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They Say i'm not a Dog person: The Story of Chuck the dog

Chuck Says: "I don't want no reputation, cause reputations are cheap"


I get a lot of flak from people because I do not have the same relationships to animals that they do.

I’m talking about animal lovers really, mostly Dog People. Birds, snakes, rodents, hamsters. They don’t get the love.

I come from an experience with Dogs through my Mother’s side in a large Mexican family. I remember at my Uncle Humberto and Aunt Joanne’s house in El Paso, Texas.

I don’t remember people like then being like they are in California in places like Marin. As far as I know it a Dog is a dog, I’m not going to leave anything to him in my will.

Back in the day at my Uncle Beto’s house, they had this big ass German Sheppard who lived on the side of the house with a high chain fence. He was pretty much a guard dog.

He did not come in the house to go to sleep in my Aunt’s bed and they kept him locked up when me and my cousins would play in the backyard.

Sometimes I used to help feed him and of course and we’d open up this can of nasty dog food with the electric can opener and put it on this metal dog plate. I’m not sure how often they washed that.

It wasn’t like we were worried did he feel like a second class person. He was a dog and back then very few Mexican people that I knew in El Paso let their dogs in the house. No biggee.

I did noticed he hardly chewed his food, he just scarfed it. Maybe he and his ancestors were not meant to be one of these docile and subservient domestic dogs that were destined to become one of the family.   

I remember talking to my beloved Mother who has passed now and asked her for advice or her thoughts about people’s fondness for Dog’s today.

Well needless to say, they would probably say my mom would not be a dog person.

All of this was impacted when I heard the story of my friend Ben and his girlfriend in Tucson who ran into almost literally this dog called Charles.

That’s’ another thing I don’t get giving dog’s people names. Whatever happened to Spot?

Just to prove we actually had some dog’s in our family my gringo Dad from the Air Force brought home at least two scruffy but loveable mutts. One was named Tuffy and the other named Brutus. They were hardly formidable looking.

I don’t remember what happened to those dog’s but maybe one of them got hit by a car, back then dogs were still trying to be dogs and escape all the time.

I will get back to Charles but this is bringing back memories.

I remember with my dad’s dog “tuffy” the neighbors across the street who were three pretty hot girls called the Blackstone’s, one of them told me they saw my dad and talked to him and he said, while sitting in his Blue VW Bug, he was going for a drive and he was going to smoke a joint with his dog.

Now I did not know my dad smoked pot, but I knew he was weird. I guess I started to empathize with people having these strange connections with their dogs.

Me now, I would much rather smoke a joint with one of the Blackstone sisters.


So back to the Charles the dog story.

My friend Ben is a young dude around 25 and he’s not an aimless airhead, he likes to get stuff done and he already bought a fixer upper in Tucson and he was getting set to move in with him and his girlfriend Marina.

Ben, by the way is a Dog lover.

Now apparently Ben’s girlfriend was driving in her car and I’m not sure if she almost ran over or backed into Charles the dog, but she did not hit him and instead put him in the car and took him home to Ben’s.

Maybe that makes Charles a literal “rescue” dog because I hear about rescue dogs all the time from people. “Oh he’s a rescue dog,” not sure I even knew what they meant.

I wish somebody would rescue me sometimes.

So Marina winds up bringing Charles to the new crib and I guess the idea is to find him a home.

Ben gets on the phone with me like he’s apt to do when he has some issues and starts lamenting that he can’t take the dog in like he just got this new house and he doesn’t need the responsibility. Listening to him it sounded like he was talking about a pregnant girlfriend, but it was just Dog Drama.

He starts going on how the girlfriend is getting attached and she’s even crying.

But I guess somebody comes forth and is interested in taking the Dog off their hands.

Meanwhile Ben sounded like he was having some reaction to the dog just being around him.

Sounds like “Chuck” (that’s what I started to call him) was more trouble then he was worth, but remember these are dog people. 

Ben, then tells me that they have found a “home” for Charles through some friend of a friend.

Ever notice how when you are talking to people that take in a lost or stray dog it’s either, looking for a home for the dog or “someone” to take him.

So, I’m on the phone with Ben and he tells me this woman comes over to his house to meet Charles and right away he gets a mixed vibe about the family that Charles will be going to, but at the same time he (Ben) wants to offload him.

Ben says the ladies two kids were like jumping all over his furniture and were acting like they were jacked on Ritalin ( kid coke)and the mom he felt was basically telling him anything he wanted to hear about getting the dog his shots and the home life he was going to. But he sends Chuck to him anyhow.

Then Ben and Marina start having dog remorse. Beenzo’s girlfriend gets to bawling’ again and they decide they have to get Charles back.

I’m like, “you’re going to repo him?”

Yea, dude, he tells me.

Ben winds up calling the lady up and she gets all weirded out, and leaves the dog.

So, they wind up getting Charles back and I’m thinking, they really don’t want to give him up because they are getting attached.

I’m like send me a picture of this dude (dog) cause I want to see what he looks like and maybe I can relate to all the fuss.

It turns out the little homey is cute, but he’s like one of those miniature little dogs that gets all spun and barks at everyone, but I can see the draw, especially to soft hearted people.

The whole drama around Chuck reminds me of being a dude and falling for a hot chick with issues you met on the street. The issues are still going to be there and people get fogged without paying attention to the baggage.

So, they decide they still can’t take him.

But another person pops up and she takes the dog.

Problem is the new person has a pit bull and a large cat already, and frickin little Charles gets traumatized I guess.

The lady tells Ben the mangy big Cat she has is not bonding with Charles and looks like the cat wants to kick his ass and Ben thinks Charles is going to get his face scratched off.

Charles is got some issues, makes you wonder where he was before he almost got ran over.

But to me personally I’m starting to relate to this little dogs spirit and I decide I want to put a picture of him on my website.

So, I’m starting to get how animals appeal to people’s sense of attachment and coming to the aid of these little creatures.

It turns out little cute Charles is getting dumped again, and I hate to say it. This dog can’t seem to stick.

“Another repo?” I say to Ben. That’s twice. He’s got more roll backs than Walmart.

Yep! Ben Says and Charles winds up going to an animal shelter.

Is that how this it’s going to turn out, Charles is going to wind up in a group home?

Ben called back later and said he heard “Charles” had been renamed “Dudley” by the peeps at the Shelter.

I have to admit I started to get interested in this little dog with the spunk, the tenacity and the Spirit, of the Chuckster, or Charles or Dudley or whatever incarnation he starts to take on.

I wonder what Chuck’s legacy will be? I could see him singing if he could talk, “I’ve been through the desert as a dog with no name”

Or in his case a dog with many names.

Maybe the story of Charles has given me a little taste of what happens to Dog Lovers. I guess their worlds get turned around by coming across these four legged friends.

I start to think about all the adjustments a person has to make in their lives. It’s more than having a kid sometimes.

Can’t go on a vacation unless I find somebody to watch and feed the dog.

But I guess that creates a cottage industry for side money. I could use a couple bucks.

Walking, feeding and carrying around those little plastic bags unless you’re an un-responsible owner.

Then that makes your dog a serial soiler.

I like Chuck but I just can’t come all the way over.

I’m already getting used to people taking their dogs on wine tours, shopping in Macy’s and I even got vibed out by a dog in line at a bank. What’s he doing? Applying for a credit card?

With some women the dog is already like the little man.

I met this girl at Safeway once and she messaged me a picture. I opened it up and instead it was a picture of Rover in her bed. She wasn’t even in it.

What do you think the message to me was?

I can’t compete. I don’t know if I will ever be dog ready, but I know I’m not a hater either.

Does that make me not a dog person? I hope it works out for Charles, he’s a nice story.

Ben the troller and Marina, Chuck the Dog's Spiritual Parents out clubbing in Tucson. Yo!

Clubbing in Tucson, where's Chuck the Dog?

Submitted by Ron Henry 11/29/16 sirronald@earthlink.net