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SITE ADMINISTRATORS NOTE: these books and accounts have been written and published by various authors and organizations and contain some significant historical and mystical perspective of and about the Ascended Masters and their representatives.
We respectfully recognize that through individual inspiration and discernment the reader can enter into any probability of deriving from these accounts their own conclusions. None the less, i consider the content contained in the very least a valued and learned research property. RH 
SAINT GERMAIN ON ALCHEMY- Instructions from the Seventh Ray Adept of formation of Spiritual and material Mastery behind Precipitation. Three books in one, includes Saint Germain's embodiment as the "Wonderman of Europe", the Comte de Saint Germain. Also the mystical origins of the United States. Includes Studies and Intermediate Studies on Alchemy. Highly useful 117 page glossary of cosmic/ ascended master terms.....not an entry level reading.  
UNVEILED MYSTERIES: fascinating read of the true story of Guy Ballard who encountered Saint Germain in Mount Shasta region of California during the 1930's. Tremedous insights into the purpose of Saint Germain's preparation  of Guy Ballard's training including soul and etheric travel and teachings on Golden Age Civilizations.....rather easy to read, yet quite profound.
THE MAGIC PRESENCE: 2nd in a series of three books, follow up and continuance of Ballard's ongoing association and tutelage under Saint Germain. Detailed  teaching on Universal law and Ascended Masters purposes and efforts to help Mankind's Spiritual development. Some amazing "stories" and experiences of earth's history and the path of Soul development. 
VIOLET FLAME to heal Body, Mind and Soul: small pocket book filled with practical stories and applications of how to use the Violet Flame, a luminious, intelligent spiritual action that cleanses, purifies and helps to restore our true connection to our Higher Inner Nature and give balance to our four lower bodies (etheric, mental, emotional, physical) 
THE MASTERS AND THEIR RETREATS: Great Comprehensive volume outlines hundreds of Ascended Masters, Cosmic Beings, Angels and Elohim. A must resource, helps with alphabetical summaries listing illuminating research information about the Spiritual functions and purposes of Spiritual Hierarchy and their assistance to both human kind and Cosmic evolutions.
The Second part of this book reveals how the soul during the sleep state can travel to Etheric Retreats of the Ascended Masters . Lists locations of the type of these etheric schoolrooms (also called Universities of the Spirit) that the Ascended Masters hold classes in to help students receive inner guidance.