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Developing the Have-ing-ness Consciousness!!

Mother Flame is the Key to Precipitation

......O God of Love, thou God of Gold
      My True Success you ever hold
      In the hollow of thy hand,
      Supply is mine by thy command! *
When i learned that i had to open my hand to receive the blessings of the Universe, that was a revelation. That along with an open mind from which came forth abundant blessings and creativity made me twice blessed. Blessed is the universal fount of freedom within my being which can  perceive, expand and cast into form all that is necessary,....the rest?.....we'll , it had something to do with me.
I call it the havingness consciousness and i learned i had to increase it.
It does us no good to condemn ourselves. To even consider that we have acted towards ourselves inadequately. It is true, we have what we allow forth in our lives and yet the majesty is that we can just as simply begin to change it!
Ah, but yes change is the grand experiment....it is the useful alchemy, practical in all things great and small and when were dealing with subconscious patterns that limit us, often we are not even aware of how we are stopping the flow of preciptation in our lives.
Right now, we can command the Mighty IAM Presence and the Violet Flame to conteract, dissolve and transmute from our worlds all that hinders us
Want to try it?....ALLRIGHT THEN
In the name of my Mighty IAM Presence and Saint Germain, we Call Forth the Violet Transmuting Flame to transmute all that would hinder and block the full precipitation of the abundant life made manifest in me! 
It's not easy to start to being more vigilant as we watch the words we use, the feelings we express and the thoughts we play back many times over that have affected us in so many ways.
We all desire to have greater freedom, more financial independence and in inner ways to be free of bondage and limitation that can cast hardship on our souls. It is not always money or the absence of it. It could be the quotient of love we are experiencing in our lives. It could be a desire to have a greater access to our spiritual selves. To feel the presence of our God selves, the greater mind guiding us. 
We could be suffering unnecessarily because we are witholding sharing of ourselves. We could just as easily be blessed. Maybe we don't think first that by being helpful, that helpfulness will visit us , but it does through the cycles of Karma and action....its pretty much a self enlightened interest to serve life when we can, do you agree?
Recently, i heard a internet broadcast with Dannion Brinkley, a man who after surrviving near death experiences founded a hospice and service mission with Veterans and People dealing with the dying experience. Dannion commented something i think that clearly exemplifies spiritual principals within the duality of practical living through service. 
Brinkley offered, "we have to have a spiritual purpose for why you live,"as well as you have to get up and make a living. "Being in service, helping other people gives you a chance to appreciate yourself and be grateful." By doing that it empowers you to be more focused, better ways to do your business and to find something fulfilling."
Here is the fulfilling of the admonition and cosmic truth in action that as we seek first the kingdom (consciousness) of the God realms all will be added unto you.
Further, service and the desired action to invest one's energy and focus in helping mankind, yields a greater sense of accomplishment, soul validation and as we feel better about ourselves the greater we can accept the gifts of the universe as they will cycle back to us.
Another very important componet in understanding how good flows to us, is that our potential is far more vast that we may in a human sense may understand.
Sometimes, when i may not "see" or have any clarity of "how" something that is needed, may manifest i "draw forth," from higher mind and Universal Forces, the Divine Request, in the name of the IAM.
Remember, doubt is something that can try to continually creep in the folds of our consciousness and we must continually become vigilant to "spot" these disturbances, and root them out before they can get a stronger hold in our attention.
We already have used the before mentioned invocation that "clears" our four bodies of consciousness, Etheric (higher blueprint) mental (cognitive, thinking) emotional (feeling, desire body) and Physical. Again direct the Violet flame into cause, effect record and memory of all that stands in the way of the greater flow of light and Divine good in my four lower bodies, now made manifest. 
Now, that we have re-visted how we can learn to "weed out" all that comes as opposition to our highest good let us look at how we can use the same principals and applications of "invocation" to bring about desired results and the abundant life for each of us.         
Universal law says that when we ask for something in the name of the Great IAM Presence we are calling upon the infinite energies of the all -poweful super animating mind of the God Presence to act on our behalf in this world of form.
In addition each one of us also has access to a "storehouse" of accumilated "treasures of light" that is specific to all the accomplisment and attainment we have garnered at the level of our Highest selves.
We can unlock these latent attributes and previous attainment we may have mastered either in other incarnations or learned at inner levels of soul re-finement and development.
Again, the freedom we can choose to have, requires we utilize certain specific commands that we give in the name of our individualized IAM Presence.
I love to say something similiar, to the following to increase my probability of assistance in almost anything benevolent i'm working on:  
In the name of my Mighty IAM Presence and Holy Christ Self and that of My beloved Twin flame i call forth to our joint causal bodies of light and to those sponsoring Ascended Masters, Angelic Realms and  Cosmic beings to render divine assistance on behalf of my lifestream in this world of form and the throughout the heavenly bodies.
By Divine Providence and co-creation increase the divine flow of Light, resources and protection of my divine plan fulfilled.
I call forth all lawful grants, dispensations, bestowals, offerings,.... all attainments, atrributes and talents from my causal body that can be used to meet the needs of the hour, for the servicing of all debt and to increase flow of abundance into my life.
In the name of my IAM Presence, I invoke the spiral of the Victory consciousness and God Mastery, assistance, teamwork, help from other lifestreams and those souls in embodiment that can be of mutual assistance in service at the level of our Christ selves.
By God's grace I accept any awards, right employments,compensations for services, sales and precipitation of products , fees, donations and all necessary resources, windfalls  and positively accured manifestations dharmically or karmically due my lifestream.
This i do and call forth according to the will of God , I pray that i stay in alignment and become a grateful and correct servant of God's gifts flowing through me.  I claim my divine inhertance to the abundant life and  fruits of my causal body and accept that divine good as above so below. Amen.
Having an better understanding how these Cosmic formulas of the abundant life work, can be practiced and even simply implemented. You might say these are "inner" disciplines, we can begin to experiment, probably if we choose areas of our life,  we will discover that Divine good is trying to push forth, something tangible to help us. It may at first be an idea, a creative insight or something magically appearing, the clear hand of assistance that is the answer to our prayers or request. Learning to receive and accept is our part!


How a Divine "Dream", gave me a Spiritual Principle for abundance!
Sometime back over several years ago, i experienced what was an interesting "dreamlike" experience during a daytime nap, that revealed to me a "law" of abundance.
I was shown an understanding of how blessing all the good in your life you receive is truly a necessary step to receive the next
 next part of our abundant plan.
In this "dream," which i have since come to accept was actually an dimensional experience where through symbology i was given a key to comic laws of precipitation.
In this sequence i was above a curb or street gutter that had a flow of water running through it. Below the level of water i could see  where coins were located. They appeared to be mired in mud. I reached down to pick them up and those muddied, covered coins became radiant, shining vessels of light.
My mind then was illuminated with the thoughtform that even the smallest increments and denominations represent in some level or form a portion of the greatest LIGHT and RADIANCE and it needs to be acknowledged as such.
I was instructed to be of great "Joy", when finding any coin, especially even pennies which are overlooked and even cast upon with the energies of disfavor. Finding money is a blessing and it means to find it, means that money and resources are being found or discovered on your path. It's both symbolic and practical and it should always be met with Joy and appreciation, it is also a manifestation even if it a nickel or penny. 
The "instruction" i was getting went on. I was led to pluck from those waters running along the curb, the coins contained there in.The whole sequence of these images were vibrantly infused with LIGHT, a glowing effusive light. It became evidently clear all of life is intended to be a receptor and expressive of that light. It was if i was both receiving "mental" instructions and the images themselves, were conveying, imprinting upon my inner mind and sight, these impressions of "perfection". I also "got" that what i was seeing was another "key" as to how i was to "project" and perceive life, itself....everyday....ordinary life, except with this radiant quality of Universal Light.
The "flow" of understanding illuminated in me to take a coin and raise it in "God Gratitude" for its apperance and then to call forth in Invocation, to the Universal source in appreacition and to call for the multiplication of the greatest increase in the world of form. It was indicated to the level we infuse with Joy and Gratitude the law will expand and multiply.
I have used this ritual every time i "find" money, coins on my path. Often times they appear just like how they were uncovered and blessed in those series of Visionary insights.
My understanding since then  has also expanded to include the aspect of not only calling forth the abundant increase of supply and multiplication , but to call forth for the increase of greater opportunity to render service to life and to bless and heal those souls of light. To find and secure for the causes of light all projects of service and Victory.
There is so much more to these insights from this "teaching" i was given, but over the years, whenver i "find" these coins on my path, it hurls me into a reminder of the Universal order of supply. Conversely, at times i can re-call when i went periods of time without finding these "tokens of light" In those periods i would return to the principals of Gratitude and blessings to all areas of my life and especially to re-ignite my connection to source. Almost always, there would be a expedient and measured to greater flow. It remains the principals and acknowledgement that are truly the activators of being able to call forth that circulation, that treasures great and small can occur. 
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Whose heart beats one with God's own light
The Power to draw from Heaven's height,
Abundance to explan the plan
The Masters hold for every man.*
* excerpted from sections of decrees 55.00  and 55.01,
   Abundance of Every Good and Perfect Gift and
   "Lights Treasures", copyrited 1963 Church Universal
   and Triumphant, Inc.