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The Paradox Of Donald Trump

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Love em" or Leave em' Donald Trump is on the scene and look out for little Barron


The Paradox of Donald Trump

Like I'm sure many people. I was surprised on election night when I realized Donald Trump was ahead and eventually won the U.S. election for President


At the onset I was pretty much underwhelmed by either candidate and I thought we were probably going to see the first female President


But just like that, almost when in the old Batman TV show when they pasted italics on the screen, "shock," The "Trumpster" was in.


I then started to examine that the U. S was about to have a person elected as President who had no previous office


Has that ever happened before I asked myself?


Then without considering who likes it or not. That’s a bold play to come all way through the woods to the White house without any political training wheels


Of course you could not avoid the hating that was coming and I thought about half the people in the country were digging this and the other half were either pissed or inconsolable. A lot of people were feeling real butt hurt


The next morning I went to see Trumps acceptance speech and all sorts of strange things were flashing in my head


Oddly it seemed Trump had right next to him not his wife, but his Ten year old son Barron Trump and I was thinking. This isn’t no accident. We were being given a preview. Trump no doubt is grooming his son for a future Presidency


The only other stronger image I had was John Kennedy's son John Jr. Saluting at his father's memorial service


We are looking at the franchise I thought with little Barron being rolled out in his white tie, all junior GQ. Just as people were taking in Phase I phase II was being presented


Not sure how many people caught that 


The next day I was taking people out on a wine tour and we got to talking about Trump's possible cabinet


Sarah Palin. Woah! They going to roll her out? Rudy Giuliani. Loyalty’s got to work somewhere, right?


Pretty much these things were guesses but people not on Trumps side were getting all worked up


I called a woman friend I knew in Tucson and she said they had a “memorial service,” at her church. What? Do you mean the country died? That’s not very Christian


I went on the net myself and seeing if any others characters would pop up


Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio? He's a regular Buford Pusser. I could legitimately see him riding the Donald's wall along the border on a horse and a shot gun


This is better than Hunger games

I caught one of Trump’s first public addresses as President elect, he used YouTube. That was ok I thought, but it seemed like we interrupt your viewing experience for a state address


Kind of Zardoz like with the shape of his head in the smart phone screen, if you’re old enough to catch that imagery


Then I caught Trump being rolled out in another media segment, called “Objectified” hosted by the guy who founded TMZ Harvey Levin. Found out all sorts of interesting things I guess


I did not know Donald was a good baseball player before he got into business


Not sure what that matters as President, but I appreciated the color being given to his persona


Were in a different age, most people share a lot of not very important stuff about themselves. Maybe he is making a connection with people. It’s sure different than the dry and pretty much phony baloney that most politicians throw out


It also looks like he’s getting after it with Public Relations


Of course he was on 60 minutes before any of these things and you could kind of tell Leslie Stahl who was interviewing him, probably did not vote for him


He had his whole family on there with him towards the end and as a group they are an attractive well-spoken group who seemed to love their Father. They are also pretty white and don’t even have the look like they have ever had a pimple


No shame in that game.


Then some of his appointees started to come out and you know they were going to be all over that.


I know the guys in the Red TRUMP caps at his rallies, act like Trump is somehow going to kick out the establishment deadwood in government, but Trump is the establishment, so how is that going to really work out


I remember talking to a friend who is both gay and Hispanic and he actually supported Trump


I said to him what an anomaly he was and he laughed


He said something to me I did not know that Donald Trump did not smoke or Drink and that he went to a church that Norman Vincent Peale was a pastor at.


I can dig the Power of Positive Thinking too


I thought that's cool, but maybe he does not drink but he sure doesn't mind making his money from people that do drink and smoke and gamble, with Casino's that bear his name


He also tried his hand at selling his own brand of Vodka


Probably people will wonder, will Trump the President be anything like Trump the business man. You know he has a track record of really hanging around and outlasting his own seeming failures and misses


Kind of sounds like Hillary in that sense


Then there is the question of the great divide that exists accordingly so in America


Maybe Trump got elected because enough people believed that he represented their views and could champion their underrepresented ideals and moral beliefs


Maybe the idea of that is a sad reality to scores of other people who have different ideas


But really if one thinks Trump rode the White wave of trailer trash into office, where white Trumps voters were less educated than those that voted for Hillary, what does that imply?


Is a person with a college degree inherently more intelligent than another person with life experience, work experience, family experience?


That seems like a cheap shot aimed at people, not just Trump


But of course Donald Trump has given a lot of people ammunition


They say his behavior to women borders on reckless and misogynistic.


Basically that is saying he degrades women.


They exposed how he harangued a beauty pageant winner because she got fat


That did not help him


But he did not flinch either 


Maybe Trump has succeeded if you will because he's not backing down and in spite of his contradicting character flaws, he lets it all hang out


It does not surprise me that we finally got a President who emerged from a reality TV show


Trump has engineered his image through icons of Western Material life, Beauty, Wealth and Bravado


His wife Melania Trump's past, at least puts some juice in the First Lady corridor


Oh my! We are probably going to see the most scrutinized, highly charged wickedly reported reaction to everything Donald Trump does  


Whether he brings it on himself or surprises the nation and his detractors is really a gamblers guess. 


I think people are trying to hopscotch over the reality that it will probably be people’s ability to deal with each other is a wiser tactic to pursue


Better than gloating or waiting for a train wreck, we can be more civilized


I have always felt the man in the office of the President though does not have the true power and influence that people think it does


No one dude or Woman can get everything on their own


Of course the insiders already in Power will still be there, you watch Trump will choose some surprises, and there will be some back door deals 

He's all up in it now, as they say, but DT rode this train at the timing for an overhaul, whether the deep state reality will let it be done, remains to be revealed 


I will say this, there seems to be more of a reason to wake up and check you tube and the internet for the latest in Donald's world


I wonder what he has left to conquest


We could all be living in Trump Planet, but that’s just America today. We are a personality cult


Because Trump casts such a strong personality, it makes people believe he will be forceful in carrying out his office, and I think that threatens a lot of the country, but we really do not know will Trump somehow mellow out. I think that is a possibility. Others might say he is already in over his head. Running a country is not the same as running companies, or a beauty pageant


Maybe he is big enough for it, he seems to have the hide to accomplish things and he's not coiled up by what people think of him


He's different, than Jimmy Carter, or Bush or Clinton, he's an unknown quantity and that rattles people, maybe rightfully so. We’re going to' see


Then there are the other countries, their leaders and the impact Trumps perceived Gunslinger mentality may have. But again we do not know, Maybe he is a lot cooler head in dealing with leaders than he is right now being given credit for. I think the system that these people live in is really beyond the scope of what average people can fathom


It is all happening in a global vacuum, with corporate interests and where real power transcends nations and national interests, but we have our attention on things that affect our lives and that is just part of the picture


Until something happens that shrinks our world


I saw this new sci-fi movie called Arrival and the theme was the whole world had to work things out otherwise the Aliens were going to get us, but the outcome was relevant to our storyline


Right now it looks pretty camp and scary at the same time


Can you imagine Trump hillbillies, Vlad Putin, Kim Jong Un and the Donald sitting around table reading the Art of the Deal?


Or Alec Baldwin at a white house dinner party with a crying Miley Cyrus singing to Sarah Palin

Right now we are in kind of like a supersized political and national theatre

I have to remember my first feelings about these two candidates was like neither of them we should have to pick. Hillary I thought if she got in, would be similar to other more subdued Presidents, she operates rather covertly but she is waist deep in compromise

Trump. Bombastic and polarizing came on like gangbusters to fire up other Americans who have demanded change in the way their Government operates and got into office

Already though we are seeing DT starting to back peddle. It does not look like he is going to investigate Hillary. Does that surprise you?

A closer look at the cabinet he is building is hardly like dredging the swamp of lobbyists and Government insiders

I knew we were in trouble when I saw a video of Trump in an interview with Alex Jones after he won the election

That blabbermouth.

Jones is supposed to represent the truth movement in alternative media. I don’t think so, not anymore

What is a President (Trump) doing with him I thought, then it started to connect for me

Trumps campaign hijacked the alternative media people and his man, especially Stephon Bannon helped craft Trump’s successful efforts to cull and lull millions of voters while substance wise we are already seeing Trump distance himself things he said he would do

People like Jones and his clones give the appearance of Trump edginess.

But really he’s the same boss, beholden to his same bosses like Obama was, and Bush before and Hillary if she got in.

I can see Hillary and D sitting down backstage and playing nice. We are never going to see Donald truly roll heads

Trump has even consulted that Mummy Henry Kissinger from the mothballs.

I want to be hopeful about all of this and I think Hillary they just could not get in and it might have been worse

I almost wanted to break my fast and go out and eat GMO eggs and bacon, but I went for a walked, sighed took in a breath and chilled

I’m just giving this to Spirit right now and do what I can personally to help fellow Americans cope

What a mixed bag.

Try and find your footing now in this climate and wait for the next episode…

I’m not worried about Trump kicking out the illegals and the Aliens. I think the real aliens are already here living among us and they are not going anywhere.

Sorry America not a whole lot has changed. Can’t you see?


Submitted and written by Ron Henry on www.missionsaintgermain.com    contact Ron at sirronald@earthlink.net

Posted and written on November 23, 2016 

In a Higher law I trust