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Desert holds remebrances of progress' still unfolding

Nearly 15 years have passed since the Deserts of Tucson helped prepare me for a path to meet the initiations of finding the Ascended Masters and Saint Germain.

Here, back in Tucson and this time present for the funeral of my beloved Uncle Mike, gave me much perspective on the long term nature of assimilating the mystical energies that forever have changed my life.

I decided to re-visit Tucson in some of the earlier fashion i would discover this city and the self-exploring nature the desert afforded in my consciousness.

Tucson has a public Transit system called Sun Tran (a bus system) that i often used to take when i lived here. Much was different then, especially in my outlook to life. Though i was eager to find my purpose, especially a more defined sense of the spiritual direction of my soul, i was cautious too.

Funny, how we can entertain two levels of thought, almost in a dual nature. One was i seem to be drawn to an introspective awareness of my role in life, or the as yet, undefined role i might play.

I carried around an almost brooding sense of feeling that i might be abandoned to solitude in the desert and yet i also found a comforting resiliency returning to me as i would often take long walks in the drying washes abundant in Tucson.

Early on back then, i had not known, consciously i would come to meet the path and awareness of community and service i was to discover regarding Saint Germain and the causes of the Ascended Masters, but clearly looking back on it, i was already immersed in the course of preparation and personal initiation.

Now, i had become a markedly different man, made by experiences and setting forth in life to both discover and prove the path of an Ascended Master influence in the practical world of form.

While dedicating myself as a student, I always hoped to be an asset to the fabulous tapestry of a Spiritual Presence and realm of guidance to mankind as taught through Saint Germain teachings.

Yet here in Tucson i would be able to re-evaluate my "progress" or the energy i would need to increase to expand my work and to personally re-energize my mission.

We all reach places where through circumstances or as the Masters might describe it, by toiling through our Karmic responsibilities to life, we can experience a sense of being bogged down by the densities of the planet or through our own repetitive cycling or undisciplined energies.

So Tucson again became a welcomed shift from a city like San Francisco, which I live in and I dialed down my excess energies through walking before I boarded the Sun Tran.

I almost automatically re-called how i used to board these buses with landscape tools when i had no truck as a way to get to jobs i created for myself. Even by some of the bizarre people and things you see on the Tucson bus system, a man getting on board with a pick ax is somewhat unusual, which is what i had to do, take my tools with me.

I had pretty good sales skills from my background in professional sales, though in those times i was not able to mentally apply myself, having undergone a deep transformational change in my psyche.

 Landscaping was a way i could physically approach life and regain and express latent strengths that were serving me as i pounded away and cleared rocks, debris and weeds not only literally but as an exercise in resurrecting and healing my being.

At one point i met a successful business owner with a lighting and fixture store, who took kindly to me and a solid work ethic i had and provided me a constant series of jobs and projects that kept me busy and physically exerted. It was both hard at times and re-invigorating.

I have often felt Tucson is a locale i have lived before in and even by the standards of those accustomed to the searing heat of summers i was acting unusual in my work outdoors.

As a matter of fact i remember some of my contemporary workers in the landscape business would drive by the intersection of this man's business where i was working and laugh at me, sometimes say this expressively in Spanish i did not understand in words, but i got the jest of what they where saying through their mannerisms.

I like to work strenuously without a shirt or hat in the full sun, which in itself is not that wise. Maybe that is where i got the tag, "Los Lobos loco" or the crazy wolf. My zeal did not always work for me, one time i had a dis-orienting sun stroke as i was digging a hole for a large shrub, more like a tree and found myself pretty deep in the hole as the high sun reflected off a newly constructed house's painted finish and was literally baking me.

But on another level i was immersing myself in the searing energies to accelerate burning off the dross in my consciousness and the desert was more than willing to help. It too seemed to at times be laughing at me and some of my silliness, but the desired purpose was being accomplished.

During one of my journeys in Tucson i came upon a tall Indian named "Pipestem," i met at an AA meeting, a far throw from my previous partying days and frankly not too exciting. "Pipestem," would become my helper.

I used to like to listen to Pipestem’s stories about how life was recounted to him by his relatives, his aunt and grandmother and about how they spoke to him as a man who would discover his meaning to life. I saw things that way too and I had an affinity to the American Indian culture and a sense that life was more than meets the eye. All experiences had meaning, even the weather, the animals that would cross your path and the singing of the birds and the sounds of the desert hidden in the bushes.

It was a perfect place for me to come alive, but did I think I would find the path of Saint Germain, no way! Maybe some sweat lodges and more desert inspired visions of mystical life, but cosmic significance, I didn’t think so

This time period was around early to mid 1993 and by summer late June, July '93 i would make my first formal contact with learning about Saint Germain. It was through a mystical organization I learned about on a cable TV show while I was visiting in L.A.

I found out all the time they had a small group right here in Tucson, but I had to find the path first, I had to open my eyes and it all began by asking what was truth? What was the reason for my wanderings, my times alone, the periods of being apart from an ordinary sense of consciousness about the world and my place in it?

I will admit what I found out had some surprises but when I finally experienced things that were going to happen to me in my near future it made more sense of all the odd, seemingly displaced and isolated experiences I was having and that had happened in the near past. I would learn there is an order to them, there was continuity to them, an almost invisible guidance and energy that was directing me, but I still did not have a lot of the picture I would come to know. This would also make it easier to help others who might be experiencing a similar quickening, a similar shift.

 Looking back on it i was clearly being prepared for that way by all the purifications i was going through. 

So I'm riding on this bus in Tucson in current times, November 2006 and I’m having all these flashbacks, but there more than just re-visiting memories, they're helping to re-establish in me the necessary disciplines needed to keep our path growing.

I started to depart from the bus and walk again, giving out exhortations and invocations to the Violet Flame to clear the records of energies and re-establish the patterns of perfections i had found there in the earlier part of my path. I was also invoking new light, another of Saint Germain's teachings to help out that region. Even if i had felt i had digressed recently, i still had come a far way in knowledge and understanding of the path since 1993 and i felt a great love for Tucson, those four mountain ranges that surround the city and it is very much a home for me, energetically.  

My "role" in life had been altered dramatically by my inner tutelage with Saint Germain and his emissaries. No more, was that clearer, than the "reason" which brought me back to Tucson this time. I have learned definitely that the Ascended Masters take a great interest in the purposes of the soul; even a single soul and they always strive to place you in roles of service to that end. I often got the words in my mind, “God’s ways are not always man’s way,” when I would be puzzled by actions I would be led to take.

I got the feeling being here in Tucson was for more reasons than the funeral arrangements of Michael Hager or as affectionately called him, "Uncle Mike, " though he was not a true biologically linked relative.

Uncle Mike’s story nonetheless was significant.

Uncle Mike had succumbed to throat cancer and its complications, but not before a long, drawn out and clearly courageous episodes of trying to survive. He clearly did not want to leave this plane and he had a more than average understanding of cosmic truths like the continuity of the soul, re-incarnations and karma, but he was very hesitant to make his transition and from what i understand somewhat fearful.

Michael was very key person who helped sponsor me to come to Tucson originally, which in many ways became the genesis of my adult spiritual re-birth.

I don't feel like i owed Michael which i might have but i very much loved him and wanted always to gift him and share many mystical precepts of understanding that the Masters revealed to me and subsequently through me to others. He is and was such a soul, that the light pointed me towards him to give freely and especially in the latter part of this lifetime he was freely and abundantly receptive. 

Another strong and certain insight about my divine plan (and we all have them) came to me in one of those early 1993 walks in the Tucson washes, was that my "life" as one might practically view it, was not my own.

Now, we can take that to mean whatever we decide, but i knew this "insight" which might also be a premonition was a key that on some level of my being i had made a promise, even a vow to walk this path as a ministering servant (to the light) of cosmic purposes, yet unknown to my outer mind.

I think we all get certain insights that are really fastened in a profound way to our path and its up to us to accept them. We can always take back through our free will and make choices we want to, but these understandings that come to us in such a clear way when we are able to hear them are very significant indicators about the nature of our path.... and mine is service.

This was clear in my regards to coming back to Tucson for Michael’s funeral and a new role i would be a part of in his transition. 

Another indication of progress we are making on the path is when we are called on to be of service in some area of life we may not necessarily feel qualified to do or even in another sense, worthy.

Part of this came up for me when i was asked by Uncle Mike's surviving wife to deliver the eulogy (testimonial) at Michael's service, which took place incidentally, under the auspices of a Catholic Priest and traditional Catholic service. For some reason i do not know what I was thinking, but it hardly entered my mind this service would take place in such a traditional, orthodox environment.

Michael had been a lot of things in this life and though he was fond of calling on the Catholic Saints when praying for assistance in his life, i hardly ever remember him going to church. He was in many ways quite, un-contemporary, even in the mold of modern outlaw mystic, never quite extracting himself from various pulls, vices and means of supporting himself.

He did posses a certain respect for some of rituals and recognitions that over the years i had efforted to advise him of the journey of the soul and we talked about the Ascended Masters views of transition.

For me i had never participated in death so directly, other than twice before being at funerals, which summoned little of the attendant emotional grieving often expressed by people.

It was more of a coming of age that i would have to mature in the sense that i could have been the one present who could give the significant invocations, necessary to assist the passage of the soul to the octaves of light and beyond some of the difficulties a soul can encounter.

These weren't my teachings, for i have prepared myself in study and research on very specific instructions the Ascended Master path has released, that a representative could give on behalf of a soul entering and going through the change called death.

It was no mere coincidence that i arrived early at the funeral service alongside another friend who knew Uncle Mike and lived in Tucson.

Right away we can upon Michael's casket still contained in the transporting vehicle and i proceeded to travel in a clockwise fashion around the vehicle giving audible prayers on behalf of Michael's soul to be cut free and escorted by Angel's to the highest place of light prepared that his soul can gravitate to.

A part of the Ascended Master teaching on the transition of the soul and the consecrating of the body to a physical fire (cremation) were very specific. This also included the necessity of someone in physical embodiment to give the appropriate calls (direct and specific actions) that would help the soul to surrender to the next level of preparation that the soul could accomplish. Thus helping the Soul progress, with a minimum of fear and without overt ties to remain in a discarnate existence to the earth and those here.

So it is very much an important role that someone of sufficient Spiritual understanding must undertake on behalf of that soul. This was also occurring while the services begun by the Catholic Priest and the attendant rituals that most of the people there, Michael's family and many others i never met were, I'm sure more accustomed to.

Michael, while he was alive in the last weeks often instructed me and implored me to give these " calls " for him, especially Violet Flame invocations and mantras. I know he felt assured and comforted that they would be given on his behalf.

Of course this goes to a certain supplication to the effectiveness of many of those "invisible realms" of Ascended Master presence and what might be termed, phenomenon part and parcel of this path, that has been come to known and experienced by myself, personally and in the lives of other students, and those who practice the paths presented of Saint Germain and Jesus.

Though i was only in Tucson four days, it felt like a capsule where time became a less than accurate measuring rod of my experience. The things i went through, the recollections, the going over places i had initiated spirals of creation and also seeing the out-picturing of cycles in the life’s of others was multi-dimensional. Saint Germain talks about how the Masters have learned to master, time and space.

In a relative sense I began to perceive what that meant. Things, events, people began to be as glimpses of reality, past present and future.

I humorously saw myself, seemingly in present times, older, a little more tattered, recently and in need of the comforting feel of the corduroy pants i like to wear nowadays.

There was also a cumulative sense of my life history and it included the perspective of these wisdoms, no doubt due to my associations with Saint Germain and the realm of cosmic understanding afforded me.

But i found those perspectives and others, here again in Tucson, peering out its mysteries through the window of the Sun Tran buses.

So it’s like that i guess, kind of like getting lapped on the Spiritual path by another part of yourself, that has caught your attention in all the familiar ways.

I came here for Uncle Mike's passing, though that is spiritually speaking, really about the Soul’s next step on its journey. Maybe we even are getting clues about that. Mike's wife Sherry inherited Michael's cell phone and he has my number programmed in the phone. Several times after Mike passed on, i would get a "call," from Michael's phone. It was Sherry using the phone but she said she wasn't trying to call me, "that, the phone likes to call you, Ro!" That's interesting i thought.

When i got back to California, there was another call from Sherry, no, she wasn't trying to call, i guess...I guess somebody is, and the meaning keeps expanding and the story continues.

God Bless you Uncle Mike, for all of your influences on the many lives affected by your love. Thank You too, beloved Tucson and the many ways your borders have cared for my own soul, Keep on calling me, I will come again and thank you the blessed flame of Freedom in Saint Germain that continues to guide my path, revealing and sustaining me in Mysteries and awe of the Sacred.

In Gratitude


SAN FRANCISCO, CA December 26, 2006



A great devotion of Soul Love was obvious here
Mike Hager in Military service with Sherry Hager, his wife

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