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What is the Soul?


I was listening to one of those radio/ Internet broadcasts that had a spiritual-metaphysical theme to it when the show's host asked the guest. "What do you mean by when you say the "Soul"?  What is the Soul? He continued.


I found myself suddenly more intently listening. It was like everything came alive for me. People have so many ideas about the Soul, what it is? Where does the Soul go? How do we get to know our Soul? Why do we even have a Soul?


It is such a powerful understanding that in my own heart I have often hoped that when I am asked this question, will I be able to fill that cup for people.


Then I remembered it is God in me that really illuminates people. It is not my human consciousness, so i really have to go up in my higher mind so that any answer i might give would be at least adequate.


I have had many teachers that have helped opened up my eyes to things. So i do not just write here as a result on only my mere deductions about life. Some of these observations that will be given here are a result of a path I discovered I didn't even think I was looking for. It must have been my Soul that was searching for truth.


I would also like to say much of this knowledge comes from what i have learned, and i try and put it in my own words, so as much as possible even people with an average interest in a inner life can understand.


Another thing is want to point out is when i write, i consider that we often say, i did this or i did that or i believe this, i, i, i. Hopefully what is being said is not to point out that i personally am an authority, but in each of us is the greater I that does speak from a place of knowing, so sometimes we have to notice in ourselves when that greater I steps forth and when we sense it is more of a personal opinion. They both have their roles, though i have learned when my Soul speaks from that place of Wisdom and understanding, it is because the Soul has been in communion with the higher self. 


Most of what is described here in terms of esoteric teachings of the Soul's purpose and the components of the Soul and Spirit come by way of my studies of the Ascended Masters teachings, including Jesus and Saint Germain.


This is important to say, because my outer mind, my conscious understanding didn't yet have both the terminology and could see the whole picture of the parts of the soul. It had to be put together for me. So i had to study many texts and outlines of Ascended Master teachings, then i had to turn these insights over in my own soul and my mind until i became illumined. 


So it is a process, but fortunately the Soul itself does seem able to confirm truth and we have a natural Spiritual intelligence and a conscience that helps us.


I also have to give credit for my own soul and the wisdom it has brought me.


My Soul i can tell has been around a long time and its still trying to get things right.


That is where the Ascended Masters have come in, and along the way a messenger or two, but i promise you i have not delved into channeling of that sort, that people today attribute many things to.


I remember some time ago, year’s maybe, i came across a simple understanding that was presented as a teaching about the Soul from the Ascended Master perspective. 


It was so simple and yet so profound, so deserving i thought that it became a basis for the way i would answer many questions about the Spiritual path.


Simply put, "the Soul is the Living potential to become God” Later, i read in Saint Germain on Alchemy, "the Soul is the living potential of God"


To me that really crystallized an inner truth i held about the Soul, that our Souls are on a journey to realize, to become our oneness with Spirit.


The Soul by itself has to be shepherded. It has to be led, helped along and guided while it is maturing. If not, the Soul can get lost; it can get caught up in all sorts of things.


If it sounds like I’m talking as if the Soul is a child, it very much can be.


Another point of understanding to present here is the Soul has continuity. It will pick up the thread of one lifetime and continue in another.


I never used to think about re-incarnation very much, though as child and young boy, i had experiences that later on i believed were windows, memories into other lives. To me this proves this presence, this sense of myself, had lived before. It must be that the Soul continues, how come i was here on Earth and not in some state of the after life? Why would i have memories or familiarities of other times and places?


It had to be that the Soul was on its own path to complete something and that it had a purpose, otherwise why would i be coming back? 


I started to have more and more what you might call Soul-awareness.


I believe all people can have this Soul-awareness. The more we develop sensitivity to this Soul-awareness about life, the more the soul reveals its knowledge to us.


The Soul though gets help. It can get help from beings of light, emissaries that we do not see with our conscious sight, like Angels and Spiritually evolved realms like where the Ascended Masters exist, who have made the sacrifices of the human ego to become ministrants to souls evolving on earth.


The Soul also has its own personal mediator. Its own inner tutor. It helps the Soul develop its Divine identity, not just the human personality. It is our higher Self and is truly the teacher to and lover of the Soul, but even this inner guardian has to respect the free will choices the Soul makes. Another name for our higher self is the Holy or (Whole-I) Christ self. Christ comes from the term Christos, which means anointed, so the Christ Self, is anointed, imbued with the energies of Spirit, which is immortal, indestructible, all knowing. The Soul has not yet won its immortality, it is yet mortal and it is vulnerable to many influences and forces.


It is important to mention here the Ascended realms again. When we speak of or refer to the Ascended Masters, we acknowledge that these beings have obtained their oneness with Spirit, their Souls have merged with their Christ selves, and they have overcome the tests of this plane and earned their Victory fully in the light. As such they are qualified to help our Souls also overcome the challenges to the Soul and teach us how to have our own Victory. 


                               THE TESTS OF THE SOUL


It made sense to me that it is not a lock; it is not automatic, that the Soul on its own can achieve its ultimate freedom.


We can choose to have a Soul life or we can also abandon our own Souls in the pursuit of an almost completely materialistic existence. There are millions of people doing this in the world today.


It almost seems like we are living in a separate reality. Sometimes the Soul feels almost completely ignored and it has to compete with all the attentions our outer self is drawn too. The Soul can get so drawn down it is hardly felt by us. No wonder it is so easy in modern life that people feel disconnected.


It just doesn't make sense. The body does not have a chance to be immortal but the Soul does. So when we carry about in this life with little or no regard to the Soul life, what life are we really living.


But the Soul can wake up. It can come out of its slumber if we decide to wake up.


First we have to decide that we want to have a Soul life and the Soul will begin to respond to us. We have to allow for the influences of the Soul to come through and we have to learn to trust and protect the Soul.


The Soul is very much impressionable. It reacts to the harshness to life. It can just as easily recoil as it can wonderfully express itself. It can also take on patterns of our outer selves. It can pick up addictions or habits. The light, of which the Soul is intended to express, can be mired in many forms of darkness. It is up to us to care for and watch over the Soul.


The Soul will respond to loving care and the interest we give it because it will teach us about our higher purpose for being here. Maybe people are afraid what the Soul will show them, so we let outer things control us. Believe it or not but the Soul has enemies. Through all its lifetimes the Soul may have become captured under the reins of a strong human personality and ego that has little interest in letting the Soul express its higher desires. That is why we must work to redeem our own Souls and give the Soul the attention it needs to flourish.


My Soul doth Magnify the Lord!

My Soul doth Magnify My Divinity, My Divine Love, My Holy Purpose!


I Love My Soul

My Soul Is Perfect even as perfection is finding me 


The Soul knows it is not physical and its fulfillment comes by expressing its Spiritual nature, because the Soul was created in Spirit, so it tries to move us in those directions, though it is much more subtle as a force than the aggressive nature of a formed human personality.


We have to defend the right of the Soul to take up its abode in our life. We have to let the higher self come to the aid of the Soul so that the Soul can evolve upward.


Sometimes the Soul can find itself in situations and circumstances which are not good for it. It can happen to us and we don't even see it coming.


Even when we are committed to a path of compassionate understanding of people, we can enter into situations where we may seem like we have fallen in a trap.


I was surprised to see how much our environments can really wear down the best intention we set out for ourselves. I was working in what became an especially competitive workplace and there was also present many of the same power struggles that exist in many places of work people experience.


Even though i believed i did a pretty good job of practicing spiritual principles with people, i noticed i was becoming increasingly more vulnerable to inharmonious energies erupting in me.


They were starting to come up in my encounters with people, especially in that competitive work environment. Finally it got to the point where i realized i had lost my effectiveness as a spiritual person. I had moved off the center. Further i had begun to attract other individuals who probably did not even have a sense of interest in keeping a spiritual center. So there were these series of encounters that seem to turn, increasingly more difficult.


Finally, i realized i was having a Soul problem.


I was letting my own soul become prey to discordant energies that i had allowed to root itself in me.


This was further magnified because like attracts like and there also seemed to be present something outside of myself, a collective energy force field, that was also preying on this vulnerability. I felt like i was going to be mincemeat, if i didn't get out of that energy vortex i was in.


Eventually i took steps to remove myself from even being in encounters for a while.


I knew i needed to have my Soul restored. 


I even stopped going into work. I knew that if i didn't do something, this energy both within myself and outside of myself would sabotage my best intentions.


It could be a job i could lose or i could ruin a relationship or i could just run a foul of a path i was on to my highest good.


You might say my soul woke me up before it was too late.





I was fortunate that enough of my Soul had been connected to my higher self. I realized not all souls are in the same place. Some are more connected than others, the Soul seems to take its cue from the higher self if we listen, or at least that is the way it is intended.


Not all of us have been able to escape the pulls of the lower nature and sometimes we find our own souls are really held back, but the Soul has a strong affinity to rise upward. It senses the proximity of Spirit from which it came from and is destined to return.


Intuitively the Soul will seek to forge with Spirit, this is a part of retuning to home. The Soul becomes completed in Spirit. Many people see the Soul and Spirit as one already, but most Souls have not even bonded with the full energies of the Higher Self, which is the first step. When the Soul has become one with Spirit it is free from the rounds of re-birth, of being borne into a body and tarrying on Earth, striving through trial and error. When the Soul unites with Spirit, it is because it has perfected its energies in mastery and divine love. This is the goal of the Soul. It is the work of the Ages.


We can begin to look at people from a Soul-level and strive to assist each other on the path of becoming.


Some Souls have a playful nature, others are very contemplative, they may seem very serious, very sober about life, but we should not judge them because maybe they are trying to be studious about their own path.


When we develop a Soul-connectivity with other Souls, we can also develop a greater compassion towards all life and not just other humans, but Nature too and the unseen energies and mysteries about life the Soul can help us learn about.


Sometimes it takes a Soul-jarring experience to wake us up and get us to realize the Soul has its own path, that we have not become dead to things of the Spirit.


I knew my Soul was showing me it uses the body, but it is not the body, nor is reality only the Physical Universe we appear to live in.


The Soul when it is in its rightful place and its feels connected to the Higher Self has a reverence to all things. It sees the physical body as a temple, as a chalice and it knows it provides a vehicle for the Soul to fulfill its Mission.


When the Soul is guided by the Christ self and we have determined to not allow our energies to overtake the Soul's gentle nature, it will rise quickly. But just as the physical body heals, so does the Soul have need of healing.


Really the Soul is in a family of three connecting energies that give us our wholeness, the Soul, The Holy Christ Self and the planes of Spirit or our Mighty IAM Presence.


Step by Step we are intended to wed or bond the energies of the Soul as we become purified by right action and devotion, first to the Christ self and the to The IAM Presence. When we have done this we have accomplished our Spiritual reason for being.


We can bath ourselves, our Souls in the Light of the Violet Flame to help us resurrect our energies, point our direction upward and draw down the healing energies of Spirit.




The Soul is known esoterically as Solar, which is because its inherent nature is in the infinite. There is a divine spark within us that animates the Soul and it also represents that living potential that is the eternal spark of our immortal selves.


It is located in a Secret Chamber of the Heart and it is called the Three Fold Flame. It is the companion of the Soul ever reminding the Soul of its eternal Divine Nature. It is also known as the "hidden man of the heart"


All souls we come in contact with can benefit from the devotion we give to our own Souls.


Even if we think people are dense to things of the Spirit and appear to have little awareness of the Soul, we can have a positive effect on people through our Souls.


When we pay attention to our own Soul, we develop sensitivity to the Souls of others, so there is not so much reaction to the personality.


People sense this in people when we are trying to become a whole-souled person.


We may not call it the same thing but there is a certain Soul-knowing that occurs between people.


Sometimes this quiet fortitude the Soul emits is better received than a more direct form of help, like talking. The Soul knows how to sooth. 


We can remember to invoke the fires of forgiveness, because at the level of the Soul all things are felt. We don't have to feel we are alone with our Souls, but we are part of a Soul family and this includes Angels and guardians of the Soul 





(from Summit Lighthouse "Forgiveness" decree)


When we come across people who's own Soul may be in a moment of distress we can offer that person comfort in support of the Soul


This is known as Soul-care and as we tend to others our own Soul is being tended to.


Archangel Michael is a friend of the Soul, as is the Divine Mother and Jesus, so we are not intended to only make it on our own.


We can call to Archangel Michael to help us nurture our Souls, to tutor our Souls and show us where we may be neglecting our own Souls.  


Sometimes we have to learn to coax the Soul out of her seat. I was talking to a friend recently about how i noticed the way how the Soul approaches situations differently than the more developed personality we show people.


The Soul is will assess a situation differently. Its initial interest is in evaluating the presence of energy in a situation first. This can be seeing through the Soul the state of mind and emotions of people are in, or what is present in an environment.


It is important we don't let the Soul become too jangled by an overexposure and indulgence in our emotions, particularly intense ones. The Soul can get rattled and its perspective could become out of balance.


One could say the Soul has learned to be more cautious. It would rather be gentle; its nature is quieter to the grossness of the outer man. The Soul looks to perceive first, it would rather not react.


Learning to watch our Souls response to situations will teach us much about the Nature of our Souls and it will in turn release its Soul wisdom. Often times the Soul knows much more about a circumstance or person than our mind might or that a learned belief can. Remember the Soul has a much longer record of interactions.


If we listened to our Souls when it is being still we would see things about our situations before they arise. The Soul is quite good at giving us an indication of when it is right to speak, to make our point, to listen or to defer altogether from talking. It can also direct to and away from things.


It could save us from many unnecessary confrontations, because it knows energy is lost from battling and it needs its Soul force to Ascend and to navigate in life by the subtle nuances where Spirit reveals understanding to us.


The Soul learns to be this way, because its closet friend and ally, the Holy Christ Self is rarely overt and obtrusive. It too speaks in this Soul language.


The Soul will try to pass on this way of being to us, but it is no match if the ego is constantly protesting.


Because the Soul is not physical it is Super Creative. In fact it will try to reach all parts of ourselves, the mind, the body, the emotions by expressing creativity.


It knows the human realm is mostly logical and linear so it approaches us from many different avenues in our consciousness. It could be dreams, vague interests and associations.


The Soul tries to reveal itself to us, by getting us interested in many things, but it is not often literal. It develops intuition and draws out us layers of understanding and possibility. It does perceive dimension as well as time and space. This makes sense because the Soul contains a greater content of perspective, from its long history. It is the Soul awareness from which the Soul takes things in and it tries to offer its own type of intelligence to us.


It is important to know that the Soul itself is not infallible. The Soul can find itself estranged, from its center of rightness with Spirit and out of balance by becoming fragmented. There are many causes of this.


The Soul too has become impressed by many things. It has given parts of itself and may be drawn to recover them, though the Soul still needs help from the higher self. The Higher self is intended to parent the Soul, that it may endear itself to wholeness.


We can often learn about our own identity as a Soul when we allow ourselves to be creative. Would that be Art, music, writing, creative thought?


The Soul also renews itself through the 'banking" or building up of the inner creative fires. Sometimes this is fanned through devotion, or meditation or the energies released through the creative spoken word. The Soul hears, Yes!


We almost have to give at least equal attention to the Soul's "essence" as nearly so as the outer self, the body, the personality, our needs, so that the Soul life will emerge and become more prominent.


The Soul knows the essence of the Soul's birth is in the creative fire, like Spirit.


The Soul can take us places the body never can.


The Soul represents our greatest potential.




I started out asking, "What is the Soul?" and it has really become more, "What is the Soul Like?" 


It is not always easy to learn about your own Soul. When the Soul has been awakened if we have let her energies become dormant we may face some surprising things.


We may not feel like we even know our own Souls.


As we move more genuinely into knowing our Souls, our lives may change, our interests might be different, and this could be gradually or happen quickly.


My own Soul has showed me some interesting things. It has let its sadness be felt when i spend too much time, energy or money when i like to buy things or shop, sometimes when i spend so much energy on choosing clothes.


I notice my Soul more often now, but i know it cannot only be placated. It desires real care, but i think my Soul is not stubborn or unrealistic, it responds quickly.


Its amazing how my Soul, moves on or is willing to get over it, when i return my attention to my Soul and try and discover its cares, its needs.


I am surprised about how much my Soul cares about other people, especially their Souls and about the Earth too and very much about Nature.


One of the first benefits i have noticed about caring for my Soul is that there is more energy available to me.


I am not as tired.


I sleep better.


My Soul desires greater resolution with people than my human personality does.


It teaches me about invisible laws, like synchronicity and how at the level of God all minds are one, so magical occurrences happen more often.


It likes the Violet Flame!


My Soul very much loves Jesus, it knows Jesus as Energy. It likes to hear his psalms, is comforted by his teachings. His Love is very real to my Soul.


My Soul looks forward to meditation and quiet. It helps figure out the world that way. I think it is showing me that not all answers come from going after things.


It likes to help me see things are in a flow also. It makes its way by vibration and feeling. It sort of senses its way in the world by attunement and discovery. It holds things in awe and not the great things just, but the subtleties life provides when it turns over an insight, a clue to a seeming problem or a forthcoming solution we are seeking.


I have said before the Soul can seem like a child. I began to notice my soul would want sweet things. I found myself giving these things to her, like Cracker Jacks.


Then i had to notice too many sweet things are not good for the Soul or the body, for they weaken the force field, make the Soul vulnerable.


Some days the Soul does not even want to go outside. It has its reasons. Sometimes that is not possible like when we have to go to work, but now at least i ask myself. "Do i have to go there? Why am i doing this or that, Is it necessary?


I think i am beginning to catch the influences of the personality and come to see the foolishness it sometimes chases after.


My Soul is more comfortable with tackling the significance of cosmic understanding. It is smart and it seems more familiar with the idea and reality of realms of awareness and beings of light beyond the physical.


At night, the Soul knows it is its time. The body sleeps but the Soul does not have to be held back. It can rise out of the body and visit vast reaches of time and space. It often comes back with the impression of its journey's and what it learns, but it needs cooperation from the body and the mind so it can take flight.


When we are sluggish and lethargic and out of peace, the body and the emotions wrestle too much in the lower minds. The Soul needs resolution for its vehicle to escape the pull of the Earth. Peacefulness and not hampering the Soul with too many worries can help the Soul bring a new consciousness to our life.


I know i am right with my Soul when i get energy. Still it is my responsibility to help the Soul deal with her Karma and not get bowed down.


What is important to remember is that the Soul is responsible for its choices, just as we are responsible for the choices our personality makes.


The Soul can very easily become embroiled in the webs of Karma, and we can make Karma with our own soul.


It is up to us to remake the human personality, so the Soul can express more of the Divine personality. If we are able to do this, the Soul will be liberated. It will be free to pursue its reasons for being.


It doesn't only have to be a chore.


I have this visual of me taking a stroll with a baby carriage and my Soul is in it. It is a bright, Sunny day and the Sky is magnificent. One minute my Soul is in the stroller and the next minute it has flown out shot out like a rocket into the skies. Doing its thing again. I can only laugh, because its joy brings me so much joy. It’s so deep and yet it is so pure, it is so innocent and yet so interesting.


I wonder where it is going now?


Now, it wants Pizza.  Hello Soul!



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This article was submitted on November 6, 2007
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