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Placing in perspective how we evaluate the realm of the Ascended Masters


It is a very interesting process that occurs when we attempt to do our best to explain a simple question that is asked, "Who is Saint Germain?"


Often perspective begins by offering what esoteric literature has revealed to us about the lives or lifetimes of the soul known to become the Ascended Master Saint Germain.


Since the 20th century there are several sources for information and understanding given about Saint Germain. Various activities including the IAM Activity, the Bridge to Freedom, The Summit Lighthouse and before those the Theosophical Society. There are also lesser-known individuals and others that served as instruments to increase mankind’s awareness of the realm of Spiritual and Cosmic beings that comprise a Spiritual Hierarchy serving Earth and its inhabitants.


Often times these movements and schools of Cosmic Law called Mystery Schools attempted to place within our collective grasp, insights into the transcendent nature of Saint Germain by pointing to lives associated with the Master's own soul development.


For example it is often pointed out that Saint Germain had a lifetime as the father of Jesus, as Joseph, afterwards referred to in some forms of Christianity as Saint Joseph.


Even in that lifetime his role as Joseph, protector of Jesus and Mary was probably undervalued and not fully understood.


Perhaps a better sense of the advancement of his soul is more evidently expanded in the complex personage of 16th/17th century European statesman and figure, Francis Bacon.


Much of history about Bacon's life, records his wondrous accomplishments and profound discourses, both scientific and literary advancements and progress the soul of Saint Germain made in that lifetime.


We see more fully, perhaps the brilliance of his mighty light manifesting as a highly developed mind, a thinker of extraordinary vision, already a way shower able to inspire insight into the Spiritual and Scientific Nature of the inner potential of man. Francis Bacon also bore many personal burdens, faced disappointments, even betrayals to what might have been far greater accomplishments. His soul was tested often that he came to understand the plight and path of overcoming, the soul must face. 


Even so these efforts to portray the practical view we can summon about Saint Germain only begin to travel that road begun, in our understanding of, Who Saint Germain is.


To get a understanding of the Cosmic perspective of Saint Germain, we have to start to think in terms of what a Cosmic Identity is. Even Jesus, who is probably a far more widely known identity in God, had many incarnations and offices of Spiritual attainments prior to his mission as Christ personified.


Saint Germain like Jesus had spent very significant periods at inner levels working with and receiving training with other advanced members of Spiritual Hierarchy preparing them for their roles they played in Earth's schoolrooms.


Significantly, Saint Germain and Jesus both served as leaders of Golden Age civilizations. Saint Germain's part as a ruler of an advanced culture 50,000 years ago was outlined in Guy Ballard's publications through the IAM Activity.


Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet (Summit Lighthouse) give many accounts of Jesus' role along with his twin flame, the Ascended Lady Master, Magda (also the soul of Mary Magdalene and Aimee Simple McPherson) as an emperor of Golden Age Civilization in which fully fifty percent of the people had attained their own Christhood.


In the 1950's publication called "The Seventh Ray," (Ascended Master Teaching Foundation) Saint Germain spoke of the work he accomplished and received while in inner spheres of light that enabled him to become a spiritual representative to mankind.


"You have been told elsewhere that long before the inhabitants of earth took embodiment and while they still abode in innocence in the bosom of the Eternal Father, many were drawn by the pull of complimentary vibrations in themselves toward one or other of the various activities of Light in the great Inner Temples devoted to the service of the expansion of some Divine Quality or Virtue by which the evolving life in the universe might be enriched."


"So it was, in contemplating the Nature of God in those early days that I became attracted to the Quality of Freedom."


"I worshipped at its altar! - I became a devotee of its flame! - I longed for the opportunity to embody Freedom and bring its feeling of emancipation to all the evolving life I might contact."


"Thus, when it became time for me to take embodiment I applied myself to the necessary discipline by which I might qualify to become the Messenger of Freedom to the planet earth, with the hope that I might be privileged to ensoul this God Quality with my own lifestream's Intelligence and Directing Power."


Here we can really begin to resonate with the true inner thrust that would compel Saint Germain's purposes he would follow in subsequent embodiments and fulfill as an Ascended Master.


Freedom and Freedom's fire would became the mark of the soul, in this example, the soul of Saint Germain that would eternally be associated with his inner reason for being.


It is probably important to note that Saint Germain is known also as the God of Freedom as well as the Chohan or Lord of the Seventh Ray, which embodies the Flame of Freedom and is charged to infuse an entire planet, an entire lifewave with the pulses, the inspirations and lessons of Freedom.


Through Saint Germain and other Chohans, each representing their own Ray, the consciousness of people can be elevated so that realms of understanding related to man's Spiritual beliefs can be expanded.


When Saint Germain is referred to as the "God of Freedom," it is not as a singular aspect of God incarnate, but rather one who as attained a level of Mastery and devotion. Because of his fiery constancy in the ways of Mastering Freedom's causes, a certain dimension of God Freedom as a universal quality can be anchored in the minds and hearts of receptive souls, seeking their upward union with God as Spirit.


Here our understanding of who Saint Germain is? Is expanded again by recognizing the flame of Saint Germain, is expressed as a principle.


We also draw more out in our understanding of Saint Germain in placing the context of what could be perceived about how we view the realm of the Ascended Masters of which includes Saint Germain and his role. 


This is probably important from a human level of understanding that there does not exist in Ascended realms, a competiveness among the Ascended Masters vying for allegiance among un-ascended realms. Heaven or the Etheric state is ordered, transcending the limitations of a human understanding, fully Christ cooperative and benevolent, only desiring to render service and divine love to all parts of life. 


Additionally, nowhere does the Supreme Love and significance of Jesus or other great beings of light become mitigated in its importance, because of the role of the Chohans, Angels or even Elemental life.


All of the before mentioned Esoteric Schools and Illuminated souls associated with them have sought to place before an awakened and interested mankind, the knowledge of Spiritual Hierarchy. 


While a student of truth investigates the possibility of the Ascended role, he simultaneously confronts his own willingness to surrender to the path of becoming a student of higher truth. There, the individual also experiences attendant impacts on the personality.


Along the way, interesting phenomenon occurs which tests us.


Many people profess to speak or see the Ascended Masters directly, some even purport to give direct instruction from an Ascended Master. Saint Germain's very office is often cited as the source of information given to people.


There seems to be much more evidence that the Ascended realm is interested in students of truth, becoming disciplined one's on the path of overcoming the foibles of the human consciousness.


In fact this is often pointed to as the main opportunity of earthly incarnations, along with establishing a creative pattern and physical record of mastery that is to remain on these planes as an example for other evolving souls. This is what all ascended masters accomplished in their succeeding lifetimes and the same opportunity we have, to gain in self-mastery


We tend to want to prove the Master to be true, which is wise in a sense, but understanding itself becomes an investment that also points back to the motives and abilities of the seeker them self.


If and when a seeker may decide to "prove" either the existence of an Ascended Master such as Saint Germain or the relevancy of their teachings there are several components to consider.


While the inclusion of their lives or embodiments can provide a basis for the pattern of the Soul, we must also consider, mastery is harnessed through refining soul qualities and achievements developed from one lifetime through another. These momentums build and attribute to the lifestream. Often history records just that, a history of what is attributed to that particular figure at that point and time, that specific life. But the progress of the soul must include all the markings and testimonies on the screen of life and the physical plane, which are cumulative. 


There is also significant progress that accumulates to the Soul as an inner record, which often is veiled from the outer consciousness. The soul can progress between lifetimes at inner spheres, where it can study and receive instruction at schools of light. What may be important or lofty to man's standards may not be as relevant as a developed soul quality. We all have an inner life, some more rich and replete than others with Spiritual treasures. To examine only the physical record of a lifestream is an incomplete picture


That is why in order to garner an inner awareness of the lifestream and Cosmic identity of an ascended master, many steps and processes must occur in the consciousness of the seeker and the desire to find truth, often hidden from the outer awareness of man, until his or her Spiritual faculties can be quickened.


If one attempts to foster an in-depth understanding of the ascended realms and one that embodies such light and attainment as Saint Germain, one must in at least some sense become that vessel of purity that can contain an equivalent seed of light that the ascended master can begin to accelerate the spiritual senses which can then magnetize the Ascended Masters thought forms and impressions.


This can be accomplished in the presence of other students of like minded consciousness, in groups and where the individual (s) begins in earnest to commune with his own higher energies, disciplining the outer self and involving the utilization of music of the higher spheres, invocations and the quieting of discordant energies, attendant in the mass consciousness and thus affecting the inner world of the seeker.


Saint Germain outlines the effacious service of these practices in the "Seventh Ray,' publication:


1. The quieting of the inner and physical bodies of the participants through carefully chosen musical compositions of a soothing and inspirational nature.


(“This enables the members of the Angelic Host to prepare the inner bodies of the students to receive the greatest possible blessings from the meeting and also raises his highest "potential" service to the group and the Master Intelligence, who is presiding and working with the group.)


2. The purification of the bodies and auras of the students, the director and the atmosphere which is to form the focus into which the spiritual energies are to be drawn through the invocation of the Powers of the Sacred Fire through Decrees.)  


So the identity, existence and perception of the Spiritual and Cosmic essence of the Ascended Master is learned and revealed not only through mental steps such as studying their discourses but primarily through affinitizing our energies with the subtle energies of the Ascended Master.


Higher mind then begets higher mind.


Neither are we only the record of the physical personality anymore than the Ascended Master is solely known through the records of their embodiments.


Knowing occurs through clues, insights and passages into the soul.  It's nature hangs on the precipice of our understanding, which is eternally being called to come up higher.


We too are stamped with our own vibratory identity, we are in essence, and our energetic forms as much as the Ascended Masters are, though their level of integration, through their purification and dedication to their "Light bodies" is greater.


On other levels, this quotient of "Light" accrued to the lifetream, is a matter of divine Science, even mathematics.


The Chakras, the four lower bodies of consciousness, which represent man's sheaths or vehicles of expression, are filled with greater percentages of immortal substance, the very substance of Spirit.


In fact, the being of man is no longer mortal but immortal. He is a chalice of light dwelling not in the earth or of flesh. He can no longer even be called a soul, because the energies of his being, the mathematics, the formula of his identity is now in Spirit. His soul has become wedded in Spirit. This is the realm of the Ascended Master, of Saint Germain. This is his true identity and it can be ours too. 


It can be ours, yet Saint Germain points out in a release through his messenger, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, called "Our Magnet of Love," not many among the human ranks seek higher understanding.


Saint Germain, 1991:


..."And you wonder, is there not even a small curiosity as to what is the path of the mystics?


"Well I tell you, beloved, it is not a matter of curiosity; it is a question of heart. Where there is no heart flame akin to God's there is no desire for the Path or the Teaching itself."


So the ascended masters build the foundation of understanding upon a desire, an effort to enter in, to develop a communion with our own heart flame, that God might expand it.


This is that point of the nexus, where our understanding reaches that ascending and descending interchange between man and heaven, human and the divine, the ascended realms and the unascended ranks.


Do we decide then to only walk that corridor of life, alert but only occasionally willing to be more fully awake to connect our existence here with the more realized path of the Ascended Masters. Do we see the usefulness of that?


Saint Germain is said to be the Cosmic father to humanity. Do we treat his flame, his Spiritual office like our human fathers? Should we expect that we only receive comfort without the fire that would ignite our destinies?


Maybe we do not even need to answer the question of Who Saint Germain is, we need rather to fulfill it. In fact we arrive at a new point of understanding Saint Germain by recognizing who we are and who we are intended to be.


Of course that would mean we would have to let go of only being in love with the mysteries of being and start becoming.


It's a path more of us will come to accept and to love. It is probably only there, that we really come to know Saint Germain and come to discover somebody else, interesting and cosmically magnificent, our own selves, radiant oscillating beings of Light that we are.






Submitted 2/13/07 by RH   Happy Divine Valentines day!