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Helping to answer some common questions about the Violet flame


What is the Violet flame? What do we know about it? 
It might be helpful to think about the Violet Flame not only as a flame or as a consuming fire, but a "light" as well. All colors of the physical spectrum have frequencies of light and color. Violet is probably the highest vibrational frequency of color and light we see. But beyond the physical spectrum are the colors and frequencies of the Spiritual Spectrum, much higher in frequency and dimension. Mystics have written and spoken about these inner perceptions.
The Violet flame is really native to the octaves of the Spiritual or the highest etheric plane. Its origin, if you will, is in the states of perfection. It only knows perfection or purity. 
If the Violet Flame is A Spiritual Fire, what does that have to do with us, on the Physical plane?
When Man identifies with the realms of the physical, we usually would consider the limitations of the physical realm. The body, its period of use and existence and the freedom we have to move about, exist and even express our selves is conditional. We are prone to trial and error, we CAN be instruments of super creativity and expansion, which we are intended to do,but most of life identifies with this relative view of ourselves. We even call it, Human Nature, but as we take on more of our "Soul faculties." our perceptions of ourselves, begin to change.
The use and application of the Violet fame (as we will learn) can assist us in the transfomational shift we can make from over identification with the limited physical consciousness to the expanded, unlimited potential of our being.
How does the Violet Flame work?
It has to do with the interaction of Spirit and matter (the physical). From the planes of Spirit the Violet fire, generates a specific action that is associated with certain benevolent God qualities. Each "Ray" or componet of light is infused with its own characteristics. The Violet Flame properties or qualities are transmutation, freedom, alchemy, mercy, forgiveness, justice and JOY!.
These are 7th ray attributes.
Because it is an intelligent fire its applications cannot destroy, but only free. That is why it is know as freedoms, forgiving fire. When it comes in contact with misqualified substance or energy it can only help to restore or redeem that energy to its original purified state. Remember, the Violet flame comes from the planes of perfection and it only seeks that, like itself.
It has a wonderous action in that it can help dislodge, free, and transmute any impurities that have lodged themselves in any of mankinds four bodies, the physical, emotional, mental and etheric.
On a more Scientific basis, the Violet flame can be directed on an atomic level to the particles of misqualified energy that accumulates in the wide open spaces around the nucleus. Accumulated substance there, inhibits the flow of light around the electrons. Energetically, this clogging can have all sorts of manifestations in the Physical body as illness, Psychological impairments and mental density, including a more diffucult going for the soul in man to contact the finer spiritual energies of his higher being.   
added notes 3/10/09
It could be also stated that there is addition through subtraction. As the Violet flame dissolves impurities and substances there is the free flowing movement of divine light that saturates  our being and aura. One could be, filled with the buoyancy of light. Feeling as a singing, dancing flame, energetically, optimistic and revolving the energies of Spirit. Who can define the impact or effect of Light?, purified raised up and held in communion and devotion by our soul. It is of course the divine experiment. Personal results vary as to the souls application and devotion and ability and constancy to revolve the energies of the Violet Flame, in, through and around these pockets of energy. Our personal "stuff" might come up for transmutation, but as we say, "Into the flame I leave a lesser sense of me, rising from that alchemy I find new Victory!"
How do we draw it forth, contact and utilize the energies of the Violet Flame?
Generally, the Violet flame is most efficent when it is invoked. It can be experienced in meditation and visualization, but it is through the science and application of the spoken word it is most precise and directed. The most accelerated form of the Scientific delivery of the spoken word are called decrees.
The most simple mantra uses the name of the IAM consciousness:
This is probably the quintessential Violet Flame mantra or Fiat given by untold Angels, Ascended Masters and Violet Flame devotees. It is frequently associated with Saint Germain and contains two key componets.
1. It contains the IAM preamble. When invoking the name of the IAM, you release into the world of form the energies of the IAM Presence, a name revealed to Moses, by the consuming SPIRIT as the name of God for time immortal. Utilization of the IAM name is key to manifestation of that which you follow in spoken word, which is why, all that is added after the IAM must be affirming.
2.By the simplicity of this fiat, it can be readily recalled by our outer consciousness and we begin to tap into the rhythm of the sacred name affirming IAM in me is a being of Violet Fire, GOD in ME is the purity GOD desires.
Decrees, which are generally a series of worded verses , stanzas and rhythmic patterns are in reality "cups of light," or chalices that contain and carry the absorbtion and transfer of Spiritual Light, such as the Violet Flame.
The voice, vibration and delivery of cleanly offered up words of devotion through the throat and throat chakra are also an important componet of effectively and efficently drawing forth and extending out Violet Flame energies.
All of these actions must also be done in conjunction with communion and attention upon that Christ and Universal Presence, because to decree in alignment with the higher purposes of the Spirit is not done at the level of our human consciousness. We must be as a beacon raised up, in devotion, in supplication and  in divine love for the creating energies of light.
We can experience relative results even with an uneven platform of focus and attention simply by good will and grace.
Where do the Ascended Masters and Saint Germain fit into all of this?
Saint Germain's contribution is significant. He is actually probably the main Ascended Master which sponsored  the release of and use for mankind of the Violet Flame. Up until the period around the 1930's when Saint Germain requested and received a dispensation to give liberal use and knowledge of the Violet Flame to Earth, it had only been practiced and introduced to devotees of the sacred fire, the Ascended Masters and their Chelas or students. Use of the Violet Flame was primarily taking place on inner levels and retreats of light for specific souls, while they took leave of the physical body to study in these etheric schools of the Masters.
Another important position of the Ascended Masters is to include the names of the Ascended Masters, like Saint Germain and Portia, Lord Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst, and the Archangels of the 7th ray in our preamble, when giving our Violet Flame decrees. When we include the names of the masters and angels we are also invoking and adding to the power and devotions of our Violet Flame service by the momentum of their causal bodies of light and it greatly multiplies our own devotion.
In the name of my mighty IAM Presence, Holy Christ Self, Saint Germain, Portia, Goddess of Liberty, Kuan Yin, Mother Mary, Jesus, Mighty Arcturus and Victoria, Violet Flame Angels, Zadkiel and holy Amethyst to blaze forth your violet flame momentum into the Earth, saturating it with Freedom's forgiving fire, transmuting misqualified energy, blessing, healing Elemental life and directing the sacred fire into my four lower bodies, consciousness, being and world.
IAM The Violet Flame
In action in me now
IAM the Violet flame
To light alone i bow
IAM theViolet Flame
In Mighty Cosmic Power
IAM the Light of God
Shining every hour
IAM the Violet Flame
Blazing like a Sun
IAM God's sacred Power
Freeing Everyone! *
* from "The Science of the Spoken Word," copyright 1965, 74,83,91 Summit University Press-all rights reserved page #114 
Is that, just it?  I invoke the Violet Flame and all of these positive attributes occur in my life?
Certainly there is more to it than that. As was mentioned before just reciting the Violet Flame decrees while in a relatively positive place can contribute to generating more positive energy, even a better outlook perhaps. If it is only that, perhaps doing VF invocations might be a little more than a positive affirmation and that alone can have good results.
To really get a better perspective of how the Violet Flame is intended to be maximized, we must consider that the "Violet Flame Dispensation," was granted to Earth's inhabitants to begin to experiment in the Alchemy or Laboratory of our own being. The Ascended Master El Morya has said that there has to be some consecration, some devotion to serving the path of light and the God within and Universal energies of light for decrees and the Violet flame to really work beyond the "umbrella" dispensation given to the planet.
What can we expect from the practice and use of the Violet Flame?
Obviously, attempting to predict what results individuals can achieve will differ. The potential for benefits that can result from a consistent, devotional application to Violet Flame invocations and visualizations are quite optimistic. Many people have experienced increased capacity for clarity and thinking processes. Creativity seems to be enhanced by the absence of untoward absorbtion into our consciousness through.... accelerating the Violet flame, a singing, joyous, buoyant fire into the scenes, images and impressions for transmutation.
The best thing is to experiment with the giving of the Violet Flame, approaching its practice with  insight and  temperance and evaluate for yourself .
 Try 15 minutes a day for a week or so,maybe 10 days, but give yourself an undisturbed environment and try and pick a Violet Flame decree or meditation you feel a connection with.When you can learn to commit those words to memory, try and visualize that purple,Violet light, bathing, surrounding and emanating, divine love, lightness and Joy. You might find you and the Violet Flame have an affinity for each other and you will look forward to these Violet flame sessions.You may also find you desire to increase in the intensity and devotion of working with the Violet light as you discover for yourself its inner alchemical properties.   
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