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"Who is Saint Germain?" Vol. II
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Previous embodiments, reveal cooperation for his Mission were hardly automatic

A Rendering of 17th century Francis Bacon....i've seen him happier

An Ascended Master by definition has learned to master what is know as, "the tests of time and space," and while in Physical incarnation, each one of them were presented with the same equations and probabilities of human life as any of us.
That is to say, none were excluded by the uncertainties of the human conditions. In fact, their "mastery" was earned through becoming victorious over outer conditions and circumstances, including the elements of non-support, karmic realtionships and living in an age and era where their vision and advancing concepts for mankind often were met with consternation, rejection and finding true alliances themselves, proved more of a rarity, than the rule.
Take, the example of Beloved Saint Germain and one of his embodiments as 16th century, literary master and scientist Francis Bacon. Karmically and divinely born into nobility as the son of Queen Elizabeth I, he was denied his rightful opportunity to become an architect and monarch of vast vision for England. His Mother, the Queen, protective and determined to secure her own position and office and perception as the "Virgin Queen" and away from the ambitious Lord Leichester her secretly married husband the, birth father of Bacon .
So we see from the onset of that life, Beloved Saint Germain as Francis Bacon had been removed from a course as Francis I, King of England...never to be!
Thoughout that lifetime Bacon plied magnificiently in vast avenues of Science, reasoning, literary accomplishments, founder of Secret Societies....even as cyphyrs and acconts reveal, the true author of Shakespearan plays.
Never to be acknowledged by the Queen or given office, Bacon (Saint Germain) none the less emerged as one of the historically "greatest minds," the west ever produced. Still we condense the moorings and privacies of wounded heart and soul and the testings of being and purpose Bacon endured.
This would turn to be the final embodiment for the Master Alchemist and servant of God and humanity as Bacon's passing from the screen of life would culminate in his Ascension in the Light as the Ascended Master Saint Germain or Sanctus Germanus (holy brother) on May 1, 1684.
Here as with many other incrnations we see the distillation of the seed of the Christic consciousness in the development of the Soul, in the patterning of Universal service and Mastery, regardless of circumstances. We also gleam the blueprint of our own formation of the necessary soul faculties, earned, proven and won in the crucible of life that can culminate in our own ultimate Victory.
As Karmic fate and in an obvious expression of absolute divine love and acceptance the Ascended State holds for each of us, we find the Ascended Saint Germain sponsoring that same soul as Queen Elizabeth I, come again as Edna Ballard, messenger for, along with her husband Guy Ballard in the founding of the 1930's IAM Activity.                     
So, underconsidered by here in the unascended state is the great love, the Ascended Masters hold for each of us while we too are making our way, evolving in the planes of being and going through the trials, tests and victories of perfecting our reason for being.
When we examine the testimony and example of cumulative lives garnered in constancy and dedicated to wholly integrating the qualities of Higher being and purpose divine.We find through the "mastery" of our emotions, our thoughts, our very actions we too are enlarging and expanding our own profile of an Ascended Master in becoming.
The Ascended state as Saint Germain has earned as has Christ Jesus, we find is wholly beyond error and mistake, having becoming perfected by the uniting in Spirit, the Ascended Masters continue to serve Earth's lifestreams as long as those embodied souls call to them in devotion and humility before the God Flame within. Saint Germain has a special purpose as he specificially serves and has sponsored the formation and founding of the United States.
Known in inner association as "Uncle Sam," Saint Germain stands at the portals and onset of the Aquarian age with his beloved Portia, known as the Goddess of Opportunity and member of the Karmic Board, an august body of Spiritual beings that oversee and provide guidance, mitigation and mercy to all souls that embody.
AMERICA is the "IAM RACE" (read the letters in the word) and a place consecrated by cosmic councils to be a forerunner of Golden Age Consciousness. Earth is a schoolroom and many souls are destined to also make their Ascension in the Light from here.
Saint Germain was also embodied as the Biblical Prophet Samuel (also in reference to the 12 tribes, scattered in Israel) America is said to be the 12 tribes come again, so Saint Germain's own Karma and lineage is very connected to the unfolding of the divine plan for America (uncle Sam, come again)    
Now, moving ahead or back to the period of the 1930's we find the continuation of Saint Germain's plan to assist the acceleration of  many ages (an age is approximately 2,150 years, like the Age of Pisces (previous age) or the Age of Aries, period before Christ.) in bringing forth the Knowledge of the IAM, the teachings of the Ascended Masters and the use and sponsorship of the Violet Flame.
What agent or vehicle, you might ask did Saint Germain use and call on? Well, he turned to Guy Ballard first and his wife Edna Ballard (remember Queen Elizabeth I ?) to found a new  Activity of light to help quicken mankind to the reality of their divine purpose. The IAM Activity was one of the vessels the Ascended Masters and particularly Saint Germain, employed to assist in the accelearation in planetary consciousness needed to occur and prophised for our current times.
Guy Ballard, himself is no stranger to the work and service in helping Saint Germain. Ballard, himself had a pivotal incarnation in the founding of America as its first President, George Washington. Saint Germain himself as an Ascended Master inspired and overshadowed the founding fathers of this country.
Guy Ballard also know as "Godfre," documented his involvement and training with Saint Germain in several books published through the IAM Activity, including, "Unveiled Mysteries" and "The Magic Presence."
One of the primary purposes Saint Geramin intended for the IAM activity was to release the knowledge of and use of the Violet Flame. This Violet Flame or the "Violet Ray," as it was referred to within the IAM movement is an Alchemical Spiritual Fire of transmutation that is intended to assist in the dissolving of dross, and density from the consciousness, being and world's of those that apply it. Use of this "ray" was previously authorized in the inner temples and schoolrooms of light, known as "retreats," the Ascended Masters would make available to their students and devotees while in their finer bodies in Soul experiences.
Part of Saint Germain's plan and concurred with by other Ascended Masters and their advisory councils was to make available. to a larger number of Earth's inhabitants to assist mankind in hopes that some would use this "flame" in accordance with Spiritual Principals and Cosmic Law.
It became as we might say a calculated risk to release the Violet Flame under the sponsorship, that by free will mankind could mis-use the "dispensation" granted to Saint Germain, in making its use and application widespread.
If this Violet Flame was used judiciously it could in essence mitigate personal and planetary Karma, that mankind and individuals would otherwise be rquired to bear the balance of the return of physical energies in the world of form. For the Violet flame to have the greatest potential to be effective, those individuals would have to begin a greater cultivation of Spiritual Principles, harmony and mastery of their energies. If it became as is the possibility that individuals would "temporarily" take up these disciplines, then return to the habit of misqualifying energy, this would be a mis-use of the Law and dispensation and somebody, i.e., an Ascended Master would be held accountable to make up for the "energy grant" given. In this case, that would be Saint Germain.
So in a sense it was a gamble for Saint Germain, but is the case with many of the Ascended hosts, like El Morya, Kuthumi and Jesus, their great love and hope for mankind compelled them to lend their assistance and basically underwrite these sponsorship.
Such with the case in the Ballard's IAM Activity and Saint Germain utilized the Ballards to make contact with and release supportive teachings from the Ascended Realms in hopes numbers of students would respond and take up the path of integration, initiation and training that others might begin to emulate.
Such is the necessarry cooperation between the Ascended Masters, their Messengers and a hopeful mankind. 
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This is probably quite a bit of information to share right now on how Saint Germain's mission developed and some of the individuals and proponets that were uniquely connected to his work in the West. We thought we would have space to include Theosphy, but it looks like we will cover that in the next segment of the "Who is Saint Germain.." series

Edna and Guy Ballard of the 1930's IAM activity, became messengers for Saint Germain

"Who is Saint Germain," Vol II, submitted 4/11/05