Mission Saint Germain
"Bustops on the Path", Part l
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Reflections and Musings of a self discovered Mystic........

It wasn't easy standing in those pants. I mean how does a teenager just in junior high already get an ego. I must have brought it here from a previous life. Hey wait a minute! I don't know anything about re-incarnation. My father is in the Air Force or used to be. Either way i'm not standing in these pants!
Ever heard the term, "Too Big for your britches?"......that must have been me at twelve or thirteen....already!
Most of the kids by then in junior high had levis. Me and my brother had pants from JC Penny that had patches built into them. I probably got into fights about them, kids making fun of me. I had to get out of those pants.
I don't think kids really have an idea about who they are, especially at that age. The interesting thing though is because we didn't know,.. we are actually pretty open. Looking back on it i think i kinda glimpsed this thing we call our soul. I didn't call it that, really didn't even know what the word meant. Actually we all may have become something we may have never really thought about. There is a lot of those people running around today. They call themselves adults.
My brother and i like to play hide and seek with other kids. There was this house that had some trees and some bushes with a big backyard. Hey kids like that kind of stuff. If there was a way to get into a neighbors backyard, we'd do it. Kids have a funny way of figuring things out. We figured if there was nobody who came out to chase us away, we would play there. That was one of my first lessons in life.
We also had an alley where we lived. You might say that alley was my first path. A lot of stuff happened on that alley. A lot of growing up, a lot of discovering, sometimes we got in trouble the things we did. I think its a right thing for a kid to get some adventure, some finding out.
What ever we did we could always go back to mommy. Little boys like that, i guess. The world was more simple than it is now. But somehow we understood right and wrong. That was another understanding."Hey, where are we getting all this stuff from?"
Onetime when we were playing hide and seek, nobody was finding me. I was real good at what kids call creeping around. I remember though moving real slowly and quietly when it started to feel like i was an Indian, a young boy, but a brave young boy. Maybe that why i was good at this. I was seeing things like that backyard of somebody else's house. I mean it was just a game, hide and seek right?, but that boy who was playing it was not the son of an Air Force Sergeant. It was me and yet it was not who i was in that moment of time.
There is a term we have heard called deja vu......it basically describes a sense of being there before. In fact a dictionary described "deja vu" as being, the experience of  thinking a new experience had occurred before. 
I thought maybe what happened to me that day as a boy was an experience described as deja vu. Something different emerges in my memory though. Later on in life i would learn about what is called dimensional awareness. That's good because as a child, i don't think i had a problem figuring out what had happened to me that day. In fact i think it happened often and in the most innocent way it felt natural. What ever became of those "natural" ways of thinking, of being?
I think we can live life any way we want to. But if you pay any attention to this inner life, the life of imagination and dreams...things will change for you.
There is this song i remember with some lyrics that say, "you better stand, for something or your gonna fall for anything." To me that means we have to choose and decide what we want to believe, just because someone tells us something is so, doesn't mean it is always true. If we don't choose to find our own path, something else , most likely outside ourselves will find it or choose it for us.
 I think we can easily not notice the really special things that are happening to us. Those little communications and insights that will let us glimpse into this secret part of life. If we fail to notice them, we can easily dismiss those occurences that "whisper" to us to find if we are willing to listen.
Otherwise, life goes back to its plan for you, which may not even be YOUR plan. I didn't expect to become an "Indian" boy when i was playing with my brother, but it was true a certain "dimension" of being just kind of enveloped me, kind of collapsed my perceptions of the universe, if you will, because i was opened to it....and then it pulled away again...and i almost didn't notice it had been there. My "life" was waiting for me, because i was familar with it.It fit with the way a young boy was being taught about life and my role at that age.
Funny, how these things, sometimes forgotten, but probably just ignored, set aside do give us a reason to ponder.What is it inside of us?, beyond the body....even the mind, in its thinking and reasoning, but another place of impressions and rememberances...in that landscpape of our Soul?
Its almost seems as if we are to understand our journey, we have to have both the "spirit" of adventure and a certain discontent. To procceed requires a thrust, some compelling force and energy that can give us a cause to escape, to explore. Moreover, it is that energy that causes us to expand. Somewhere we have to determine the possibility we CAN BE a MANIFESTATION of Spirit, Of the creativity and the fires that more closely representive the identication of being the Soul, which as a vehicle for learning, for its assimilation of Life's purposes, seeks.
Then again as i sometimes think, there is always waiting out there your own parking space at Costco's or some marketing campaign that is more than happy to re-direct your desires.....in the well, .....mundane side of life.
See you at the next Bus stop on the Path.  

1993 with "the General," Davies Anderson, one of my first mentors

Year 1993, near Yellowstone Park, Montana.......
Black Hat, White Hat?    longtime pioneering mystic and advisor Davies Anderson (white hat) engages Ron Henry (black hat) in humorous dialogue and revelation during Henry's inaugural attendance of 1993's Healing the Earth conference, a gathering of Worldwide seekers and students of the Ascended Masters teachings. Anderson, whose mystical explorations and involvement with principals of cosmic laws includes a career spanning from Guy and Edna Ballard's IAM activity in the late 1930's, welcomes the Tucson, Arizona Henry to Maitreya's Mystery School. Davies who courageously steers the very "western" Henry in the practicalities and disciplines of the Ascended Master path, gives eloquent discourse helping the new student to place in perspective the continuity of teaching and activities of the AM's, including Russian born , H.P. Blavatsky, Ballard's IAM Activity, the brief period of the Bridge to Freedom and Mark and Elizabeth Prophet's Summit Lighthouse.
Anderson continues to sponsor the unbridled, but eager Henry and opens up his home so RH can fulfill an inner cycle of integration and prolonged cosmic study and preparation during Summit Lighthouse's Summit University in the summer of 1993. Henry discovers and uncovers the meaning and significance of months of preparations and initiations he underwent while prior to coming to Montana and the "mystery school,"during inner experiences in Arizona's central deserts.
Much of these experiences, including explicit viewing in Soul travel and being challenged by formless energies that attempted to dissuade Henry from his journey and mission became a basis for which Davies and other agents of Universal Light could align Henry with a realization of a lifetime calling.
Sometime around 2002, Davies Anderson sustained a series of strokes that have debilitated his efforts to communicate and actively advance the outer instruction of others.
R. Henry continues to expand the calling and work Inspired by Saint Germain, the Masters and their messengers.  
Upper three: the position....hopefully in consciousness, where one maintain's centeredness in the three upper chakras,  the throat, third eye (inner vision) and crown chakra (illumination) or illumined action.
Femmies our sisters on the path, usually the feminine flame manifesting in Physical form.
Soft boilers  usually what occurs when one reaches a point on the path of initiation where one decides to "launch" or bail out because of some newfound latest Guru or new teaching, generally more amiable to one's human consciousness.
Frags  relates to having parts of yourself or fragments of your being left hanging out as in the case of not being fully there, because your feeling fragmented, as in the more mystically appropriate, Soul Fragmentation 
Cycles  refers to periods, not necessarrily long or short where a student on the path is serving, balancing karma or learning some life lesson.
Getting Roasted   what seems to happen when a potential student comes in contact with the masters energy and its time to "feel" the heat or radiation, that would quicken the would be individual into action or surrender.
Coiled up  could be a positive or downward spiral in consciousness, usually relates to energies or momentums that have to be factored in, like..."a coil of energy thats wrapped around," some predilection for an action or behavior.
Rag dolled or getting pancaked  a result of continual disregard for the lawful outpicturing of events in one's life by the almost insistence on inserting one's wishes and not considering God's will.
L-Train  when it is time to call on the every present Guru Lanello, especially when your in some goutty , gritty circumstance and you definitely need some major hops to get you out of some scenario and cut free. ALL ABOARD !!