotten saga of the 911 backstory

Comfortably numb with 911


Hello. Hello, hello is there anyone out there? Nearly 15 years later from that day of ignominy, I recall that morning rather easily as if it were a moment when there must have been a mass experience of disbelief, though at THAT moment I would be not sure, that what I was watching was actually anywhere true to what we were told

I remember my first thoughts that morning when I saw the nearly freefall visuals of the twin towers, I thought rather soberly how similar the destruction was to a documentary I watched sometime before on controlled demolitions

Oh, well I cast that fleeting thought and like many millions no doubt got caught up in the narrative being presented to us, oddly I continue to fix my tie and prepare to go to work, but like most things traumatic. Most of those moments slowed my life down, stunned and yet equally inquisitive in a part of my mind and my psyche, did I begin to think for my own

Now nearly a decade and a half I find myself in Montana, in small cities like Bozeman and nearby even smaller town named Livingston and at a lecture/ talk with Christopher Bollyn, writer, activist, investigative journalist on Solving 911. Oh, shit I thought, “here we go again”

My friend a dedicated miner of contemporary social truths and small bookstore owner in Livingston, helped produce these twin presentations and though I initially wondered the sense ness of attending yet another “truther” event on 911 theories and storylines, I also felt obliged to reinvest in the pulse of this eponymous moment of epic failure, etched as 911

And what was that failure? Certainly not the heroism of the many rescuers and the thousands that lost their lives in tragic and incomprehensible ways. God Bless their souls. No, I think the failure more lies in the derailment of justice that was carried out in untold and deliberate fashion to almost completely sanitize and remove the evidence of impartial discovery and investigation.

So, do we leave it to Bollyn or others like him to fire up again the crossroads of vigilance and destiny that for many more had possibly been extinguished as the long lasting embers and molten hot of the collective 911 funeral pyre?

I looked around at and in the Bozeman Library on the first night of his presentations as I wanted to see what the face of conscience and resolve might look like. (I’m speaking of the people in attendance not Bollyn specifically)

Regardless of what Bollyn would extensively present that truly thinking and inductive minds must consider about the facts of 911, it felt like there does remain the necessity of the individuals to carry that commitment to keep the gas on the pedal until, something gives, because something in this whole 911 myth and official line just does not add up. It does not pass the test of time or of resilience.

Maybe that is what I gained most from these talks, a sense of rightness that kind of returned or got reawakened, that reminded me that real awareness has no equal.

It has no equal in the comfortability or willingness of the masses   

It does not diminish because of the days or years that accumulate. It does not dilute a certain reality of intuition or quiet the discomfort that keeps us awake and jostles us to reason, higher reason

A young woman asked Bollyn what media outlets can we watch or be a source to get information

I thought at first how grateful I was that she being a young person was even here, representing her generation among a mostly older set of mindful souls

Then I thought about the paradox of her question and really what controlled or vested media could I count on?

Better yet, I thought look into the faculties of our own soul and be willing to wrestle with our own conscience and reason and mine from our higher self, to turn that over again and again. To weigh, to think on our own, to seek wise council. 

We can’t lay this responsibility off on the Governments, or the media or the popular opinion. It’s a test of having a willingness and a dedication to keep charging where, others might have off ramped, gotten off beforehand. That is what all control groups hope to achieve in the questions and realities of events like 911 that we will give up before the full story has come out

In the words of my older sister, “I don’t think so!”

In that sense we can’t get numbed out, we have to dig with that shovel again, eventually the yard will clear. Our reward is our persistence, that and we can live with ourselves, with a free mind and heart and know no matter what we can’t leave truth or real freedom to be outsourced, remember it’s an inside job.


Written by Ron Henry, In Bozeman, Mt March 16, 2016

Contact: sirronald@earthlink.net

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