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Proving the Path, helping answer the reality of the Ascended Masters existence
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Recognizing the traps of Idolatry, the necessity of self effort in finding truth.

We can point to the Masters all we like, but we eventually have to become that example ourselves



I'm giving it all I can, Captain!!


...Well known words uttered in response to Captain Kirk's, "Scotty, I need more power!"


You can't just drop the words, "Ascended Masters," like its some kind of spin and you hope people will just relate to it. Not on itself alone. Why?  One can pretty much easily entertain people with fantastical accounts of mysterious adepts who can perform feats of super-phenomena. It's easy to have”book knowledge" of anything really, even Spirituality, but without works, without proving the path, it's just Ascended Master lite.


It only follows, as students of Universal law, having discovered an awareness of an Ascended Master consciousness, that bridges must be constructed. Practical, helpful ways so that people can cross over into their own exploration and move beyond the everyday physical considerations of life.


Will they discover that there exists benevolent Spiritual beings of light, teachers, guides to mankind? Maybe.


People look right here first and see what we have become.” It is up to us to figure out the way and make it plain for others." 


There is a small card that has been produced by a metaphysical activity which in its symbology depicts three levels of our divine reality, I like to call it a "self-portrait," really because it helps to outline who we are. Not just physically, but the potential of our being in body, soul and Spirit. Some of the students of this understanding like to just hand out these cards, but unless we offer some explanation, some correlation to the person and a path of integration that is available to them, it is not a full service we are extending to them.


It goes back to helping to first figuring out the way ourselves that we may be able to share it with people at the level of understanding or belief they have.


For instance you can even point out that in this "Chart" above the physical existence, and through the essence of the Soul, which itself is a "vehicle" are the planes of Spirit. This is where the Ascended Masters inhabit, just as Jesus known in the West or Buddha, greatly revered in the East did ascend to.


There is certain Geometry, a certain formula, which is beyond just Religious concepts that can help any of us consider our divinity or divine nature. In fact GOD, can also be understood as GEOMETRY OF DIVINITY. There is a level of Divine Science that helps to expand our understanding.


The previous statements alone do not only explain what an Ascended Master is, but  have at least established a basis to explore these concepts of understandings that may open other doors.


For example, re-incarnation is a very important precept if we can begin to accept that the Soul and really all souls have a path of perfecting herself (the soul representing the feminine counterpart of Spirit, which is masculine)


This is key because as we realize that the soul has a continuity, it continues in this path of perfectionment.


Here on this level, the physical plane, where our actions are accounted for, it begins to make sense that a greater purpose is served on behalf of the soul, through re-incarnation. Re-incarnation presupposes that the soul is granted time and space to work out its plan for perfection. Even the biblical term salvation can be revealed as self- ELEVATION or the rising of the Soul's higher purposes.


Now, is Reincarnation an important precept in Cosmic understanding that the Ascended Masters indicate it is and are we experiencing some evidence of it in our lives, perhaps unawares?


Let us share a story that personifies a previous life awareness I had with another person that helped me with a very practical situation I was facing.


I was in one of those Laundromats, when before I had actually started doing my laundry and for some reason I needed some quarters for something else.


I tried to get some change from this Hispanic woman, who had been working there, and for some reason, she abruptly denied me, letting me know she would not give me any.


Then this strange awareness, a recollection came over me and I felt connected to her, even though I did not know her. I also felt that she had a certain "queenly" mystique around her and that she was somewhat bitter that her work has fallen to this humble even lowly state. Even more odd, was I sensed she "recognized" me on a Soul level and I felt something difficult had occurred between us and she wasn't going to help me even in a simple matter like giving change.


It didn't make sense that I would have all these perceptions in such a brief encounter, but I trusted my intuitive soul faculties that this situation, this encounter was a re-enactment, a meeting up that had to be balanced.


I got my wash started then went outside and started to give a prayer and an invocation of forgiveness called the Violet Flame. I asked for those blessed energies to be poured forth into any record of previous interactions I might have had with this person and their soul and asked for the transmutation by divine love of any hardships I may have caused her. I spent several minutes doing these "calls," if you will and had hoped for another interaction with this woman.


After a period of time I returned inside to the Laundromat and went over to the dryer where I had placed my clothes. To my surprise I found my clothes were not there. As I looked around, I found my articles neatly stacked and still being folded by that very same woman! As I did not speak Spanish I looked upon her and met her eyes and gave forth one of the most compassionate and thankful expressions I could share. She too seemed to exude a softness and appreciation. Something truly had come over her and a definite change in consciousness towards me. In that small instance there was this great transference of light and love between us. I felt a tangible transcendence and said Thank You.


Clearly in my mind this had been a practical example of recognizing one amongst the millions of encounters we have where the law of our being, the sometimes chance passings we have with a person and a soul we have known before.


I was so grateful in this instance that I could be present and awake and willing to prove the law and the path and had attempted and enacted the utilization of the Violet Flame, a tool of transmutation and change taught by Saint Germain, that had before been an act of sorrow to JOY.


Part of the lesson there I believe is that we do not always need to introduce "teachings" to people. Often times concepts like Karma or an inner recognition of a previous life experience could be outside of a person's beliefs, but we are still being effective by becoming the example, living the path.




One thing that is very practical, is being able and willing to know the difference between sharing an example of a metaphysical principle or actually delving into a portion of a "teaching," that might answer someone's question.


A very common question is "Who are the Ascended Masters?" Again, as was explained in the before mention of the Chart of Your Divine Self, sometimes it an important preparation to place in perspective the outline or environment in which you are trying to answer the question.


If the person who asks the question does not really connect with terms, which may be metaphysical in nature or definition, it is best to try and find some concepts that are agreeable.


It is probably helpful just to discuss, what is the Soul?  Most people can conceive of as a non-physical reality. We then add the element of the journey or path of the Soul, which again helps to establish the nature of the Soul’s purpose, appears to have a direction, a destiny beyond the physical realm. Then, there is the Souls connection with and unification with Spirit. 


Spirit and Soul are often referred to interchangeably, yet they need to presented or distinguished specifically to understand their relation to each other.


The Soul is really the living potential to know or become the manifestation of its highest achievement or identity in God, which is Spirit with capital S. The Soul itself is not made permanent until it becomes ONE with Spirit.


Spirit must then be separately identified as the completing component of the Soul's fusion with it's real or permanent self. Re-incarnation keeps occurring on this physical level because by the laws of action, our choices and deeds tie us to this physical plane and to these physical bodies and relationships.


When the soul has transcended all these responsibilities to this realm of our being and fulfilled our own individual and divine purpose we can merge or forge our identity not as the physical expression, but as a Universal aspect of the God Consciousness in the realms of Spirit. This is known as the process and becoming no longer mortal but our immortal selves in the Ascension.


We have just in a practical sense explained what an Ascended Master is and how because all that have a soul and a soul awareness can accomplish that which all Ascended Masters have done. We are really talking about ourselves, here. It may be or seem like a mystery, but that is only because through most doctrines of religious understandings we are given an incomplete picture of our divine reality or our potential to become that we are intended by God to be.


We can go back and speak about the Masters like Saint Germain or Jesus or Kuan Yin or Mother Mary and study their lives and certainly in their striving and overcoming is their record of Victory. That is what is really useful for us. 


The whole point of even becoming a Student of the Ascended Masters consciousness and teaching is so that we can have an access to the restoration or to complete the understanding that is needed for our own individual Victory. We too are intended to Master life and Ascend.


When we speak of the Ascended Masters, each Ascended Master has walked and proved this path singularly, just as Christ or Buddha. They remain among the numberless beings of light, perhaps beyond an outer understanding of most people, but non-the-less who attempt to work through our higher selves to guide mankind.


These are the Ascended Masters like Saint Germain and include Jesus or notable Eastern Adepts who serve and are a part of the one God. The Ascended Masters call this plane of God Consciousness the IAM Presence.


Not surprisingly this was the same name, IAM that IAM given to Moses as the name immemorial of God to be given as a testament and key to our understanding of God's identity and our own.


So it remains that sometimes to really have some basis for understanding of an Ascended Master we may have to first explore principles.


These aspects, like the laws of Karma, which govern the Physical Universe, the purposes of Incarnations and sometimes also a more Scientific approach to non-physical realities plus the explanation of terms like Soul, Spirit and the Ascension can assist this integration.





When we are exploring that which we cannot readily see, it can become significantly important that we advance ourselves through faith and principles.


Faith no doubt enjoins us in the pursuit of seeking and finding higher truth and yet it is Principles that through application we often define what is true for us.


No more clearly is this applicable and useful in discriminating and exploring much of the Ascended Master views, though while Cosmically profound are very simply useful and practical in daily life.


I have often felt that the Ascended Masters are not at all interested that we profess allegiance to them personally and would altogether be pleased to continue in anonymity and look upon humanity with appreciation if we are able by our own striving to achieve excellence and Joy in our God ward pursuits.


Perhaps it a great grace in the mind of God that we have available at our own developing level of understanding, "helpers," elder Spiritual benefactors, further along on the path able to assist us. Though perhaps invisible to our outer minds, are still extended to us as a link in hierarchy, a part of God's Universal Kingdom that is made avail to us. To that end is offered a path of "Three Approaches" that unascended mankind can begin and integrate an entering in:


The Path of Divine Love-Third Ray-Pink Plume


The way of devotion. By my Heart I shall know thee. For these Souls God is a living Presence. Prayer and song as well as supplication are a primary way devotional People integrate God's consciousness. These people can embrace the flame of God through the inward expression and feeling. It is already a heartfelt experience. These people pulse with a sense of knowing, a crying, adoring of their essence. God is an essence felt, loved. Already becoming, they are Pink, effusive, when engrafted they are solidly sold, deeply loyal.


Devotional types can take abandonment or a perception of feeling betrayed very hard. God is personal, specific and to be known. To be overly devotional must guard of becoming one-dimensional. For understanding of God is ever changing, transcendent. Hold me not too firm, for I shall flee. Care and balancing Passion with perspective is necessary. Tends to overly invest with the iconic Nature of the being, representative. Purity of Heart is plumbed, yet the perfecting of the Heart is the higher aspiration.


Wisdom's Path-2nd Ray-Yellow Plume


"Find thee me in knowing"Practitioners of Illuminations way are great students of truth. Measured seekers and explorers of expansiveness, their cry is "prove it," or if less than absolute, let it be charted in History, record it, expound upon thy learnings in Discourse.In that piercing shining example of brilliance they may find conversion in the Illumined words of the Sages and writers and Visionary insights, but alas only if I can make it my own. Integration occurs by the super nova of consciousness that may eclipse thy lesser doubt. These types of Souls then become great defenders of truth and freedom. Unyielding exponents of Illuminations fires they can assist the unbelieving.


Yellow Ray people must temper to becoming too enamored with their conviction or fondness for their own musings or that of a learned Principal. God may come sneaking up on them with the simple and gentle and they may be caught unaware. Also any tendency to undervalue or over appreciate the gifts of others through superiority can delay advancement. It is Wisdom, of even pressure not the scorching rays of an intense Sun needed in practical assistance. Helpful considerations are the reminder and to be developed in a patient approach to instruction and unfoldment that offers guidance. Acceptance of that which bends and slows with the fires of the heart benefit both the Yellow Ray mind and those that can be effectively illumined and raised up.



God Power-Of Becoming and Being-1st Ray-Blue Plume 


People who would find God, through the Blue Ray path are apt to know him, by "up and doing." Their mantra is: "Know me my aim is true!" This is path of knowing God through that inner point of being, it is not theory, but of becoming. Power and the application is prevalent as the Citadel is constructed, great is he known by thy works. Works are the measure of a man or woman that might be a builder, the foundation must be shown, especially in the physical as organizers, the actual temple and congregation.These are not talkers but doers, though by spoken word much is accomplished and through pronouncement, they exclaim, know thy will!


A great faith must accompany a great action. By thy faith and by thy might. Want to know the true merits of one fastened to God's will, remove his position and power. The lesser heart would be revealed. In fact it is not loss that laments a true, in fact tried and true servant, but of an absence of being able to serve, for even in outcast one would seek the company of wanderers.  


He can be found, the devotee of great faith before thy altar, not to plead on behalf on himself, but of his charges. Drawn to the knee, trunk before he the greatest, of the unknowing Spirit, who does not speak, his power reduced he knows the greatest of loneliness. This is also a path that can become too decisive. Surrender can be agonizing and because of the hard won propensity to strive, needed subtlety and diplomatic allowances can be missed. As can isolation and absence of counsel from others. The Path of the Blue Plume and Supreme will can be the most difficult, but it also through which the son can become the father. He who emerges knows the most tried heart.  




Another important consideration is the value of placing the Ascended Master assistance in perspective to the free will desires of the Soul.


Would God or Universal mind make available to un-ascended mankind the knowledge of a spiritual Hierarchy if it were not needed? 


If we look at this not as a point of proving but of practicality does mankind in his current state of evolutionary awareness seem to have mastered the elements of his own being much less this planetary body or cosmos.


Through researching various accounts of Ascended Master activities there is the "introduction" of an ordered Hierarchy that does in fact serve and is assigned on behalf of the Spiritual evolution of mankind. This awareness of, and connection to The Ascended Master realm is not automatic and in fact requires a deep and true desiring by individual merit and pursuit. Part of the basis of an Ascended Master precept, is that Mankind’s level of understanding must be first quickened, sometimes by mystical experiences or searching, even veritable study or via soul contacts with the Ascended realm made through Soul travel while the body during sleep.


From the practical standpoint, the Ascended Masters have made an outer contact with certain souls, oftentimes advanced members of mankind who already have a propensity to Ascended Master instruction in previous embodiments. Because of the bulk of mankind may not be sufficiently quickened, the Masters utilize their agents, messengers or amanuensis' to give a portion of cosmic law and understanding that greater numbers may be illumed to there to fore "mysteries" of our being and even earthly and cosmic history.


These Agents often times organize outer activities, write discourses on behalf of the Ascended Masters and also can be trained as "messengers" through which the Ascended Masters dictate "prophecy," timeless truths and accelerated learning, always for assistance of soul development and recognizing freewill.  


Included in this is the presentation to the outer "rational" consciousness, an awareness of how the "heavenly" realms are constructed and steps of ascending and descending levels of Spiritual Hierarchy, including Angels, Ascended Masters, Cosmic beings and Elohimic evolutions.


Within this Spiritual evolutionary platform un-ascended mankind such as on earth can realize their link to and affinitize their energies with the Ascended Masters and experiences of light that are preparatory stages.


As far as it being "needed," Earth itself and its evolutions thereon represent a platform for expanding consciousness, yet also is mired in a certain materialization, even a density that has inhabited the collective consciousness of its people. Perhaps hardly widely understood is that the Earth itself and the lifewaves embodied there have a planetary responsibility to evolve spiritually and from a Universal sense are accountable to Cosmic councils. Thus the Ascended Masters have a vested interest.


What hinders this contact with the Spiritual realm and the Ascended Masters?


Spiritual Pride, density, Idolatry as well as incomplete teaching.


We may not think of it as such but mankind can become too satisfied in his sense that he understands his place in the Universe or is confident, that his soul awareness or Solar awareness is complete. There is also the factor that many of mankind’s religions have left out much inner understanding intended to liberate and assist the soul in the apparent mysteries the great avatars like Jesus, Buddha and Lao-Tzu taught.


There is also subtle pride that manifests itself as idolatry including idolatry of our own humanistic approach towards life, thinking we have no need of a divinely ordered existence, A Universal or a Personal God or its personifications through Masters or Angels. No man is an Island or Law unto himself.


Density of all kinds including preoccupations with sense and appetite gratifications, plus the tremendous pressure many people feel economically and the sheer hours we spend in maintaining our "outer" lives. Add chemically contrived foods and what passes as "Culture"and we can vastly distort our frequency to higher "energies", pulses and frequencies that would otherwise radiate towards us.




None of this, hopefully, that is presented here is anyway is intended to be an absolute proving or substitute for any one's own personal beliefs of the way the Universe is ordered. Maybe there is some room within the Inn of your being that through these offerings will come a new awareness.


I have to watch myself from becoming a quote machine, "the Ascended Masters say this, the Ascended Masters teach this." Sometimes I just say, I Believe it's possible Heaven or whatever you call it or want to call it, can be "peopled" with many, maybe millions of beings of light, or angels or Ascended Masters, that they have gotten past this realm of being and I can conceive of that realm being interested in us, in our own development. I can conceive of a loving God or energy that is personified in all these beings and yet it's a mystery. I can place the Ascended Masters in that world and in that understanding and because I can, because I can conceive it to be true, I can share it, I can share this view, but I didn't just make it up either.