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Four "Nature Kingdoms" hold vital importance to Earth's destiny.


Are there elements of nature that are far more powerful and real than simply the imaginings of little children?

What are these "forces" and seemingly invisible aspects of the Air, Fire, Water and Earth that make up the composite of our Physical Earth?

Enter the almost secret understanding of "Elemental Life" and the delicate and wholly connected "kingdoms" that are also the keys to holding a physical and Spiritual balance to mankind's evolutionary platform.

Lets us pre suppose that Mother Earth or Terra as in terrestrial is in fact a core of energy systems that represent a Spiritual idea as well as a physical manifestation.

Could it be in this subtext that these systems of delicate energy balances we know as forces of Nature do in fact mimic and contain a regenerative seed of the Spiritual Nature of Earth itself and "Man" as the man-ifestation of creation?

Thus we begin to explore the existence and possibility of a realm of order that governs and controls the "climate" of being that we see here in our Earthly Patterns.

Certainly then, Man and Earth are one, both in Spirit and Matter, the Materialization of all that we see. So we can then proceed to conceive that there is also the Spiritualization of the Earthly elements infused with the Spiritual sense and purpose, the idea and the cause or causation not just of Earthly, physical causes, but of Universal Spiritual import.

Here we then begin to relate to or equate the functioning of the Elemental Kingdoms as interconnecting platforms, from the Fire element (Etheric) to the Earth element (Physical) and their corresponding systems of cause and effect.

Man therefore is also the inescapable receiver and progenitor of his Spiritual and Physical actions or energies.... on Earth as it is in Heaven? Are not then, Heaven and Earth intended to be as One, not up nor down, but as within?

And what of these Kingdoms?

Maybe, the Mind of Man be prepared as hinted by Mark and Elizabeth Prophet in the chapter, "God and Nature,"....."As the electron does not know that it is a part of the atom but orbits in a whirl on its own, so man's world appears complete, when in reality he is a part of the ever expanding Whole that is God in Nature."

And how does God and Nature order itself?


Fire, Air, Water and Earth, the four forces of Nature? references to Astrological Portends? Part of, perhaps a little known aspect of Spiritual Hierarchy that works in conjunction with Mankind?

Let us elaborate.

Just as there are Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings that are assigned to Earth's evolutions, there is also a realm of a Spiritual Elemental Kingdom that has its own designates and components that serve Earth's planes.

Whereas The Ascended Masters and the Sons and Daughters of God serve together on the 2nd Kingdom of Illumination, the Elementals along with the Elohim who are the builders of form serve to these systems of Worlds on the 1st Kingdom of Divine Power.

These four elements also correspond to the four bodies of interpenetrating consciousness from the highest vibrating energy (fire-etheric) to the physical, Earthly body.

Invisible, seemingly to the un-alerted and quickened eye are the Sylphs, (nature spirits) that control the forces of the Air, the Atmosphere and currents and are directed by their Spiritual hierarchs, Aries and Thor.

Together Aries and Thor direct the intelligence and illumination that courses and pulses through Nature and transmit the energies of the Holy Spirit to mankind through the Air Element or Mental body.

Man can receive from Nature if he so chooses these impressions and pulsations of the Christ Mind that wafts through all of creation.

The "clouds " we see can reflect the emanations and actually picture in the form of Angels as Nature and the Elemental Kingdom, specifically in this case as, Elementals of the Air, attempt to inform Mankind of his connectivity and attunement with heavenly bodies. Thus the '"higher mind."

Conversely when mankind's energies are in-harmoniously qualified there appears as blight on the screen of life, manifesting as "dark clouds" Thus elemental life is the most accurate barometer to reflect mankind's cumulative energy deposits that manifest in Nature.

Because all Nature Spirits and Elemental beings essentially mimic or mirror Mankind's expressions of his physical, thought, feeling and memory processes, we are also charged to employ these Elemental Forces in a transmutative, benevolent, higher purposeful way.

In essence, Elemental life is intended to take its lead from and by Mankind's direction, but is compelled to magnify what Mankind is emitting or sending out.

Neptune and Luara are hierarchs of the Water Element that holds in balance the energies of Mankind's, Water or "Emotional Body" in simple terms his feeling world or desire body.

We see in Nature the tremendous portion of the Earth that is covered with water and also in the Physical body of Man which itself is mostly comprised of the Water Element.

The flow of Water in the oceans and through our beings is intended to flow Spiritually as the "river of life" containing the essence of Spiritual light meant to nourish and replenish not only the Physical body but it's corresponding spiritual centers or chakras.

Because the Water element is closely related to the "emotional body," man's emotional states, (his energy in motion) are impacted by the introduction of pure, as well as inharmonious thoughts, feelings and actions.

The Major bodies of Water, including the Seven Seas also are greatly affected by the cumulative absorption of Man's energies thrown off or qualified. This can act as pollutants on this Water Element intended to be a pure stream of consciousness reflecting the higher energies cycling from the Spiritual state through Man and Nature.

Elemental life known as the "Undines" assist to help mankind rid the water bodies of pollutants, both of waste deposited in the seas, river and lakes as well as the equally toxic,"Astral effluvia," deposited by man through his aggressions and human substance less than the purity of his benevolent higher nature.

The Seas are more than the greatest Universal source of food they are the repositors of Earth's history. Below the Sea lies the unconscious of Earth's evolutionary chain. Records of both the highest and lowest of humanity desiring to beget God and Universal Harmony or to erect in its place, institutions of Human accomplishment and even opposition to the divine order of life.

Remember the phrase, "it's buried at the bottom of the sea," indicates Man's preference for secluding his untoward ness in the vast abyss, yet it is not so, and his memory comes to live again as Nature cycles back to him through the out picturing of the elements, calming and, of storm laden.

No wonder the work of the "undines" is vast and almost un-accomplishable if Mankind refuses to assist. For God has assigned these humble and magnificent servants to guard the precious Earth and mankind in his province and loftier estate to both direct these elementals and have attunement with their kingdoms.

One of the infinite ways we can assist elemental life is to invoke the Violet Flame. Through our prayers and invocations, asking for the burdens upon elemental life to be transmuted by the Violet Flame, securing the Sylphs of the Air, Undines of the Sea and all elemental life to help restore and hold the earthly patterns to their divine origins.

Prince Oromasis and Diana, hierarchs of the Fire Element

The Elemental beings that serve with the Fire Element under their hierarchs are known as fiery Salamanders. Like most elemental beings their perceptions in Nature are hardly automatic. In fact Salamanders because they reflect the highest vibrating body (the etheric body) are often translucent in appearance and form. When "captured" in sight they can be masters of changing form, in fact they are almost formless as they represent the aspect of fire or etherilization of form.

Ever see the the spiraling and ever changing nature of fire and watch how its alluring and alternating flames can draw you into realms of perception as the mind transforms from thought to a spherical knowingness or depth. This is descriptive how the etheric level reaches and elevates our consciousness. Sometimes you might even notice an outline of a fiery salamander in a campfire perceive a flash, a trail of rainbow iridescence appearing as well, a Salamander or like shape.

Like all of elemental life, The Fiery Salamanders relate and appeal to the gentle Christ nature in people and the emanations of the soul patterns that have an openness and childlike quality to receive and follow nature's gifts. They are attracted to joyous and loving energies.

Salamanders are also very vulnerable to many influences and because they have been sought out by those hoping to command their energies, and manipulate them for their own deeds, we must call to Archangel Michael to free them from any imprisonment.

Because Fiery Salamanders are transmitters of the highest etheric emanations they can help us perceive and step down the highest impressions and radiations of heavenly energies. Before the idea, before the thought is the etheralization, the impression that emanates as a pre-formation, a formless impression in the Mind of God as an expression.

Sometimes, we sense this when we seem to grasp, but not yet are able to re-call or call into form something not yet formed as an idea, not concrete in thought yet, though on another level we have a sort of spherical awareness that it already exists, because it does!

Many people often take walks in Nature to clear their minds and often unbeknown to them a fiery Salamander may help them coalesce into form the answer to a problem or question.

Because the etheric level functions on a much faster and vibrationally higher level, we have to escape the confines of earthly dimensions, to where inspirations are seeded. It all happens in the mind, the vast divine computer of God and while our planetary peoples evolve in dimensional levels of awareness, Elemental life can bridge or hasten our understanding and attunement.

The fiery Element is the most powerful element in purification and thus we can call on the fiery salamanders to purify our four lower bodies, helping us to transmute the substance of all densities including impure food, contaminations of our minds by drugs or indulgences in graphic images that injure and disrupt the pure seeing vision as well as discordant feelings and memories that seem to play over and over

Fiery Salamanders along with Angel Devas are intended to keep the purity of Spiritual Dimensions infused throughout Nature resulting in plant and elemental life out picturing the layers, colorations and vibratory levels of the etheric heavenly state intended to manifest on Earth.

Unfortunately legions of fiery salamanders working under the direction of Oromosis and Diana are often utilized as custodians attempting to rid mankind and nature from discordant and dissonant energy interfering with the original etheric plan for earth and its inhabitants.

Again, as with all the elemental kingdom, enlightened souls must prepare to work with and include elemental life to restore our planet. Fiery salamanders are specifically qualified to assist and inspire mankind with both cause and effect to our solutions that can ressurrect our Earthly home.
Virgo and Pelleur, Hierarchs of the Earth Element
The Elemental beings of the Earth are known as Gnomes. Billions of Gnomes serve under Virgo and Pelleur to help  tend to the needs of the Earth , assit the cycles of growth and help hold a significant balance in the transmuting of earth changes. 
Gnomes because they are part of the Earth element they are associated and to be found in Mountains, forests and the land masses. They can be secret gatekeepers and guides as well as helpful coordinators both to man and the animal kindgoms. Because they are in service to the directors of the Earth element, Virgo and Peller, they also especially self sacrificing in that they accomplish carrying a great weight of planatary karma, so that mankind can futher his higher evolutionary path
Gnomes can range in size from a few inches to several feet. They have a great love for the Earth and have come to help instruct mankind in developing his own flame of divine love for the planet and all beings. They (Gnomes ) represent the flame of the holy spirit to the earth and are comforters that express beauty and caring to Nature.
Gnomes can look like small almost dwarflike beings with human similarities and they have a special opportunity to evolve from the elemental kingdom and receive the divine spark and be endowed with a three-fold flame through service.
As such Gnomes and humanity have a mutual opportunity to assist each other's evolutionary platforms. We need Gnomes and Elemental Life to help mitigate the pressures that build up in Earth that can manifest itself as forms of catacylism. Mankind can assist the burdens that Elementals and Gnomes are charged to Help with, by giving Violet Flame calls to alleviate the buildup of the mass weight the Earth holds as misqualified energy.
There are also giant Elemetal beings that can actually hold even a greater balance for entire continents.
At one point in Earth's history, the Earth itself reflected emanations of great light and Cosmic rays anchored to the Earth through the Hierarch's of the Earth Element, Virgo and Pelleur. These Cosmic Beings helped the Earth body during the first three Golden Ages where the Earth itself was filled with crystalline and Rainbow hued manifestations filling the Earth. It truly was a platform that reflected the Spiritual essences adorned and throughout the habitat of the Earthly form. It was in this hamony that Earth and Nature mirrored mankind's adherence and integration of his connection to divine source.
Eventually and as a result of Mankind's descent into duality and separation of his Godly estate and realms, the Earth itself begin to outpicture the form and density we now see.
Certainly, now there is the great opportunity and promise of Universal Alchemy that can exist and come to pass as Mankind can merge his forward movements with the awareness and rightful love for Elemental life. These realms of awarenesses of the entire retinue of Elemental life, beings that serve in those kingdoms and their hierarchs are part of the magnificent destiny that can be fulfilled in realizing cooperation and stewardship, who along with mankind have this charge to bring a Golden Age returned to Earth. 
                 HELP ELEMENTAL LIFE !!!! HELP THE EARTH!!!

Use the Following Invocation at least once a day, go for a walk in Nature and thank Elemental life for their role and help, pray and ask God and the Hierarch's of the Elemental Kingdoms to offer relief to the burdens the Elementals are holding the balance in assisting Earth and Mankind. Send the Violet Flame to help all Elemental life, Sylphs, Undines, Gnomes, fiery Salamanders acheive their divinely inspired Missions and to set Elemental life free from being imprisioned by those attempting to ensare elemental life in that which is not the Divine Plan of God and for the Earth.


          In The Name of My Mighty I AM Presence, I go Forth to  heal Millions of Elementals in The Earth!        


Beloved Mighty IAM Presence, In the name of my Holy Christ Self and by the Love, Wisdom and Power of my three-fold flame, I call forth by the action of transmutation

By the fire of my being, multiplied by the Violet Flame, multiplied by the fire of the Great Central Sun and the Great Central Sun Magnet. I call forth this action on behalf of all Elemental Life, including my body elemental and the body elementals of all souls evolving on planet earth.


I call for that portion of the flame I invoke and all that IAM to go forth now to heal millions upon millions of elementals in the earth! This is decree in the name of my own Christhood, in the name of my own becoming the Ascended Master who I shall be and who I am already, for the seed is within itself and the seed of my Mighty IAM Presence is with me in my heart! And therefore I dedicate those percentages allowed me by the Lords of Karma of the Fire of my lifestream to the liberation of Elemental life.


This I do in the name of the Father and of the Son and the Holy Spirit and of the Universal Divine Mother. And I accept it done this hour in full power by the blessings of the Lords of Karma, Amen.


                              Oromasis and Diana, October 10, 1993

Copyright Church Universal and Triumphant, Inc.  PO box 5000 Livingston, Mt 59047






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