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Thank you for visiting our site!
We are going to attempt to tell this story and this path of finding the heart of Saint Germain in a simple way. The truth be told it is a glorious path. We would like to make the statement that in our efforts to share with people "a" Vision, of the work and purpose the Ascended Master Saint Germain inspires, we must attempt to do that within the context of modern dynamics.The fact of the matter is given the climate of how the world works there are some things we can use on our site directly and some things we cannot. First we must be careful not to use any copyrighted materials or pictures, focuses or intellectual property of existing organizations that maintain creative control and use of these properties. I say this to you because a Part of telling this story includes witnessing to the wonderful teachings that some of these organizations have contributed.
I believe this site has unfolded in a very creative and non-linear way. You kind of have to follow your own inner guidance and look into the stories, the writings and commentaries we have included here to get a feel, not only for the vibration of Saint Germain here, but how his teachings can inspire your own search and path.
I think people can make the mistake of looking up almost too much to the accomplishments of the Ascended Masters, instead of working right here to implement the "principles" of their teachings.
What good is it,... to have Cosmic Friends, if we basically pay lip service to their helpful examples?
That is why this site is the way it is. We try and make it reflective of the things we encounter in life. Just because we live in this plane doesn't mean we cannot move in life with a greater sense of cosmic purpose and mission. If we can, in increasing moments just pause to "infuse" life with Spiritual and Universal energies in our consciousness, thoughts and actions we are making this plane, a habitation for the cosmic energies that the Masters, already exist in.
What does that matter if we ourselves are not seeing and sensing the benefits?
Exactly! That is what Mission Saint Germain is dedicated to; being a resource and inspiration that people can grow in greater understanding and internalization of the principles of what the "teachings," are....which are really Divine instructions and guidance that are available when our souls seek them from the Ascended Masters.
The other componet is this site, can be a practical, unencumbering place for your own personal research and study.Even getting familar with the concepts and terminology  of the Ascended Masters is helpful.
I once heard one of the Ascended Masters representatives say, " I'm not telling you anything you don't already know, these teachings are written on the inward parts of your being". That is so true. So part of our work on this site is to give you the seeker of truth, the greatest opportunity to have that quickening.
Sometimes we will strive to do this with personal accounts, with pictures, with stories on the path. I can assure you I will consider doing this with the highest integrity. Nobody OWNS the true body of teachings of the Ascended Masters, Angelic Realms and especially of your higher self. They are timeless wisdom, Cosmic Law and truth that has been offered to a thirsting mankind by those benevolent Beings of Light who love us. Won't you join me in taking this Journey? May you be guided in the Magnificent Light and Way, which is the Eternal You.
Ron Henry 
Creative Principal and site Administrator  
Mission Saint Germain  


Saint Germain, overshadowing, loving mankind
Pouring forth Cosmic Blessings to our cities!

Copyrighted 2004 Ronald Henry all rights reserved.