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Holy Amethyst ! .....the Archangel and the Crystal
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Angels of Freedom and Amethyst Crystals


Holy Amethyst is an Archangel or more accurately, an Archeia, which is the feminine polarity representing the qualities and Mastery of Freedom, Alchemy, Change, Forgiveness and Justice on the 7th Ray.

The Seventh Ray is also the Ray which Saint Germain serves as an Ascended Master. It is this Ray or Specific Action or manifestation of the different God Qualities we receive the gifts of the Violet flame from.

Archangels like Holy Amethyst are in the highest realms of attainment and could have millions of Angels which serve and minister to life within their ranks.

It can actually be very simple to receive help and assistance from Amethyst and her divine compliment Lord Zadkiel.

Every time we are involved in a matter or very pratical interchange with some part of life or a person, we can begin to sense or "attune" to the Angels influence by watching our emotions.

The Angelic Realms are magnitized by our vibrations and caring we extend to life. This is because ANGELS have tremendous FEELING bodies. Their purpose is to help us develope the higher aspects of our own feeling or desires.

When we choose, sometimes by efforts and necessary discipline to remain calm for example, under trying or frustating circumstances we are "training" our emotional bodies to become greater instruments to receive the gifts and guidance of Angels.

Holy Amethyst with Zadkiel as Archangels have a natural habitat in the highest Etheric, heavenly octaves of light. Their "Ray" or Radiation is inclined to Naturally occur when we keep our own frequency higher. That is why if we desire to entertain Angels it would be wise to create an environment of Love and Harmony that they might be drawn to envelope us with their healing energies.

One of the ways we can attract the Energies of the Archangels, such as Holy Amethyst is by keeping a place of light conscecrated in our homes and offices.

There is another element of "Amethyst" we can employ to help us create a forcefield inviting to the Angelic Realms and that is Amethyst Crytals. Amethyst Crystals are mined in many parts of the world. Some of the best know and richest mines for Amethyst are in the South American Countries of Brazil and Uruguay.

Many people who have served in the Healing arts or as Mystics have experienced the amplification and purifying properties of these deep purple colored crystals and Geodes.

Is it any wonder these "Crystals" are said to be chalices for the higher frequencies that affords Protection, Clarity, Spiritual development and healing. Could it be because Crystals by their molecular development can actually "crystalize" frequencies and reflact light itself. Sounds like this could be an environment for Angelic energies to manifest.

Holy Amethyst focuses the Mother qualities of the Seventh Ray which includes freedom. By demonstrating the correct use of freedom we are able to impart the "gifts" each of us can share with life. True freedom and its expression liberates life, encourages creativity in people and as we encourage these creative fires to expand in others we draw that freedom principal to ourselves.

Freedom in its highest sense doesn't represent rampant expression of liberties, choice or right without discernment. It is represented in the Violet or Purple color, which is a combination of Blue (Power Qualities) and Pink (Divine Love Qualities). This shows that Transmutation, the ability to convert energy to its highest uses becomes a balancing of knowing when the thrust of Power is made effective and accepting by its awarenesses of the uses of Love. Saint Germain teaches that people instictively respond to this principal as does all of Nature. This is also true of Angels who serve us by imparting clues and impressions through our higher mind.

The Archangels can teach us inwardly as we commune with their presence through devotions and calling to their name. They also arrange circumstances in our lives through the people we meet and circumstances we encounter. Any situation in life can be an answer to our requests we send to the Angels, just as the events that occur in our lives can be an experience or "lesson" that comes to us to help us grow on the path.

It really helps when we begin to notice the synchronicities and "timing" of what "shows up" in daily things. Could be Angels are near trying to increase our sensitivity to their Spiritual Frequency and the Gifts they bring.

Holy Amethyst and Lord Zadkiel have an extra increase of their presence to us on Saturday's. Their emanation is amplified in the color purple, the same crystal changing hue of Amethyst formations.

Amethyst Crystals can be great reminders of the unseen (except by developed sight) extensions of Light and frequencies which can transmit positive energies into our worlds. Having some of these crystals in your home perhaps assembled on an altar helps to create an environment which instills in a sense of creating and "re-creating" higher tendencies in our selves.

Another property of the 7th ray is change or Alchemy. Alchemy at its most simple and effective form begins with choice and desire. We can change our attitudes, our outlook, our decisions. Even the term "Altar" can be seen as Alter or to Alter or change our position, the outcome, our manifestation...its simple!

Learn to call to Holy Amethyst, Lord Zadkiel to increase our knowledge and Mastery in the Seventh Ray Qualities

" Zadkiel !!, Amethyst !!, enter my world and being and increase in me the true flame of Divine Freedom, free me from binding habit!....teach me how to accept and embrace change that i may live in my Higher self and Purposes!

Tutor my Heart that i may accept Forgiveness for Myself and extend mercy to others!

Envelope this entire planatary body with freedom's forgiving flame. 

Expand Mercy's flame within Me and Extend it throughout the World  

Violet Flame Angels come forth dissolve and transmute personal and Planatary Karma!  

Set Life Free, Set Me Free, Expand my light, expand my Love!

Remember, we can decide to become the Agents of Angels in Manifestation just as easily and simply as we consciously determine to harvest those qualities of mercy, freedom, alchemy , change and devolope a sense of purpose and co-creation with Amethyst, Zadkiel and their bands serving on the Seventh Ray.

So when you see people wearing Violet or Purple clothing try and use it as a reminder that it is an opportunity to become some demonstration of freedom. Don't forget that the Angels of Zadkiel and Amethyst are waiting for our commands and if you see or have a beautiful Ametyst Crystal understand it is not just a pretty rock but a vessel that is intended to Amplify light, purify and increase our Joy!

Come Holy Amethyst Come!