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"Bustops on the Path," part II
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still got my Kauai shirt, now in Mexico's Sonora desert

......continuing tales from the trail,confessions of an undercover mystic 

At one point both ELPO and Nogales were paths to initiations, Homes!

Christmas, New Year....Cold and Hungry in Montana
If we weren't already hungry enough and turned away in our first two choices, i don't know if the small Montana truckstop would have been a place any of us would have imagined we'd be eatin' a day before, Christmas meal.
Right before we could reach the door, there was this interesting small-medium dog, funny enough of a sight it was,  always gets me, when people put "clothes" on dogs. He looked more comforatble than me in the chilly weather. heck, i almost asked him for a hankerchief.
It didn't take long before the owner of the dog to asked me, "is my dog bothering you?" No, i said but he (the dog) did hit me up for some change.
Once inside, Montana, like Idaho another state i passed through allows smoking . Coming from California, where they don't even let you smoke in bars, was a big adjustment and i'm telling your some of those patrons were really enjoying those liberties. I never get it how people can mix a lit cigarrette with meatloaf and corn, but besides trying to locate the non-existing no smoking section we were backpeddling for an exercise in tolerance.
The Universe kinds of sets you up for these things, takes the edge and hautiness off of cerebral esoteric types we might of fashioned ourselves to be.
But i've got some Bart Maverick in me, i grew up with my father's Lucky Strikes and those funny retro style triangle shaped ashtrays. It was almost Christmas and if there was a common denomination, we we're all part of the "order of the hungry"
Now, if your not flexible on the path, here's where you get found out. Take a meal way from a man and he'll quickly decide how much spiritual pride he has and i guarrantee you whether your a buddhist or a vegan, get hungry enough and the robes of preference come off real quickly.
Still i dn't know what got in me but i was trying to find could i get a vegetarian ommlette. That waitress looked like i was trying to order something found on e-bay. There were three options of Pork,... sausage, ham and bacon, as two tables near us almost chained smoked through their meal. Worse, my partner even more inclined to have non-animal kingdom entrees asked even more sincerely for plant and vegetable by -products. Don't actually know what he ordered.
Now if food becomes a way by which we seperate ourselves, assign crudity to our fellow man and despise the habits and indulgences in others...we were getting a class A course in loving and living large, Americana style. That meal, the roomful of portly, grazing types of fellows and "dickie" clad overall wearing brethren were in a sense, a gift, a way we could poke fun at ourselves and yet the odd thing, we fit in, a Spiritual minstrel, A college Grad, plying three jobs and a self styled cosmic evangelist. Merry Christmas.
Heading out of California.....if your going east from the Los Angeles metropolitian area for the Arizona Border, there are basically two routes you can take. The Interstate 10 route gets you in the middle of Arizona on to Phoenix, but if you plan to go to Sedona or Flagstaff, best to take 15 leaving Cally to 40 which runs you all the way through the Northern part of AZ. If your like me and you didn't consult a map, you can find yourself making adjustments as I took 10 East to the AZ/ CA border, then had to take a not to well know highway called 95 going North, so as to pick up 40 going East outside of Needles, California....REMEMBER....., your not following the path of a tourist, getting from one place over distance to another is supposed be an exploration. The different locales generate transformation in the psyche, it fosters inner awareness and development....if you can see and allow it. We're not trying to gather bumperstickers, "I visted the Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz" or be sponsored by theme park giant, Six Flags. Its about getting in tuned with the landscpape and the illumination of the Journey.Turned out to be kinda interesting., my miscalulation!
No Blight of fantasy.....IAM no blight of fantasy- Clear seeing Vision of the Holy Spirit, Being!   I see new hope in Bright tomorrow here today...no sorrow lingers  IAM free!*
 *words of inspiration from the Ascended Master Kuthumi
Blythe to Needles...130 miles of necessary respite for the weary.
I not really gonna say that when you lay your eyes on Blythe, California that your gonna be overcome with joy, but for me when i reached that point on my journey, i knew to travel those 100 plus miles to Needles, California was a completely different type of anticipation.
I think when you live the life of an adventurer and explorer, its completely different from the life of a householder. Your gifts to life comprise different choices and different ways to experience the path. For example when i came upon that single lane stretch on the road i looked upon it with the anticipating glee the way a horse lover views a magnificent but unproven thoroughbred.
I was thinking, "can this be true?" as i perceived the possibilty of few cars traveling, a time i could either rev in higher speeds or travel in a gradual rhythm, unobstructed or impeded by multitudes of vehicles. It was, and proved to be a delight. A well absorbed period, where i could ferret out the collective impressions i had taken in from the sprawling Los Angeles basin. 
And what a download it was! Reconciling, the teeming commerce, and a nearly unadvoidable assault of large, visceral and base billboards that line the long stretches of Interstate 10. Right at the fringes, i would have to bear, mile after mile of the ready made enticements of Indian gambling Casinos and Gentleman's clubs,  with its "courtesy" ploys to take the next exit.
Naught to be, i thought, as the acres of "samsara" and its song, alluring but muddied i gave the gentle and then commanding mantras to cut free the souls of that region, from binding habit and addiction, carefully placing myself, but for the grace of God there go i.
Soon those miles would leave behind the pull of gravity as my Turbo spirited Saab, hydroplaning inches above the astral sea. California can be magnificently etheric in vast parts, but is also a rather mixed bag. It might have been a last gasp effort to trip up a brother, but with a grimace and a relieving smile, I pointed out as to say, "look at the liscense plate, baby!".....7 RAYS...its says!, in accomodation to the paths of the Ascended Masters. All eyes on you! 
Welcome to Arizona!  Mid January '05
Before arriving in Tucson, i spent a 2 days and a night in Sedona, with a quick pop-up to Flagstaff. Not always are we able to go from Northern Arizona, like Flagstaff all the way south to Tucscon and eventually to Mexico. Deposited liberal vials of Violet Flame, always have to consider it wouldn't be right not to lay a Violet carpet of freedom, courtesy of Saint Germain in areas one could easily have records of Karma there and consider both the evolutions of the lifestreams living in the desert and Elemental Life.
Deserts are places many people can find their mind, hopefully of the higher variety. From mystics to Native Indians  the desert provides an expansiveness in space and solitude one can meditate and  contemplate their visions.
I have a personal ritual i do. I usually think when i travel accross miles of highways and in the more remote areas its quite possible a given area or region may not have actually heard the utterance of the giving of sacred chants before. Much less the powerfully dynamic invocations of the Masters, the Elohim and Violet Fire decrees. You can do a lot of good for an area on inner levels as you invoke healing, Spirtiual acceleration and the preparing of an area for greater mastery. Especially in the Desert, the flowers, the plants and the mountains sustain and provide life and have an ancient wisdom we can tune into. I also try and consider that if souls are driving by on these highways i will invoke a Violet Flame trail, that when they seek tranformation in their consciousness there will already be established an etheric pattern they can be magnitized by. I Really believe it works this way. Universal mind can saturate any area with light and some places are both dark and dense, so it may really need it.But it usually takes someone in the physical plane to draw forth this action. Everyone, the people, the land, yourself, benefits...a great way to extinguish unnecessary Karmic accruals from your balance sheet. 
(Continued....up over there!....right, look up at top, next column.)

A Divine Reminder

Tucson, Arizona
Tucson is really one of the most unique larger cities in the entire Western States. You can come to Tucson again and again, and be both understated by its subtilties and then lifted up by its enhancing mysteries. Unlike its larger, more commercially developed, neighbor to the the north, Phoenix, Tucson stills teters on the demensional variances of an older west, its deserts summon an even more ancient and timeless coordinant.
The '"city" and surrounding areas actually are within a natural bowl or "chalice" of four mountain ranges, the Rincon mountains to the East, the Tuscon to the West, and the Catalina (north) and Santa Rita ranges to the South. This iteslf a natural phenomemon, not often found gives its inhabitans a fortified border which effects weather, vibration and affords an inner sanctuary for the development of consciousness, creativity and culture. again, this may be an element not understood by all, but is in fact a "special" platform to dwell wthin.
Its probably not happenstance that Tucson's is home to one of the world's largest Gem shows in early January. The sheer Volume of these "conducters of Light" gathered in one area and mined and brought to Tucson, from throughout the world add immensely to the vibrational frequency that draws many visionaries, artists, free thinkers, scientists, experimentors and mystics.
Guy Ballard, author of the IAM books written in the period of the 1930's and an a Messenger and Amanuensis for the Ascended Master Saint Germain wrote about his accounts of coming to Tucson. He shared in these accounts about how representatives of A Spiritual fraternity of light had taken him to an undisclosed area within a Mountain  accessable only to these adepts of light, where he participated and witnessed stupendous instruction in comic law by these adepts and their agents. 
Its is also generally reported in widely accepted texts of the Asecended Masters that there are at least one etheric outpost at inner levels, one being, Eriels retreat for children over Arizona. 
Further, modern Tucson is quite familiar with the paths and legacies of the Ascended Master, no less than 5 organizations or proponets of the Ascended Masters teachings have some presence in the Tucson Area.
Myself personally, Tucson was and is an area that i continue to come back to, to anchor and expand the precipitation and introduction of the precepts of path of learning Ascended Master instruction. It (Tuscon) was the site of my first formal association with other students of the A.M. path, a place for all practical outer regards i began and "found" the teachings.  
It is also a place of whimsical retreat and where i have very practical relationships that ground me in the perspectives of secular life.
My friend, we'll call him "Cody" lives in Tucson. He is a software engineer for IBM, has pretty liberal leanings, involved in an active way with Democratic politics in Arizona. He also has a wit and perspective from witnessing and both taking part himself in diverse paths from " new warrior training" to the divergent intagibles and various hybrids of New Age isms.
We have shared together in remote Native American sweats, experienced the culture of twelve steps programs and even  got around around in what we used to refer to as our traveling medicine show. A camper vehicle,  a veritable makeshift path finder, soul liberating, MLM meeting attending salvation wagon. As you can see our experiences  together have both humourous, anecdotal and inspiring.
Cody, calls me the "roving regional manager for God," in half jest but has learned a thing or two about the Ascended Masters. He knows who ECP  (Elizabeth Clare Prophet) is, refers to her as "Ma" and can track with some accuracy the developments of the orgazination "Ma" founded and speak with some insight about the path. Even so, our "meeting" at the Starr Pass, "Waffle House," in Tucson was very diverse and reflected of that weeks national interests and pastimes.
RH: "the Waffle House aint' what is used to be!"
Cody: "No, it Aint"
ed. note:   The Waffle House used to serve all you can eat for one price, not a buffet, they would make everything as you ordered it...but you could eat as much as you want.
RH: "not no more"
RH: "what you gonna, have?"
Cody: I like the raisin toast.
RH: When's the Gem Show, getting started?
Code: don't know...i think its soon.
The conversation eventually tracked along the lines of what were the hopes of the democratic party, the fact that two Pennslvania teams were still alive in the NFL playoffs and me trying to get right where the four mountain regions were located direction wise in Tucson. Eventually we began to review the ever changing environment of how, the life of a mystic is getting complicated. We just recieved some news, that another individual was coming forth as an apparent "messenger" to the masters. Even in Tucson, it was a wide open thing, friends who used to be together to study and lend devotion , now found themselves separated by ideology and politics. Cody and i began to notice the convergence in similar issues the Spiritual path is having as with the differing National parties. I tried to cite the benefits of an independent or "interdependent" position on the path and the need greater now than ever, to find truth and connection to Universal Mind, but even i had to admit, these were complex times. Ah, "we'll work through it", i believed . Cody, still buzzing over the possibilities of two teams from the Keystone state, getting to the Superbowl. I eventually after several tries got the directions of the four montain ranges, right.
We turned our attention back to the scene at the "Waffle House", where one woman had sent back her eggs, as we paid up on our way out. Amused, satieted and neither polarized nor unflexible, we gave the affirming nod to each other , my lower lip clenched upward and broke into an easy grin, "I love this Path,! " .......I gave to the Universe, in jest, but in equal sincerity....another day, another segment with "Bustops on the Path."   ....and so it is!

Guy Ballard, (Godfre) founder of the IAM Activity in the1930's

2005 Tucson Gem show....i can't beieve i didn't acquire this!

One of the most Unique Formations, V for VICTORY!

Interesting choice of habitation, off of 40 just east in Arizona

This sign definitely makes my top ten, so does the state!

You need more than your keys to, "roll with Bustops on the Path"

"The original Sodbusters for freedom"
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