Mission Saint Germain
The Christopher Columbus-Saint Germain Connection
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Christopher Columbus was also on the Voyage as an Evolving Soul


Answering some interesting Questions Posed by the lifetime of Christopher Columbus

For me, it began interestingly enough. I just wanted to go to the bank...but it was closed. I thought to myself why and I looked on the door and it said it was, "Columbus Day." I thought. Oh, then I made the connection that Columbus was an embodiment (previous life) of the Ascended Master Saint Germain and a whole spiral of inspiration came over me.


I guess that's the kind of multi-dimensional existence were living in.... Well, maybe not all of us, but in the things are connected, everything has a reason, synchronistic type of life going on I began to ponder on the significance of "Columbus Day," which to me really makes me think of Saint Germain.


I wanted to write a story, an article on this site which in a sense at least in my consciousness would be a tribute to the flame of freedom and discovery espoused by Christopher Columbus, which again was really the developing, evolving soul that became the Ascended hierarch of Aquarius, Saint Germain.


So again, in my mind as I think of Columbus, I think of Saint Germain and all of his Cosmic service and benevolence to mankind, the Earth and certainly to America.


I forgot or as it came to me the events and historical perspective of Christopher Columbus' life are in many circles in the least, controversial and full of presumed fact and perception.


I began to look for an obscure tape I had come into, recorded by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, that went pretty deep into the various views of Columbus with a greater emphasis on his inspirational, mystical and personal transformations, Columbus himself emerged through during his life and journey.


This "Tape"was in fact titled, "Christopher Columbus, the Man and the Myth," and as I began to research more it became more apparent how his life had been shrouded in mystery, exaltations and conjectures.


As it turned out I couldn't find the tape, so having already a jest of Prophet's efforts to place Columbus in the context of an expanding and risk taking seafarer with a much greater and higher, even divinely inspired "mission"and Universal purpose, I turned to the internet for another avenue of perspective.


Nearly overwhelmed by 1.7 million site destinations I began to browse, not desiring do an exhaustive study, did come away with a sensitivity to allegations attributed to Columbus that aligned his personal and provincial associations with greed and imperialism in the discovery of the Americas and other Voyages.


I then flashed back to while I was delivering a talk in Reno, Nevada once on Saint Germain and the Violet Flame I was outlining some of Saint Germain's previous embodiments, which included Christopher Columbus. A Woman attending became particularly agitated when I mention CC and spoke out about injustices committed by Columbus.


At that time I did not feel the great need to disprove or give much comments to her words. Nor did I feel compelled to really in a sense defend an "Ascended Master," given I saw these "lives" as the process of perfecting one's Christ Mastery, in the cumulative, evolving realm of raising one's energies leading to the culmination of the Ascended Consciousness.


On the other hand, all (mostly all) on the Earth Plane have made Karma and in the "Schoolroom" of life there is at least the possibility of even high souls becoming entangled in our own momentums of out of alignment conditions and mis-qualified energies.


There really is no evidence where an Ascended Master has denied that any of their realms had been totally free of mistake or error. In fact, the Laws of Karma have often been cited and admitted by Ascended Masters who during lives and embodiments had to also balance their own acts of mis-deeds to mankind.


Without having to an impossibly attempt to humanly diagnose, the Merits and transgressions of Columbus' life, from human and historical accounts "Columbus day," became a day that could also include pouring the Violet Flame into the cause, effect, record and memory of any misqualified energies that may have been expressed to any part of life by and on the behalf of the Soul of Christopher Columbus.






The Hallmark of Christopher Columbus' life is also know of a Soul prepared for and chosen by Spiritual Hierarchy to forge a destiny of a founding a platform for an experiment in freedom, of a Divine Destiny that became the America's 


We have said on this site before America stands for The "IAM RACE". It is a place consecrated for the bringing together of people of light from all avenues, cultures and Nations that have an inward awareness of creating the seed, forerunner and example of the Golden age Consciousness.


Saint Germain was keenly a part of being associated with these many "tribes" of life streams, during another embodiment as the Biblical Patriarch, The Prophet Samuel in the Old Testament.


Many of these same souls were also destined to continue their Mission and contribution to the Mystical and Cosmic ramifications and opportunities that are being out pictured in the Karma and divine plan of America.


Did Christopher Columbus and associations and interests he represented commit transgressions upon any peoples and cultures during their voyages to these lands?


I don't know. From a Historical Standpoint, there are accounts that portray the tremendous efforts both personally and in overcoming entrenched beliefs that beset Columbus' best efforts to finally secure passage and sponsorship.


Hardships, personal losses, set backs unfulfilled promises, even betrayals.


There is also the composite a tremendous Vision, inspiration, preparations and planning as well as negotiation that culminated in Columbus navigating onto discovery and liberations in the New Found (?) land.


Without providing an extensive detailing of alleged acts of imperialism, displacements and greed’s leveled upon the life stream of Columbus, nor trying to prove or disprove the legitimacy of these occurrences, lets us summon a possible higher law of understanding.


It has been spoken and offered that it is best to always assume we have some accountability, some Karma in any given situation. The same can be said of any Soul that has risen to become bonded their immortal God Free Self in becoming an Ascended Master.


That is why in deference in considering those that attribute to Christopher Columbus any errors or wrongs upon any part of life, we can Freedoms fire the flame of forgiveness to set life free by the Violet Transmuting Flame.


At some point I came upon an interesting accounting of whether it is believed or not points to a greater Principle of transmutation.


It had been shared that the soul and life stream of Judas, known as the betrayer of Christ had even fully balanced that Karma, but because the condemnation upon that life stream had been so great, he had actually made his Ascension, completely in the light, yet done so from another planet.


It shows in principle at least that in instances where humanly we may perceive how great an injustice has been done, The God flame, the Lords of Karma that adjudicate in Mercy as well as Justice and that given Soul have long been freed from the bonds and bondages put upon by the outer consciousness and that the law be balanced.


Is this not what any of us would want? Have we been free of imperfect acts or deeds, some of greater measure or continuance and even lacking in the balancing merits to mankind or the God flame that others cast upon real or perceived inequities have accomplished? Lest we consider.


Consider we can as Saint Germain has said it takes 2,000,000 million right decisions to make our Ascension.


In memo ration of the Striving, of the overcoming and of the human frailties of all unascended mankind as well as the life stream of Christopher Columbus. Let man become that which he or she is intended to become, that immortal free Spirit of being and becoming forever free in the light.


Note: Days into writing and researching this article, I was in Berkeley, California putting some coins into an automated parking device and it had a list of "Holidays." that were exempt from fare....one of them was Columbus Day..And they also officially referred to it as "Indigenous Peoples Day,".....and so it is!