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Who is Saint Germain?
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Searching for Saint Germain, legacy and Mystery.

Years ago i was often watched a now unbroadcast television show called, "In Search of." The show was hosted by Leonard Nimoy (the legendary Mr. Spock of Star Trek) and its weekly segments explored historically secreted accounts of extraordinary individuals and unusual if not unexplainable phenomenon. I personally loved the show, even if its production was at times campy and some of the dramatizations were oversimplified. It was nonetheless refreshing if not quite compelling in its paranormally active content. Nimoy was a perfect metaphor and voice for our own intricacies and skepticism and how we approach that which detours from our well, 'normal view'


What was the show, "In Search of"...actually asking of us?  It was always to me at least in search of truth. One segment i actually never recalled viewing when the series was running, was one chronicling the appearance of 18th century Comte de Saint Germain or who he was known then as the mysterious, "Wonder man of Europe"   


"In Search of's" producers did a credible work of research in attempting to correlate the at times fascinating and even seemingly implausible accounts of Count St. Germain. The show's segment revealed the complexities and ease in which The Count seemed to move imperviously between the Royal courts of Europe while able to be a benefactor to the poor and those in need of his fabulous and almost inexplicable ability to "precipitate" goods to render service and dissipate poverty.


Comte de Saint Germain was revealed to be an almost inexhaustible figure that was a master of diplomacy in working to unite the fractured region of old guard Europe and the diminishing influences of the Royal houses before the onset of the French revolution. Statesman supreme, confidant of Kings and Master Alchemist, able to bestow gifts of flawless diamonds liberally, even raconteur, and friend and escort to Ladies of Royalty, Saint Germain nevertheless was a proponent of the advancement of science and technology and recognized man's inherent Spiritual progress.


While "In Search of" asked the question who was Saint Germain? it is not impossible to more accurately know, Who is Saint Germain?


During that period of 18th century Europe Saint Germain was scarcely of the appearance of a man in his forties, though accounts of that period has indicated him to be present for 100 years. Rarely seen eating or dining except herbs and elixirs, the Count was also quite capable of simply vanishing, appearing and disappearing seemingly at will. Simply put Saint Germain was no ordinary man, by either stature or feat. Saint Germain during his appearances in Europe was already in fact an Ascended Master. 


In 1684, following his lifetime in the incarnation of Francis Bacon, the soul known as Saint Germain became wedded to his Spirit Self as a permanent aspect of the Godhead in the ritual known as the Ascension. The Count Saint Germain known throughout Europe had received a "special dispensation" from the lords of light and cosmic counsels to reappear on earth's scenes with his plans to assist mankind and in forming a United States of Europe.


Saint Germain, though he had "won" or earned his freedom from the rounds of re-birth, had chosen to come to this Earth plan in an apparent physical body yet more accurately, an Ascended Master body to continue to assist work with unascended mankind that he had embarked on while yet in embodiments.


Interesting enough, though not surprising to the Ascended Hosts, Saint Germain's objectives in that life were incomplete, even wrought with failure. In the Ascended Masters efforts to help during the period of the French Revolution and establish a smoother transition from Monarchy to democracy, they backed Napoleon, only to have him betray them and their causes for freedom.


If constancy can be said to be a trait of an Ascended Master then we see the hand of Saint Germain, shifting from the "experiment in Alchemy" in Europe to the sponsoring of a new opportunity for Universal Freedom in the founding of the United States.


Even prior to the out picturing of the events in Europe that led to the Ascended Master withdrawing, Saint Germain had already begun assisting the formation of the colonies that led to the signing of the declaration of independence. In fact, he was the inspirational overshadowing of one of the original signers of that declaration to give an impassioned speech to "sign that document!"


In fact, during the American Revolution we see another facet the Ascended Masters deploy which is not an anomaly of the Path. The original first President of the United States, George Washington was often overshadowed and guided by Saint Germain during and in the course of his ascendancy to the office of President of the U.S.


Later in the early 1930's Saint Germain reconnects with this same soul, come again as Guy Ballard and established the IAM activity to publish and create a more conscious contact with the body of Ascended Master students and those Ascended Teachers to mankind.


Saint Germain is affectionately known as "Uncle Sam" and an inner sponsor to the United States of America. Saint Germain has said America has an inner destiny to fulfill the highest principles of freedom and in fact "America" represents the formation and gathering of "the IAM Race" (AMERICA), progenitors of the seed of the IAM consciousness, the Universal Spirit embodied in the son's and daughters of God. America and Saint Germain as we would learn have been inexplicably linked; their dual destinies forged hundreds even thousands of years before. 


COMING SOON! More on the WHO IS SAINT GERMAIN? Series.Learn how other embodiments of Saint Germain reveal his connection to the founding of America, Saint Germain's involvement with the establishment of various Ascended Master activities including Theosophy and the IAM movement and the Introduction of the Violet Flame.




Saint Germain's Ascension is celebrated on May 1st. He took his initiation in the Ascension in 1684 A.D. nearly 58 years following his final physical incarnation.