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From a seminar on the Mother, March 7-9


Posted March 11, 2008


The energy and commanding presence of the flame of Mother Mary was anchored in Los Angeles at a recent seminar.


Sponsored by the Los Angeles Teaching center of the Summit Lighthouse, many Souls gathered in Van Nuys, California for a three-day period of devotion and divine instruction.


Peter and Neroli Duffy, staff instructors of Summit University (www.summituniversity.org ), facilitated nearly 100 attendees in a compilation of the Spiritual and practical path of the divine feminine principle held in the archetype of Mary the Mother.


The seminar, titled, "The Re-Creation of Self, Healing with Mother Mary" brought forth many understandings of the life and purposes of the Spiritual offices of the Ascended Archeia Mother Mary.


Neroli , a medical Doctor from Australia, living in America and her husband Peter, helped provide an outline of the incarnation of Mary during the time of Jesus, as the Mother of Christ.


Throughout the weekend seminar, the Duffy's utilized both a broad and specific approach to approximate our understanding of what Mary the Mother has meant both in historic religious perspective and also in not as widely known Cosmic significance.


Drawing upon the significant archive of Ascended Master teachings through Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet (www.tsl.org  www.markandmother.com )

a portrayal and portrait of Mary as an Archangel or Archeia (feminine Archangel) on the 5th Ray of Mastery was revealed and detailed.


We learned prior to Mary's embodiment as the Mother of Jesus, she had other incarnations that prepared her for her specific Mission to serve to life as a representative of the divine Mother flame.


Part of the focus of the seminar was to emphasize that Mary has sought to impart to devotees of the feminine principle, "the Science of the Immaculate Concept" as a focalization not only for our own souls, but also to every part of life. 


Very much through participation, The Power and utilization of the Rosary, particularly a New Age Rosary introduced by Mother Mary was practiced in prayer and supplication by those attending.


The outline presented at the seminar included modern histories recording of Mother Mary in Lourdes, France during the 19th century and 20th century documentations in Fatima, Portugal and Medjugorje, Mexico and Egypt.


The appearances of the Blessed Virgin or Mother Mary often times included a series of Visions and prophecies given to individuals, often children.


Again, drawing upon dictations and teachings from the Ascended Masters given to Mrs. Prophet, we also learned a more expanded realm of Mary's role in Spiritual Hierarchy.  


Much of this information was particularly illuminating because there was a great surplus of esoteric meaning to add another dimension of Mary with cosmic implications.


Mother Mary also referred to, as the Queen of Heaven is the divine compliment to Archangel Raphael in their joint service to Earth's evolutions.


While Raphael remained in the octaves of Light, Mary choose to descend to these physical planes of being to anchor the Mother Ray  (the Spiritualization of Matter, or the Material Plane) on behalf of those Souls embodied on Earth.


Always desiring to inspire the Spiritual progress of Earth's children, Mother Mary endured physical embodiment before her ascension to experience all the realms of striving and opportunities of physical life.


The purpose of this embodied Angel's role was to establish the way and the path of setting the divine example in practical form. Mother Mary's work was in establishing the pattern or record of the divine feminine energy in the etheric/physical platform or to those dedicated to God's path as the divine mother.


Again, we have the complementing and completing aspect of Mary below and Archangel Raphael above, with the heavenly energies sustaining Mary while the blueprint of perfection would be drawn down into form.


Mary and Raphael could funnel their energies and qualities of the 5th Ray gifts to those evolving on Earth.


As such, part of the instruction given at this event helped the participants learn about the Science, of Truth, Wholeness, Precipitation, abundance and Healing.


The "goal" of the workshop (or one of them) was to help any of us see, it is our very souls which are intended to benefit and manifest these Heavenly principles.


Beyond that Neroli and Peter presented a well-researched account of how Mother Mary as a Spiritual force desires us to invoke her Spiritual Mantle for healing the Earth.


As the weekend progressed, there was the participation of the group in the giving of the New Age Scriptural Rosary and through devotion communion with heart flame of Mary.


Much of the content presented in the talks given by Peter and Neroli were augmented by Spiritual addresses or instructions by various Ascended Masters, through the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet on video recording.


Through these we learned of a far more expanded Cosmic perspective of Mary's role and also the involvement of other Ascended beings of Light in helping the mission of the Mother principle.


Sanat Kumara, for example, known as a great Spiritual regent to Earth, we learned came to the Earth to assist this planet at a time when their was nary a spark of divinity present in a single soul.


Mother Mary, it was revealed, did too in fact dwell prior to Earthly incarnations in the Spiritual home of Venus, which also were the origins of light for Sanat Kumara and Lady Master Venus.


So the Earth too, has a very long history, far previous to most generally held records of civilizations and prior ages, but many thousands, perhaps millions of years.


Principally there is the understanding that the rising and the equation of the feminine energies as manifest in the divine mother aspect, (the soul) is not the domain only of the feminine polarity (woman) but Man also.


By around the second day of the seminar, the combination of such profoundly inspiring passages and the harmonizing energies of prayerful devotions, there was a sense the "flame" if not the vibration of Mother Mary was more tangibly among us.


While the setting of the event was held in a Hotel, in a modern and contemporary fashion, clearly the inner work we were a part of was very transcendent.


At times, I was able to break away from the number of sessions and be outside, glorious, resplendent with full sunshine, blue veils of streaked skies above, it was easily ratifying how this city, can become a "City of Angels"


A certain momentum built in a continued expression, through the devotion and attention we garnered, divine desire given and the instruction we received.


Ultimately, we began to learn, a certain sacrifice and service is needed that more souls can come into attunement with their own Spiritual purpose and lend more than fragrance to the path and plight of Mary, Mother of the World.


The seminar had many of us see that Mother Mary or for that matter Cosmic beings are not a myth, but present a practical and viable path to implement divine assistance, if we would yet cooperate.


Yet, it remains that until quite a bit more of the masses can become sufficiently quickened to the divine realities of the heavenly octave, and to the work we must rend here, man may be very much in a quandary to figure out solutions to his problems.


Even so, the flame of the divine Mother can grow on Earth, even as it grows in us. It would be foolish, even selfish if we would abandon the flame of the Mother and let it be consigned to only a singular light, even such a great light as Mary, Mother of the divine flame.


Here, this weekend we were reminded that we, the body of the Children of the Mother, must carry that flame to many others on this earth. We must make her mission, a tireless and ancient mission, our own and be as the vigilant ones, enduring, comforting, and striving until the end.


We are in the Army of the Mother, even as we are in God the Father, God the son.


Hail Ma-Ray!



For more Information on workshops and seminars and online study courses sponsored by Summit University go to: www.summituniversity.org



For additional infomation on the "Freedom Conference" a large event held in Montana July 1-July 6 call or to order Ascended Masters books directly from the publisher or visit the Summit Lighthouse site and bookstore call,1-800-245-5445 or visit www.tsl.org




If you have any direct questions about this article or would like to be referred to books, other sites and to help you contact any individuals involved in this path, contact;


Ron Henry

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"The Masters and their Retreats"

 A great reference book to read and study about the Ascended Masters, like Saint Germain and Mary is "The Masters and their Retreats" (see above)