Mission Saint Germain
Five Things we can do to help the Mission of Saint Germain
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"It's not just Saint Germain's work it's ours also!" 

In a small group, giving Violet Flame decrees in Carson City, Nevada

1. Dedicate Yourself to becoming a student of the Path of Initiation. In other words we strive to define our ourselves by our progress not just as People, but as Souls evolving in Higher Purpose, capable of fulfilling the causes of Cosmic Freedom, The Golden Age Vision of Saint Germain, and the inner promises we came into embodiment to realize.
2. Become familiar with Saint Germain and six other key Ascended teachers known as "Chohans" or Lords of the Seven Rays, who prepare us for Mastery through their training and assistance. Study their teachings, their specific gifts and instructions they can offer us in their wisdom and example.
(see recommended books)
3. Help the causes of the Ascended Masters and this planetary body by using the Science of the Spoken Word and The Violet Flame. Call Frequently to the IAM Presence for help and guidance and when using the Violet Flame in  decrees, a form of accelerated prayer. Decrees help us build a forcefield of Light to the Ascended Masters and assist the physical and Spiritual properties of energy in all forms.
4.Come together and seek out fellowship with those of like mind. Gautama Buddha called this "right association". As we come-into-unity (community) within ourselves, we then embrace others in our walk in life. It can be in the very simple interactions we have day by day. Strive to be an uplifting "lifestream", a person more than just their survival desires, but who can recognize and encourage the " higher identity" of people that they also can become their true selves in Spirit and practical Mastery.
5.Become Cosmically oriented!. People need Vision and hope. Impart to People some measure of divinity.Share with  them about the Masters, their own Causal Body of immortal good they have stored. Let them hear they are co-creators with the Angels and Elohim. Remind them of their majesty,they may have forgotten.
Help others to consider each of us in the "schoolroom" of earth, where opportunities and lessons we receive as well as the gifts are part of the Universal Law of being. As we send out liberating, creative, and higher uses of our energies and choice, we set positive affirming circumstances in motion that return to us in like, the principal of Karma. Help Impart to People the "spirit" of Saint Germain's "flame" of freedom that others may receive it.....and always, always strive to leave people with a VICTORY SPIN!  ..

Above, in picture Kathy, Donna, Ron and Tuck