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Practical applications are but the beginning.

El Morya has said more is required for the Violet Flame to work

I often get asked questions about the Violet flame and what it is. I also often seem to be surprised how little people sometimes are willing to really investigate in any in-depth way the principles and scientific applications about the Violet Flame much less the Spiritual components that really make up this wondrous agent of transformation Saint Germain has sponsored.


I like to refer to another Ascended Master El Morya, who has pointed out that beyond the initial blanket dispensation given the planet of the Violet Flame, there has to be more done on the part of any devotee of this sacred fire to accomplish its true potential.


What does this mean?


It may escape the consciousness of people that the Violet Flame was only sponsored as a planetary adjunct to assist mankind as a result of a grant Saint Germain received by cosmic councils and the Karmic board.


Before the approximate release of the Violet Flame energies became available for the relatively general use of souls in embodiment, it was a Spiritual tool primarily used by students and initiates of the Ascended Masters at inner levels when the soul sleeps and in the Spiritual retreats of the Great White Brotherhood.


Two things occurred in the early part of the 20th century that changed that.


A limited dispensation was granted that the use of the Violet Flame could be given to specific life streams on Earth to evaluate whether on not mankind would utilize in a beneficent way the alchemical properties of this energy or would misuse them.


After some success a greater overall sponsorship of the Violet Flame was granted to the Earth and through the establishment of the IAM activity in the 1930's a far greater number of souls began to practice the efficacious use (having the power to produce a desired effect) of the Violet Flame.


I often wondered what it meant to misuse the Violet Flame?


For years I would utilize calling the Violet Flame into action by another agent of delivery I learned first through the Summit Lighthouse and a messenger of Saint Germain's teachings Elizabeth Clare Prophet called decrees. (See www.tsl.org and www.markandmother.com)


I don't think I always gave it the most intense or fiery application when I was decreeing always. The mind can get distracted easily and we can revolve many interesting images and impressions as the Violet Flame revolves around and enters into the coil of our creations. (The Things we store in our subconscious, our memory bodies and feeling worlds) I did find I was a much more efficient utilizer of "Invocations," the ability to compose very specific commands related to an action we would like to see manifest in the world of form.


This is one of the first reasons why the Violet Flame began to work for me.


Saint Germain as well as many of the Ascended Masters have said when the individual begins to transcend and go beyond the personal uses of the Violet Flame in his own world he or she comes to a place of desiring to enter into a greater world service through giving these "invocations" or "calls" 


We can also take some understanding from the accounts of Saint Germain himself actually sustaining the Violet Flame altar during the times of Atlantis by the giving of invocations to the Violet Flame and his own attainment of his causal body of light.


It has been said that there are many souls who have a great momentum of giving devotions to the Violet Flame in previous embodiments and who are presently in embodiment.


These souls are able to recall this mastery from already building these "storehouses” of Violet Flame in their super conscious realms.


Many of these souls are "priests and priestesses" of the Sacred fire come again after the order of Melchizedek. (See "the Masters and their Retreats, published by Summit University Press, page #219)


Mark L. Prophet was one of these souls and known as a "Master of Invocation" see  (this site) Mission Saint Germain, "Finding the Father Principle" and scroll down to "Who is Mark Prophet?


These are more reasons why the Violet Flame can work.


You might still be asking what is the Violet Flame? Go ahead and look at Violet Flame Q and A on this site. http://www.missionsaintgermain.com/id28.html


Oh, lets get back to what it means by misusing the Violet Flame and how through that understanding we can learn why the Violet Flame can work.


Saint Germain in a sense had to secure a dispensation of the Violet Flame by offering to place as collateral, a portion of his causal body that members of mankind would respond within the law upon receiving the gift of the Violet Flame.


When individuals take the Violet Flame and invoke in Saint Germain's name and through the grace really of God, because the Violet Flame is an aspect of the Holy Spirit, then go right out and continually revolve habitual patterns of discord, misqualification or little true interest in developing their spiritual nature, but a constant shuffling back into the realms of getting more energies, more clearances, more healing only so they can carry on with human desires, misqualifications and indulgences, there has to be a price to pay.


The Master first has to be accountable for his chelas and students. Man is making more Karma rather than transmuting it, when he misuses the inner purposes for the release of the Violet Flame. So it is in a sense a gamble for the Master to go to bat for unascended mankind.


Fortunately, there is also the advancement and multiplication of the Violet Flame we can decide to contribute to.


El Morya as we mentioned earlier was trying to point our minds to the reality that there has to be done more on the part of the individual soul to anchor and draw down the highest Spiritual properties of the Violet Flame.


We ourselves must actually become more purified vessels or chalices so the Violet Flame can be established in our physical worlds and other dimensions of being and creativity.


In other words our chakras must become dwelling places that the purifying energies of the Violet Flame can take up their abode.


I have seen and felt the energy and presence of the Violet Flame in the auras of people. People have said to me they have seen the Violet Light around me while giving talks and classes and during the use of Violet Flame decrees.


This can happen because one, an Ascended Master or Violet Flame Angel can overshadow us (it's not always that we ourselves has already established a purity in our consciousness) or that we truly have a sufficient reservoir of Violet Light in our auras.


What El Morya was referring to is that we have to embody and create in the inn of our being, a certain consecration to the path of God Mastery so that there can be a greater integration or absorption of the Violet Flame.


In other words it is more than just the giving of Violet Flame mantras. There has to be the free will decision of the Soul to take up a path of Self-mastery.


Along with that, a willingness to sacrifice and surrender the lower denser energies of desire, an intent and the qualifying action of becoming a disciple or a disciplined one in how we express or qualify all of our energies. 


Saint Germain has referred to the re-creating of all our vessels of consciousness, the mind, the soul, and the heart flame. He has said we must in essence have new wine skins of the holy spirit (the Violet Flame is the Seventh Ray aspect of the Holy Spirit) that our energies, our very beings have become Alchemical instruments of greater light.




This becomes a pattern of devotion and practice through a rising up of ones energies, one's purposes in life, and in relation to the Ascended Masters themselves an entering into soul instruction and a dedication to higher change.




We in a sense must become electrodes in the Earth.


So there really is a path to it, a necessity to study the Ascended Masters teachings not only on the Violet Flame, but the precepts and principles of the path of the Soul, learning to become one with Spirit, one with the higher self.


Principally speaking there has to be an "integration" of light and the preservation, judicious use and application by the life stream to the causes of lights holy purposes.


There has to more than the giving of Violet Flame calls or decrees, though that is useful. There is the greater opportunity and taking up the calling, the ordered path of walking the Earth as a devotee of that light. Which is a power, a responsibility and can be a burden without sponsorship and serious devotion.


The greater light that is given the higher the standard of the bearer does occur.


So there is a sobering of ones own willingness to progress, though the benefit to the soul and to mankind and the Masters can be great


Such a soul would have an opportunity to remain under the canopy of the Masters protection, though it is no ordinary calling.


The Soul becomes wedded to the Masters causes, a desiring to take up their interests, their level of service in the helping of mankind. To become as Saint Germain has said a living fount of Cosmic Freedom.


We can become as the Masters themselves have indicated, "Saint Germain in embodiment," though not in a literal sense.


We can be conduits for Shafts of Light descending on the Earth. Wondrous effects of God control, but not child’s play.


This is why the Violet Flame can work!   


I have often found that deciding to adopt a certain portion of bringing the Violet Flame understanding to the people of the earth has a great joy.


When we enter into service of an Ascended Master like Saint Germain or Jesus (yes, Jesus has used the Violet Flame and the resurrection flame) we get back from the Masters a return of our energy multiplied. We receive it in illumination, in fire, in a sense of constancy and creative ways. There is more light available, henceforth, there is more light for our projects, more energy to sustain us. Greater buoyancy, a lightness in our beings that we can feel, that is tangible can envelope us


We can become partakers with Elohim as the builders of form. Why not dedicate ourselves to a portion of our city, our state, and our coastlines. We can fortify much in this realm in the causes of light, by the direct application of the Violet Flame in Problem areas.


We have already been given the encouragement by the hosts of the light to rise and give dispatch to legions of Angels that stand ready to assist mankind, yet it is a cosmic maxim, that the call, the summoning of the mandate, must come from this level, from somebody in this octave. Let's be generous! 


Why not decide to devote a portion of our day or upon early rising or as a period before sleep when we can send the Violet Flame Angels to act on our behalf in the world of form. Hardly overwhelming on our part!


Each soul usually can find an attunement to those things God in us is trying to remind us to pray for. To be that lever of devotion that Cosmic assistance can come to the aid of mankind, in the mitigating of potential earth changes, for the dissolving of the energies of war, both upon the planetary body and in our own members. These are Violet Flame prayers, they have an action, they have a power and they have a correspondence to the hosts of heaven


This is what it is really meant to be to aspire to be a mature son or daughter of God.


The Violet Flame can work and we can be assured that we are intended to be co-creators. We don't have to wait for any unenlightened masses or a political body to give us the inner blueprint for our Victory. We can become the fiery ones in the earth and see that we can perform miracles of transmutation, in the hearts and minds of the people, in the elemental kingdom, in every condition.


Mark the words, of those who have overcome the world. Line by line, measure by measure the Violet Flame can erase all sense of limitation that it can help instill in us that fiery determination. We can so saturate this planetary body that nothing short of the Golden Image of the Divine plan for the Earth will become manifest


In Saint Germain's name in the Violet Flame of Freedom we decree:


Violet Fire, I love thee.... come strengthen right desire, penetrate through, penetrate through, penetrate through!


Come Violet Fire descend into my form, thy consecrated purity, making me to be like thee adorn my being now! 






El Morya is an Ascended Master who holds the office of Chohan of the 1st Ray. El Morya is designated as a part of Spiritual Hierachy to impart to mankind the lessons and initiations on developing a greater congruency for God's will. As a 1st Ray advocate he is dedicated to developing in the minds of his students the useful and beneficent aspects of God Power and Faith. As such he is known to sponsor the testing and tutelege of the Soul on the Spiritual Path. Known as a taskmaster El Morya can help lead our souls in the upward spiral of preparing to enter in with communion of our Holy Christ Selves and purifying our vessels to integrate the fulfillment of the Soul, leading to the Ascension.
Being the Chohan or Lord of the First Ray, we are assigned to be instructed by El Morya and his agents before we can advance to other Chohans of the other Rays.
El Morya along with Kuthumi and Dwal Kul were embodied during the time of the late 19th century and were responsible for the establishment of Theosophy, through H.P. Blavatsky. All three "masters" did ascend back to the immortal planes of Spirit after those embodiments.
El Morya did infact subsequently sponsor the establishment of at least two additional activities that were to follow, the Bridge to Freedom and in 1958 , The Summit Lighthouse with Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet as Messengers.
Call on El Moya to learn God's will for your lifestream.