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How diet and NO GMO"s changed my Spiritual life

Removing GMO Foods, eating one meal a day, fasting and staying away from Programmed eating

Organic NON GMO meal i had in Whole Foods SAN LUIS OBISBO

At some point in my path I knew I had to become more conscious about the foods I was eating. I already knew that everything is energy and the fuel the energy the body gets from the foods we eat is really important right?
I remember a Spiritual teacher I respected say, "you know you are getting serious on the Spiritual path when you really discipline yourself to what you eat"
I have probably been like lots or people that work pretty conscious in their Spiritual life but somehow overlook or minimize the diet Part. As the years go by I have made some efforts to not eat as much processed food, not trying to be a glutton either when I do eat. Also I like to exercise though not strenuously. Everything in moderation is something I think about
I also have not been interested in becoming a vegan, and although I do eat meat I like also having vegetarian meals too. I'm just not fanatical about food and like most people I like to enjoy it. The taste and experience of eating is comforting, satiating and should be nutritious.
No body wants to be lectured about food either. I'm not trying to slap the hamburger out of someone's hand. I can eat fast food too. I like Del Taco Turkey Tacos but I try and visit fast food places as an exception, usually when I'm traveling on the road by car like I do, you just get plain hungry and have to get something to eat, fast. They know what they are doing
The part about being conscious in my life really gets to me though and being a truth seeker I know I can make more progress in the decisions I make about what I'm eating. I too know its not just the body is affected by the foods I ingest, its my spiritual condition too. We all have felt a lull or a dullness in our mental faculties, outlook and perceptions from eating dense food. We can actually get a good vibrational high from foods and I'm not talking a sugar buzz
I have read admonishments and testimonies that even Saint Germain has given about diets. He spoke in the IAM books about other civilizations when animals did not even exist and there are those accounts of adepts who hardly ingested food. Stories of meals on inner levels that the soul can visit that are like fruits and elixirs filled with living light
Now that may be a stretch on this plane, but I think the ideal and the standard we choose can lead us to many levels of improvement
Which led me to the awareness and discovery about the proliferation of GMO foods.
GMO means Genetically Modified Organism. Companies like Monsanto started inserting GMO's into crops and food and eventually got into animals only since around 1994 or 1996. Today almost all foods in the US are genetically modified. Before I go into anything about why GMO's are not good for human consumption ( you should do your own research) I want to share some of my own experience with health anomalies I noticed that started in pre 2000
A friend of mine by the way calls GMO foods, "Frankenfoods" He's not really kidding
Sometime in my early 40's I started to notice a generally sluggishness in my general energy levels. I have always been a high energy guy and part of that drop off I attributed to aging and life changes. I was also more lean naturally due in part to an abundance of energy
I started to notice a slowness in my usual output. To get things done took more effort and I started to also notice I never quite regained energy. It never really felt like anything replenished me. Not rest, or taking time off. I never looked at diet, but I noticed I was gaining wait too and so I just started to eat less. Eventually I just made the best due I could
At some point I went to a health provider and they tried to put me on thyroid medicines for an underperforming thyroid. Something in me resisted taking their medication and I tried to naturally balance myself through more walking, drinking water and altering my diet and eating less. I guess I got by over the years but having what I felt like the youthful energy never returned
Somewhere in my soul I believed these doctors were not able to help me get in touch with how I could get in balance and I thought the Thyroid thing was not the actual issue. It may had been an outcome my body registered but it was not what was causing it
After learning about the impact of GMO foods I realized the timing and outset of these health issues occurred with the widespread introduction of GMO's into our food supply. I had been exposed to eating these foods for a few years by then and my body was starting to get the effects and it was not a good thing for me.
Soon they were trying to tell me I was pre diabetic, another thing i had to look at and the years just went by.  
It took all the way to the year 2016 and the realizations in my opinion and intuitive self that consuming GMO foods have been the real cause of inhibiting my organ function and cellular health that brought about these health issues I have been experiencing
I'm not writing this to be a comprehensive account of the effects of GMO's and generally inadequate diet intakes and less than optimal nutritional practices
I rather would like to point out how the shift in my overall view of bringing the foods I eat and my body in balance has INCREASED the sensitivity and perceivable faculties of Spiritual living 
Boy! does that sound wordy. In the way of telling a story, let me explain
I found when I started to eliminate GMO foods from  my diet ( and boy your going to find that a journey) I also started to incorporate other things, like one meal a day with organic foods and up to 24 hr fasting periods between meals
These practices started to have unexpected effect on my consciousness and my general outlook towards life and people
It seemed like I was slowing down, able to be more patient and tolerant of others and more planned in my approach to even every day encounters
I started to feel a more relaxed tranquil and compassionate approach to life and because I was eating very little of the foods that mainstream people including my former self, I started to view the whole ideology and desire behaviors that try and control us and push us to eat this or that fast food or to go to this restaurant. Its almost like we have no self control.
I remember emailing my sister that I was going to start eating only or as much as possible Organic and NON GMO foods. She immediately reminded me what about when you go to the bowling alley bar to watch Football games. I know, thinking how much I like French Dip sandwiches they serve
But I felt like my consciousness had to increase about foods and I became willing to do as much as I can to alter the whole desire thing around food we are so programmed
Has not been easy or automatic but I have already seen my attitude and draw to eat certain type of foods have changed and so has my hope for others. That is part of the purpose for writing this
At the time of posting this I have noticed how by removing myself from mostly eating out of comfort and generally overeating when I'm not truly hungry. The act of eating becomes more sacred
So it has followed that now I have more time because a lot of our energy in the west goes to eating and ritual of behavior we have surrounding that. Meeting people. Enjoying meals together, indulging not only in foods, but wine and spirits, but so often in misplaced desires that lead to excesses
I  know this, that once people wake up to the dangers of consuming GMO foods, there will be more of us to walk that journey of eating and making together beautiful and healthy food that will bring the best out in us and we can a much more holistic experience for both our body and Spirit
Ron  Henry from Northern Arizona November 7. 2016 sirronald@earthlink.net
NOTE: we have posted links to two videos on Youtube about GMO foods ( below)