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Mission Saint Germain
Ron Henry Bio and The Mission Saint Germain story

Here is how this all got started!!


Ron Henry Bio and the Mission Saint Germain Story


Somewhere around 2004 I wanted to do a website, at first I was working as a professional salesman and I was also a spiritual dude, so I wanted to combine both and I thought of a site called "The Art of Divine Sales" so that was my idea


It turns out Spirit had another idea for me 


I had just got back from Russia, yes Russia where I went to visit and attend a spiritual conference of people in Russia who were huge fans of the Ascended Masters (I’m sure they would say “devotees” not fans)


Anyhow the reason I was there was because I myself got involved in “the Teachings” as they called it (That sounds like an insider term, right?) In1993 and they had this big conference in Russia and you know I had never been there so.


Well when I got back that was when this website got started. I had this relationship with this Ascended Master called Saint Germain that I had been studying about since I found a group of people that were already involved with more than me at that time.


This was in the United States, first in Tucson, AZ, then in Montana


That was in 1993, ok. Well trippy things started to happen that revealed to me I had this connection and association with Saint Germain.


I found out that going all the way back to when I was a kid (like 5years) I was inclined to draw these symbols that I really did not know what they meant


One day in 1993 (that was pretty much when it began) I saw this portrait of Saint Germain in a large court where people were gathered doing this form of prayer called decrees, when I realized these symbols above the rendition of Saint Germain were the same I had been drawing as a child


Can you imagine that?


Just a little before that while I was in Tucson, very interesting things started to happen to me. I was having these very vivid dreams where it seemed like I was going out of my body


Now, I’m not even a dude that normally remembers dreams, so this was really different


I started to see in my “dreams” these spiritual figures. Eventually I figured out among others they were Saint Germain, Jesus, Kuan Yin and maybe El Morya, could have been somebody else


I even had this one sequence where I met the Masters at a dance club and I even tried to hit on Kuan Yin, but her table was on the side of the wall, like floating and she giggled at me. Leave it to me to try and pick up on an Ascended Lady Master


I started to think how am I going to explain this to people?


The conversation goes like this

Hey, Ron “what kind of path are you in?”


Oh, “I believe in invisible beings that you can’t really see but that have this cosmic wisdom and want to help humanity”


It was not odd to me because of all the things that were happening to me which logic alone and normal consciousness could not explain


I was “led” to a few people and some books which seem to inexplicably appear on my path


If I had to use a word, it felt like I was being prepared for something but I had to get my act together and change some things in my life, probably so that I could be “receptive” and willing for experiences that were coming


It had only been since 1991, less than two years earlier when I stopped drinking alcohol and recreational drugs and also changing my lifestyle. I had been married to this very beautiful woman I met at a kind of pleasure commune in San Francisco and I was a total party at all costs and pretty much going for any behavior I could indulge myself in


For example this woman and I went on a date and got married nine days later


I was 33 when I started to give these things up, by time I was 35 I was already full on in coming into a path with the Ascended Masters


From at least 1993 to 2004, I spent pretty much the bulk of my time other than working, studying and learning through inner experiences and with a community of many other people that like myself “found” The teachings some how


I wound up taking up both in research and personal initiation with the Summit Lighthouse, books written through The IAM Activity, some Theosophy, the Bridge to Freedom and other esoteric texts and studies


I was able to see Elizabeth Clare Prophet in Person while she was alive and read books and transcripts from the Ballards in The IAM Movement. I did some research and association with Blavatsky too


I even right before I got directly involved with the Masters spent a good period of time and energy having inspiration through a series of anonymous small books including The Impersonal life and The Way to the Kingdom


But ultimately it has been my overriding sense of having this connection to Saint Germain that has kept me at this


In that spirit, this site was founded 1n 1994, when I did not even know how to create build and post this website. I still do not know really how to type, but there are probably a hundred thousand words or more here.


I just knew I had to do it. It was right. The name Mission Saint Germain came to me and it’s pretty much stuck


Since 2004 many things have evolved. I just realized it has been 12 years since we have had this site on. I was never big on marketing and trying to optimize all the pages and key words

We just wanted to have a living testimony through these accounts, stories, pictures audio and video. By God’s grace a lot got accomplished without having the necessary skill sets and resources


It’s pretty much a Holy Spirit Operation here


People that are meant to find these pages will and I try and always show appreciation and respect for God’s divine path for people and think if they have been led here, what does Divine Mind desire for people. We are all just vehicles for the highest good


Not my will but thine be done I have to remind myself


Over the years I went from being a salesman to a limo driver and then somebody that takes people on Wine Tours in Napa Valley. Still don’t drink


I eventually reinvented myself as the Limousine Mystic, then as another incarnation, “Mayor of the Universe” when time and calling permits, completely voluntarily and whimsical


Lately our site is focusing on healthy living with the WHOLE I SPIRIT, and Whole Organic Foods and especially avoiding GMO Foods in consumption (GMO means GOD-MOVE-OVER!!) are you kidding??   No Genetically Modified Organisms in our food supply


But the NEW SPIRIT is to live in the sense of VICTORY. This is what Saint Germain teaches.


We here to demonstrate the Law of our being, The Law of Life, healthy, full abundant in mind, body and Spirit


Please take a time to read our articles on WHO IS SAINT GERMAIN? In our Nav bar and enjoy and give us comments on any of our postings


Always Victory! Always Divine Freedom!


Ron Henry

Mission Saint Germain

Creative Principal

Site Admin.




Wholeness in Health and Spirit