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Mission Saint Germain
"A Day in the Limo detail with the President of Taiwan"

President Chen Shui-bian of Taiwan

January 8-9 San Francisco, Ca USA

After experiencing firsthand the arrival of the Taiwan President in one of our most liberal cities, I had to ask myself, "Did Freedom take one on the Chen in San Francisco?"


Chen, of course being, Chen Shu-Bian, democratically elected leader of the eastern Asia island of Taiwan.


It’s not every day in the life of a Chauffeur that we get to be a part of escorting a diplomatic party. It was like what you might see on TV or one of these portrayals of some factionary character on a DVD.


When they started trotting out the bomb-sniffing dogs and rolling those curved concave mirrors under our vehicles, we knew this wasn't an average day.


But who was Chen Shui-bian and why was his visit to San Francisco filled with so much controversy?


Apparently the Taiwanese consulate in San Francisco had ordered about 14 vehicles to pick up their party at SFO (San Francisco International Airport). Later I would find out they do not even have an official consulate in San Francisco. I anticipated we might have to drive their party there, so looked it up on the net. The building was non -descript. Seemed odd for an official site, but than as I was to find out, nothing was exactly as it seemed with Taiwan's presence in the U.S. Again, i thought why is this?


More would be revealed.


Already there was some good fortune that i would be a part of only four vehicles that would get to go on the actual commercial tarmac to pick up the President and his immediate party. This in itself never happens. They just don't let our vehicles go out on general landing space. Right away, it was like whoa! this is different.


Backtracking a little bit we got our first glimpse of the Taiwanese people when we arrived at our first destination, the St. Regis hotel on 3rd st.


The St. Regis is really no second cousin to high profile people staying at their hotel, but this event was on another level.


Our first objective as Chauffeurs was to find our contact. Apparently the party we were going to pick up at the hotel was going to drive out to the airport to pick up the President's party. This was a good time to talk with some of those associated with their group and find out what was happening.


I found a congenial and willing enough Taiwanese gentleman who spoke English well and was relatively eager to enlighten me to the climate surrounding the Presidents (Taiwan) visit here.


A camera crew also approached me from Los Angeles who was hoping i could provide some inside details about the President's arrival.


It didn't take a lot of common sense to figure out there were at least two camps there, those that were very supportive of Chen' visit and another group that were lining up to discredit him for being here.


Chen apparently was beloved by his supporters, who were starting to mingle in. They wore green as the color of Chen's democratic party in Taiwan. There were also present a second group who wore red and these were Chinese people also, whether or not they were from mainland China or the island of Taiwan wasn't clear, but i think they were living in San Francisco. That is where I first learned of the one China policy. Chen's supporters wanted to have autonomy from Mainland China's autocratic rule. They wanted to operate independently, perhaps even seeking their own sovereignty. Seemed reasonable to me. China is a communist regime. Taiwan wanted its freedom. They (Taiwan) were already operating as a viable, prosperous democratic model. These people in the red wanted there to not be two different Chinas, they called it "two state." assertion. There seemed to be a deep divide. It also seemed to be complicated.


I had a humorous thought. At least they were wearing different colors that made it easy, like the home and away teams in sports. Red team, Green team.


 But in fact my jest, really concealed my own concerns, somewhat conflicted by an uneasy sense of the rights to freedom, and why not?


The scene at the hotel continued to build momentum, it hadn't really become the full-fledged circus like event it would be several hours later. There was a kind of an edgy melodramatic atmosphere and while i waiting around i noticed other things too.


I took some diversion in taking stock of my fellow chauffeurs and what colorful characters they were. There was George, a rotund and mostly engaging friendly guy. He had a large barrel upper torso and his girth caused his tie to not reach his waist. Because of the way his suit fit, he kind of reminded me of those Italian made guys in a non literal way, but he looked like he could have been a union leader, so we called him the under boss.


Another Chauffeur was this middle age brother, who I never knew his ethic make-up, but English probably wasn't his first language. I got the sense he was Turkish or Greek, maybe Baltic, but all i knew was we called him Zacky. He was harmless really and pleasant in his own way, but his demeanor was over zealous about asking questions right while you were in the middle of doing something. He taught me something about being accommodating, but his mannerisms were odd and he seemed to be hardly aware of personal space boundaries, but i never really got offended by him. He got the name wacky Zacky that made other chauffeurs remember who he was.


Because of the really special nature of the event, we worked as a team more (Chauffeurs) and i was interested to see if either of them picked up the significance of what was going on. We were part of this journey together. It sort of helped me get some co-measurement of perspective, because i was just having all these transcendent thoughts forming in my mind. It really seemed like we were a part of history being made, though not everybody might have counted it that way.


I really got interested in trying to get to know these Taiwanese people who were our clients. I couldn't help but notice the supporters who began to arrive at the hotel location after being bused in. I got the sense that i was getting a glimpse into the soul of Taiwan itself through these people.


There was a quality of peacefulness in them. It was also interesting how the group we were picking up moved about in gracefulness in the midst of all the scurrying of activity and protests put upon them.


There wasn't the sense of pretentiousness about them; they were quite likable, even self-depreciating.  They seemed different in a sense of other Asian cultures i have been around. It might to be hard to put in terms, but there was a lack of anxiety in their auras. They had a quality, a subtle nature, self-assuring, comforting and a sense of appreciation towards life.


It may not be something tangible but intuitively i sensed they had a race consciousness that was associated with freedom. It was a flame, a real measurable energy that expressed itself through them. It was something i became aware of through contrast by being in Russia that permeates in people that live in a culture of freedom. There is a joy that accompanies freedom and it exudes in the personality of the people. It is also a quality of the soul. 


I actually felt that by coming to San Francisco, these people of Taiwan had brought the reminder of the fire of Freedom that has to live and reside and express itself in the people for a country and its peoples to prosper and to be free.


Compared to these people i felt like Freedom in American had gone soft. Sort of the lumbering, paunchy self contented sort of democracy. We are supposed to be champions of freedom in the world and instead we are becoming a self-bloated, soft in the midsection semblance of our fiery destiny. What a wake up call!


It seemed like tiny Taiwan, had the banner of freedom and they brought it to America as a gift and we had to help them defend it.


In my own heart I began to think of Saint Germain and the sponsorship of Freedom to the earth. I also thought that these Taiwanese people were very dear souls, souls that had a great light within them.


I came across a teaching from Saint Germain that extolled the qualities of people of light that made me think of the potential of America and the critical battle for Taiwan to remain a land of Freedom.


Saint Germain's teaching was given to Guy Ballard in the 1930's and re-vivified through observations of actually contacting the record of that time and lifetime. From "Unveiled Mysteries." referring to a Golden age civilization 70,000 years ago:


"This civilization," he went on, rose to its apex seventy thousand years ago," We entered the city, and felt an unusual rhythmic activity that gave me a strange sensation of lightness while walking. These people all moved with great ease and grace. (Sound familiar?) I asked Saint Germain the reason for this and he replied:


 "These people remembered their Source and knew themselves as Sons of God hence, were the possessors and operators of power and wisdom that, to you may seem miraculous and superhuman. Truthfully speaking, there are no such thing as miracles, for all that is according to Law and that which seems miraculous to the present concept of humanity, is but the result of the application of laws to which mankind's present consciousness is unaccustomed, and seems so strange and unusual."


Some of this teaching began to have me consider the similar characteristics of some of the souls I met from Taiwan and the circumstances in modern America. Also the whole sequences of occurrences we were witnessing seemed to be a living social studies lesson, except with some rather cosmic perspectives.


I myself began to assess my own role and purpose for being here in San Francisco during this visit. Somehow i knew the causes of Freedom were at stake. I hardly hid from myself the understanding that Freedom is asleep in America. What we take for granted as freedom is hardly that, it’s more like being able to do whatever you want. That's what most people think, but maybe we're missing the point.


I started to see these banners pop up that really got me to thinking how many Americans have no idea about the responsibility of Freedom. First i saw it in Napa, California and it said, "Freedom is not free!"


I thought to myself, well, "I'm not this black tie and this black suit sitting around just watching this Cosmic Civics class playing out before me. I 've got a part! I've got to learn something here, and just like that i felt my whole being surge with more than an ordinary sense of understanding. "By God, Freedom is a force! It's a living, pulsing activating energy. Its a consciousness too, and it our job to fan it, to give devotion to it." Freedom is a principle. We can't become passive and watch all aspects of freedom disintegrate from our culture, our society, and our country. There will always be the Chinas of the world and the oppressions of communism that desire to devour freedoms bastions, freedoms lands and the hearts of people who desire to be free!


From then on at that moment i decided i was going to be Freedom's representative on the scene and i was going to invoke Saint Germain's cosmic quality of Freedom to be upon all those present willing to Stand for Freedom.


If i could i would have made a dash to the utility room and pull off that Chauffeurs uniform underneath it reveal the cape of freedom i wore with the words "Freedom Fighter," emblazoned on my chest. But hey, this isn't some cartoon and i just made an inner shift and the awareness came upon me that what better way then to walk among the people be willing to radiate the power of freedom that it could drawn down right around every soul present. So that’s what i did, i just chilled and i got focused that i could be a point of contact for freedoms fire in the earth right here in San Francisco at this very moment. That's what I decided to do.


I really wound up getting hot for Freedoms causes that day. In fact it hasn't really cooled, and before the end of that day on January 8, 2007, it got a lot toastier.


(End of Part I)


FOR LINK TO PART II of this story, click link below


Lessons in Freedom,Taiwan President comes to San Francisco Part II

Supporters of Taiwan and President Chen begin to gather in SF 1/8/07

Kuan Yin, goddess of Mercy and Protector of Tawan and the people of Chin

Admonishment from Saint Germain on the importance of Taiwan, its peoples and the causes of freedom

I tell you, children of the light, if you lose Taiwan, you will lose the greatest concentration of lightbearers per square mile in any part of the earth. There is no greater concentration. They are there in the white fire core for the victory. And I tell you, the race of Chin will be lost if they are lost; for they must roll back the darkness of the mainland and free the people from these fallen ones.

Saint Germain on Freedom, Pearls of Wisdom Dec 8, 1975 copyright Summit Lighthouse

I charge your mandala with the guarding of Taiwan and the guarding of the light of the Mother through Kuan Yin in Taiwan and with the Goddess of Light, the Queen of Light and the Goddess of Purity, and all of the lady masters of heaven.

I say to you, this is your mantle of responsibility as you go forth to do the work of Saint Germain in this age. I give you this responsibility. You will not fail me; I will not fail you. I will be with you. And when my angels come in the early hours of the morning and tap you on the shoulder and you open your eyes, I say, Wake up! Get out of bed and give your decrees for Taiwan! I AM Saint Germain! I have seen the danger; I have sounded the warning.

Let your souls not come before the Lords of Karma for any dispensations or at any hour in this life or after this life without the good report that you have stood fast for Taiwan and for the people of light. For there will be no further dispensations for those who call and write petitions if they will not stand for the light where that light is required.

An important message from Saint Germain on the future of Taiwan and America!


“I demand action and I give my warning.  I demand decrees poured into Taiwan.  I demand inserts on Taiwan in your decrees–in every decree that you give.”  (Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 20  No. 47  November 20, 1977)

Chinese General Threatens Use of Nuclear Bombs if U.S. Intrudes         
Source: The New York Times

Published: July 15, 2005

BEIJING, Friday, July 15 - [Communist] China should use nuclear weapons against the United States if the American military intervenes in any conflict over Taiwan, a senior Chinese military official said Thursday.

"If the Americans draw their missiles and position-guided ammunition on to the target zone on China's territory, I think we will have to respond with nuclear weapons," the official, [Communist] Maj. Gen. Zhu Chenghu, said at an official briefing. 



Beloved Saint Germain and Portia, beloved Kuan Yin, beloved Godfre and Lotus, beloved Lanello and Guru Ma, in the name of Brahman, in the name of the I AM THAT I AM,  Sanat Kumara send forth the Archangels of the Seven Rays, the Archangels of the five Secret Rays and Uzziel with your Legions to take command over all opposition to the freedom of Taiwan and its people and bind every evil force pitted against it twenty four hours a day. 

  Bind all attempts through legal manueving to invade or annex Taiwan by China.

I call for the Mighty Electronic Presence of Saint Germain and Portia, and the great teams of conquerors from out the Great Central Sun to come to Earth in this hour for the rescue mission on behalf of Taiwan, and for the rolling back of all darkness pitted against this island and its people.  I call to beloved Gautama Buddha, Mighty Hercules and Amazonia, beloved Kuan Yin, and the Great Karmic Board for the absolute God-Victorious protection of this ancient land of freedom and for the binding of all attempts against Taiwan.

I call to the Mighty Electronic Presence of the Ascended Master Godfre and Lotus and for the Multiplication of Saint Germain's Dispensation by our Causal bodies of Light!

Beloved Saint Germain, I ask for your mantle to be upon each and every devotee, every Keeper of the Flame on the inner and outer, evey chela of your heart throughout this planetary body.  I call for the multiplication of Saint Germain's 'stupendous light of freedom to earth from cosmic sources' given on July 1, 1982 and for the saturation of Taiwan, Tibet, China and the Orient as well as America and all nations on Earth with white fire and violet flame to draw the seed of Sanat Kumara into alignment and to bind the fallen ones. Let the fallen ones be sealed and cut off! And let the lgihtbearers accelerate! 

     I accept this done right now with full power with gratitude and love according to the Will of God and the Mercy of the Law.  Amen   


    Let the sons and daughters of Liberty arise this day!  For I am calling you, and this is my message:  The fulcrum of light on Terra for the reversing of the tide of the beast of the Orient is Taiwan.  Fifteen million souls of light  (twenty-three million now)are keeping the flame of Kuan Yin on that island of light.  That island of light is an ancient focus of freedom; and it must not be turned over to the Communists, to the Chinese, or to the Russians.  It must not become that political football between East and West pacifying the Communists.  It must not be used as a forcefield or as a focal point of evil on either side, but the people of Taiwan must be free to be independent and to be protected by the forces of freedom above and below.

    The armies of light, who come from far-off systems of worlds this very morning to defend that island, come because of their ancient tie to the people of Chin, the people of the light, the people of Cyclopea and Jophiel, the people who carry the golden wisdom of the Buddha, of Confucius, of the ages.  They come to defend that island.  They look only for your calls, hearts of light!  For that is the focal point whereby the hosts of light will turn the tide of World Communism.

From Taiwan they will back up the Communist forces across China, across the mainland, across Russia.  And the rescue of Terra will not be from Europe, but it will be from that focal point of light.  And thus the extension of the light of the Mother from ...all focuses on the West Coast must push on to the islands of Hawaii, to Japan, to Australia, to Indonesia, and to Taiwan.

 People of America, people of freedom, do you not understand what will take place on this very soil, in this very place, if the hordes of the fallen ones are allowed to override the forcefields of light throughout the world?  I say you must not rest day or night!  You must not lay your body, no matter how weary, to rest at night without breathing your prayers to me and to Kuan Yin for the rescue of that island.

                      (Vol. 20  No. 46 Saint Germain, November 13, 1977, Copyright Church Universal and Triumphant)



Originally submitted 3/18/07