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Mission Saint Germain
The Mysteries of Elemental Life and Saint Germain's Teachings


Can we continually count on the California coast to relect a balance of beauty and power?

Most people on some level would probably agree that we are somewhat connected to what outplays in Nature. That is, most would probably agree that we are certainly AT EFFECT of the mysterious forces that appear to act randomly, but could we consider that it is actually "us," the human factor, that greatly determines the cycles and torrents of Nature's release's.
Could it be that Man is the emitter and catalyst and Nature is actually an accurate responder?
How is it that Man influences Nature?
Certainly, the obvious being where Man begins to overly develop or pollute the eco-system imbance begins, toxicity...environmental changes and unusual weather patterns emerge.
But what if Man clearly understood that the energies, the billions, trillions of vibrational , thoughts and feelings that he releases have also a corresponding impact in Nature's elemental kingdoms
What would a planet look like if the greatest percentages of people were consciously aware of  putting forth emanations of harmony and peace.
Saint Germain gives us a glimpse of that in "The Magic Presence" where he offers, " Man, if he has attained Wisdom, which is the constructive use of all knowledge, may have the perfect cooperation of Nature's gigantic forces, and through them make his accomplishments Immortal also"
Saint Germains comments directly suggest the significant interplay that exists twixt the cycles of Life and implies,..... intelligence....cooperation, and through understanding, Mastery of the Elements.
We've already asked , How does Man influence Nature?, How about, consider how Nature inflences Us and our consciousness.
Nature in its natural expression and in the elements can reflect peace, beauty, harmony and it displays Power in Balance. Nature can also if we are attuned to it, inspires hidden inner mysteries. It points us in its subtlties away from outer activity to the, "secret side of life"......it is a common thing we say when we, set off to, "ESCAPE to Nature".....but what does that mean, besides the obvious and what is of this secret side of life? 
I had an interesting set of experiences when i traveled from San Fransico to Los Angeles, recently on Hwy 101 south. Usually, i would take this coast route because it provides the at times stunning and resplendant vistas of sweeping ocean front, mountanious passes and is a quite transforming drive. Still i would just continue on desiring to arrive in Los Angeles as quickly as possible.
I kept getting these inner promptings to pull over, to get out, walk along the coastline, overlook the bluffs....take "in" the panoramic sights. But something different was happening this time, it wasn't just that what i could "see" with my eyes, what i could "smell" through the wonderous scents and feel and hear in the shifting winds.
In a new way i felt the dialogue of the elements...it actually became more pronounced as i shifted from my outer senses and for lack of a better word i felt the "consciousness" of the earth, drawing me in....even trying to instruct me
How strange?,... Nature, i surmised, was offering to comfort me...it knew i could be healed, brought to a new understanding of inner beauty and harmony....it was actually pointing me to a new way of being that perhaps i had not been able to or willing to receive.....gently, soothingly, lovingly Nature
knew what i needed....one could say it might have been God or higher mind that was reaching out to me through nature, but it was Nature itself that had volition, it was capable of personifying consciousness....it had in its unique expressive inner way, language....but it was a dialogue that was heard in the soul, in the inner mind and i was surprised and yet quite naturally accepting....we are all of one mind.
My new friends had a very clear and specific message for me and yet it came to me  not only as thoughts but as impressions. It showed me i was awakened to new levels of beingness, that my outer and inner journey's were being prepared so that i could experience new levels of learning and understanding and that the earth itself was going to teach me.
It was kind of funny but with my innward interchanges, both the sounds of the ocean's tides cascading on the shore and the swirling winds rising up the bluffs
seemed to know i had to go. I got the distinct message that i was to return to an area in Pismo Beach, an area quite beautiful, but one i had always passed right through on my travels to LA. I  spoke too in confirmation as i made my promise to return.
I couldn't help but try and rationally understand what type of inner transformation was happening to me. Before i left i remember looking into the ocean depths from the cliffs, i couls see the different swirling patterns of color of the water, even especially interesting was the sediments of the ocean floor, which before would not be particularly beautiful, now were quite fascinating to me...it was if the ocean itself was showing me the layers of itself and in so, revealing to me that which is inside myself. Then i looked off and took in the vastness. Miles of ocean blue, depths that were unfathomable from my point of view....its contrast caused my mind to consider the unknowable.
At this point, i would like to interject some of Saint Germain's teaching on the Might IAM Presence because i believe, that i had been able to access a greater portion of my own I AM Presence that had provided an opportunity to have some perceivable awareness of the Nature Elements. Again, these teachings were given by Saint Germain to Guy Ballard and others students in a book from the I AM activity called, "The Magic Presence."
" If a student, with unyielding determination, will acknowledge and accept his "Mighty I AM Presence" -call to it constantly, and sincerely reach up to It, love It and be grateful for Its wonderous life which he is using every moment, waking and sleeping-he will cause his outer consciousness to be so raised that he will know, see and experience first hand the answer to every question and problem confronting him."
I also desired to find some of Saint Germain's insights about the the formation of Elemental life and its role. I found out some surprising teachings. Again from the "Magic Presence,".......first about the existence of Animals...."Animals were not even in existence upon this planet during the first two Golden Ages. They had only began to appear after humanity had generated the discord that followed those two periods.".........he adds, "As humanity becomes more harmonious and pure, all animals will disappear from the Earth. Even the weeds and blight upon plant life will be removed, and the earth once again return to her Pristine Purity described as the Garden of Eden-meaning obedience to the Divine Wisdom."
Much of this insight above and my own experiences i was having where Nature was coming "alive" for me, actually helping me, led to more research.
I found that there are actually four primary Elemental Kingdoms, represented as Fire, Air, Water and Earth. Within these four kingdoms there exists an order of Nature spirits that govern and control the four fources that manifest in all that is outpictured in Planetary Life.
Primarily perceived as invisible, except as through developed inner sight and surprisingly small children claim to "see" them, these 'elemental beings' are of a different frequency and vibration and that they are also responsible for transmuting and harness the energies that mankind deposits into the entire Nature Kingdom.
Saint Germain's teachings to Ballard about the importance of elemental life was also extolled by another Mystic and Messenger of the Ascended Masters, Mark Prophet. Prophet, says, "If we had followed the divine plan, we would be able to see and be friends with the nature spirits. We would not have to deal with greater or lesser storms. The ground would shed forth dew to water our crops. No rain would fall but a dew would appear from the air."
He goes on to add.....'you would have plenty of food and you would find that people would not be killing animals to live. There would be abundant fruit. Many of the fruits that would manifest are not even on the planet now....We would have communion from the elementals and we would be receiving instructions from the Angels...' 
Clearly, both Saint Germain and Mark Prophet place within our reach a tremendous vision of hope and direction of what is intended to be a conscious
fertile, pristine existence. It has been that way before....it can be that way again.
Franky, what could stop it?
Discord. Man's inhumanities against man. If mankind does not reverse the propensity to re-create and habitually pattern himself after the inner warring within our own members( we also have a body-elemental) and outer warring, we are placing too much....a tremendous burden upon elemental life that can only hold that pattern until it has to release or skake itself off.
Saint Germain admonishes; "man continually meets his own creation turned upon himself, until he builds his Universe according to the Pattern of Divine Perfection which is the True Expression of his own Divinity."
Where can we go from here?
The answer has to be The Law of the One....each of us singularly has to BECOME that expression of the IAM Presence....this is not too daunting
The answers will come practically and universally.....we can decide to put an end to our own discordant enerergies, we can move to displace that, with being pimary oriented to transforming our planet with each relationship we encounter....we can express love, tolerance...these are not trifle considerations...there are millions ready to do this....one times one times one, a million times over.
Universally we have AGAIN the dispensations of the Violet Flame invocations. We can direct them specifically for the alleviating of the burdens upon elemental life.
Violet Flame Blaze forth across this planetary body, let the forgiveness flame melt all hardness of heart and discord...dissolve and transmute the burdens upon elemental life 
Penentrate through, Penetrate through, Penentrate Through.....
Violet Fire Activate
Violet Fire Penetrate
Violet Fire Mitigate
In your blazing fire
In my heart's desire
In me God inspire
Violet Fire regenerate
Violet Fire forgive all hate
Violet fire assimilate
In You, Blessings come
In Your Freedom's son
In Our Victories won!!
In another sense i was still left trying to reconcile the experiences i have been having on the California coast.
Was there some "elemental intelligence" that was directing shifts in my awareness, even communing as Mark Prophet had postulated?
I was wondering how could it be that Nature had taken an interest in me. I began to feel that there seems to be some mutual purpose perhaps.... 
Again, i turned to research.
I found that in order of Cosmos, serving in these planes of being are three seperate kingdoms (outlines of consciousness and manifestation) this spans from the Spirit to the Physical World or Matter.
The Elementals, including Nature Spirits, are part of the first Kingdom with Elohim (builders of form) that are on what is expressed as the First Ray of Power. These Elemental Builders of Form including Etheric fiery salamanders that control the fire element, Sylphs that control the Air Element, Undines the Water Element and Gnomes that represent the element of Earth. Additionally these four elements govern the four lower bodies of man.
There it becgan to make perfect sense, i had been undergoing an inner re-orienting of my four bodies of consciousness which in man correlate to the  Etheric body, a place of the highest impluses and impressions. The Mental Body, the place man receives mental, cognitive, thinking processes. The Emotional Body, the place of feeling and desire and the Physical Body, the one most dense in frequency, but the chalice for manifestation in form.
The following is the language i used to "capture" or describe my elemental experience.
I had looked upon the oceans in and had seen with my "eyes' the image of their obvious beauty and poise. This was rather simple and ordinary to experience. It was rather different to become oriented to the vibration and dimension of beauty and purity as a cognitive inner perception. It might be difficult to explain but beauty was revealed to me as an expansive energy, an inner electrode, a particle, a force that is a necessary transformer.
Now it appears i was being given an unknown pattern of alchemy by who....a Nature Diva?
I wasn't being taught this in some mind/ mental way i was rather being "absorbed" into it, it came from the splashings of oceans mists, the way the winds themselves would carousel around me....the peering i would do, gleaming beyond what my eyes could see as i traveled past what my "sight" recorded, my vision kept sailing...it was not linear...it was spherical and it was all at once.
Is it possible that the elemental Kingdoms are attempting to reach out to receptive humanity to forewarn us? To elict our cooperation in our Planetary challenges?
Lets us put this into perspective.
Mankind, and Specifically, Spiritual inclined evolutions are part of the Second  Kingdom in heirarchy that is 2nd Ray, or Yellow Ray of Wisdom. In this Kingdom are the Christed one's, the son's and daughters of the Light. This plane of Consciousness, also includes the Chohans of the Seven Rays, including Saint Germain and the Ascended Masters.
I believe there is an opening and an intensification of interpenetrating exchange within these two Kingdoms.
Where is this going? 
It is my experience that these Nature Elements are real.That they are trying to sensitize mankind to his own higher self, to the higher purposes of earth itself, that there has to be an entering in to a higher frequency of being, that a thinning of the veil is possible, that there are many souls who can be spiritual sensitives and be chalices for this awakening.
It is also a call for action .
Nature would care for us, can reveal great mysteries , has many insights and secret keys that can unlock and assist mankind to create the dimension of Aquarius. We must decide to invoke greater light to mitigate potential and even probabilities that Earth must change the landscape, the oceans if we would not attune ourselves and align our course with the Law of being , The Law of Love.
We are on the precipice of determining the course of our events, not only for the future, but here presently right before us.
Still, the keys for our Victory are in place.We have the Science's of the Aquarian age, the application of the Violet Flame which the Elementals love and assist them greatly in their work to help restore mankind's harmony, his cooperation , appreciation and balance for elemental  life.
There will always be those who choose to ignore the great opportunity we have before us. Each of us who has a three fold flame of wholeness in our hearts, has that divine spark. We are a part and whole of that Second ray Kingdom that is intended to be the chalice for the universal mind of God made manifest on Earth. We have the insights to make correct choices and to take actions in full meassure.Let us illuminate and inspire our fellow man, let us not abandon our beloved Elemental life that so calls for our assistance in this hour. Let us be up and doing

Near Pacifica, California

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