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Mission Saint Germain
Wisdom Festival

Thoughts and Pictures from the San Francisco "Wisdom Festival" September 15-16.

Imani and her brother Zavier at the wisdom Festival

Sometime in the early part of Saturday on the first day of the Wisdom Festival I ran into another positive Soul and a Vendor outside the main facility in Fort Mason where the event was being held. It put in perspective the type of connection that happens almost  magically at times.


I have always felt these events are much more than any commercial vehicle and though people have to make a living it is really the "community" of like-minded souls that gather at these events that make them especially relevant in greater ways.


The person I came upon in my encounter is colorful individual named Astarius from the Sedona, Arizona area I have met before. I had my digital video recorder and Astarius was willing to share his insights about the larger significance we can play in raising the vibration and consciousness of people during the weekend.


At some point I asked him to stand so we could take in the sweeping background views of the San Francisco Bay and nearby Golden Gate Bridge. It was such a radiant day and really an almost perfect cooperation of Natures beauty that helped illuminate this brother comments about how we had the opportunity to send out a great light and blessing to that area and the whole atmosphere.


 I really felt grateful I was to be around people that talk about these things and what a great start to that day. Thanks Astarius! 


I thought how wonderful it is when we can gather together with many gifted people, knowing that divine Love and Harmony are very important and common energies that we collectively must share with Life.


The Wisdom Festival accomplished in another way the necessity that we find ways to bring together both the true Wisdom aspects of building an expanding community of awareness to people and the principles of how to do it.


I remembered the term "Wisdom" also has an esoteric meaning of "Wise-Dominion" Somehow that weekend I found ways to believe that many people do have a significant desire to express in their lives, that we are co-creators in fashioning with Spirit and fellow man an age of Divine abundance and advancement.


Often we meet up with various "vendors" or participants that travel to be a part of events like this and the more established New Living Expo also in San Francisco.  Our participation affirms our responsibility that we can be an example and a storehouse for emerging creative energies and technologies at the forefront of Golden Age possibilities.


Its not hard to believe that many "older souls" come out to be a part of sharing what looks like what is new but, may be ancient practices and masteries of healing modalities, personal soul advancements and an increasing testimony of mankind's interdependence with the realm of Spiritual and Metaphysical principles of life.


Sometimes walking through the exhibit halls evokes sense perceptions of the remnants of other civilizations before, perhaps with Lemurian or Atlantean periods. It' sometimes evident in merely the flowing clothes and fabrics sold at some of the vendors booths that seem to shimmer with a vibrancy and radiance of color that manifests in a greater ways the expression of light and the "rays" of our being.


It not the drab conforming hues of dark patterns of colors in black or gray we often see worn by people in the downtown areas of nearby cities like San Francisco.


So its vibration first and its an expression of energy also. It is a sense of inventiveness and creativity that can be seen in faces and the countenances of so many people that came to the Wisdom Festival.


As I walked around I couldn't help but realize that so much knowledge and sense of hope is given off by vibration even when people have not yet met. There was something more tangible that you could feel, even evidently increased because a lot of these people here were open.  There minds were open, there was a sense of hope, of resiliency, of solutions in the conversations between people, a readiness and willingness to enter in and explore conversations about issues we face on Earth and not just Metaphysical things, practical things like politics and health and our Children.


Being mostly at my own booth I was infrequently able to get away and attend some of the wonderful speakers and lectures in nearby buildings adjacent to the exhibit hall.


One "theme" that seemed to have a lot of expression and topic by some of the speakers was understanding and practice of Love. Really an enlightened sense of love, Love as”intelligence" the perfecting of the hearts energies, the healing of the heart, the opening of the heart.


To me personally the expansion and the plumbing or "entering in" of the lessons of the Heart has been occurring to in a very present way, so taking a look at what these speakers were saying was very interesting.


Being a student of the Ascended Master path and specifically Saint Germain, I thought of a Saint Germain mantra: IAM THE LIGHT OF THE HEART, IAM PROJECTING MY LOVE OUT INTO THE WORLD!


I was drawn to see one of these speakers, Kathryn Alice that was in the process giving a talk. http://www.kathrynalice.com/


Seeing this woman speak I had the sense that we have amongst us many people who are incarnated today that bring with them a momentum of mastery on the various planes of being. Some have a real development of advanced internalization of Psychology for example that include the mind, body, Spirit connection. We also have people around today that have an advanced understanding of healing the body and as well have included the Spiritual Precepts relevant to Whole Healing principles and practices.


This is not meant to advise that all people and practioners we come in contact with necessarily have the Mastery internalized they might present themselves to. One of the things we have to factor is the need to have some attunement and discernment with people we may come across at an event. Just because someone can get a booth or have some literature does nor insure that one has gained their own Victory, none the less there can be present the principles and practices useful to the soul in their particular prescribed path or teaching.


At our Mission Saint Germain booth we were also blessed by those people that come by to visit with us. Friends of mine from the South Bay, Josh and Tara Kemp brought their wonderful children Zavier and his sister Imani.


Children are truly a wondrous gift and reminder of the joy and gift of life and seeing their responsiveness and interests in all the sights, sounds and peoples was a wondrous visual and loving experience to behold.


Seeing them interact took things out of the mental realm and put this path in perspective with their wide-eyed eagerness and impact children have on raising the sense of playfulness in adults.


There were of course things that both the producers of this Wisdom Festival could learn about how we can reach and inform more people so they can come to an event like this. Many signs and indications point that the platform of having even a more widely attended event in the future can occur, but we need to work together more.


I have always felt that there are at least two rungs or "rings" of influence that occurs at these types of gatherings that serve higher purpose. One is the first circle of influence that includes the building of cooperation and basis for community and the offspring of harmony among the vendors, participants and the producers. When this happens, when this gets tight, well maybe better termed is anchored, the energy, the sense of goodwill goes out like a magnet and it attracts the right kind of people and those people come and they complete a certain synergy that makes the event work and successful on practical levels.


There is of course another component and that is the collective energy of Spirit, which cycles back to this world of form, working invisibly perhaps that coordinates from higher realms the gifts of divine love, of wisdom and protection.


Together it is cooperation and manifestation of these agreements, the interplay with our realm, the physical understanding we are a part of and the joyous abundance of Spirit made manifest through us and around us.


The Wisdom Festival succeeded in demonstrating the combining of these energies, the beauty we can infuse our physical surroundings and the greater potential our hopes, our collective gifts and our willingness to learn, to teach each other and like the children Zavier and Imani be awed by the blessings of life, of those things we are only at first steps in understanding, but what an upside it is!





Beatiful Jane, RH and another sister of the Light at the WF

Breath of God Inside the cell, IAM the Violet Flame!