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Recent events, outreach, Radio/ Internet shows/ Upcoming events

RH in front of booth, serious dialogue inside!
Mission Saint Germain booth, New Living Expo 4/28/08

Mission Saint Germain Updates May-June '08


The end of April became an active period for Mission Saint Germain in the field. We were able to have another successful outreach booth at the San Francisco New Living Expo. This year marked at least seven or eight years of having some presence of the Ascended Master path in San Francisco's most renowned Metaphysical event.


In addition to being in an excellent position to meet personally and speak with seekers of higher truth, our location in the expo was very easy to find as you walked up the right-handed ramp from the expo entrance.


It seemed like this years expo was not as attended in numbers from last year, but it was actually better in that people were spending more time at the booth, whether they were reading a book of AM teachings or talking with our staff.


A lot of thanks go to Don and Bridget Hansard who came up from Los Angeles to help out. Mission Saint Germain's Rita Contreras was not able to come this year from New York. We missed you Rita, but Don and Bridget were great!


Again, we are grateful for the NLE Staff, for another presentation opportunity, this year our topic was "Ascended Master Spiritual Perspectives"


Its such a good energy to really experience a heartfelt interest that people have to learn about Saint Germain and the Violet Flame and the sense of support and community we find with each other and our growth in Spiritual understandings.


Whether you see yourself as a mystic or already an esoteric student or even as a person who is learning something about the intuitive part of ourselves, everyone is welcome.


That seems to a consistent hope for Mission Saint Germain, that people will be welcomed where they are at in the path and that the law of divine love become the magnet that draws us together.


Radio/ Internet Shows 


We have been asking for divine assistance through our Mighty IAM Presence and Angelic help to get the message out and we really seem to be building a momentum in recent appearances on Radio/ Internet programs.


Mission Saint Germain's Ron Henry was a recent guest on " You are what you Love" broadcast with Vaishali.


That outrageously Purple Wild Woman of the Radio was wonderfully receptive to the Ascended Masters precepts presented by Ron in a recent show that aired.


The callers that called in during the show also asked some really insightful questions about the Soul and its purpose and meaning, what is Saint Germain's role in the founding of America ( IAM RACE) and another talked about the Violet Flame and forgiveness.


NOTE: you can receive a CD copy of the show (about an hour) by contacting us and donating $11.00 shipping included anywhere in U.S. send request to sirronald@earthlink.net and ask about the CD Radio Interview on the Ascended Masters with Ron Henry and Vaishali.


We will also be in Santa Fe on May 30 on the "Words of the Prophets" Radio show hosted by Reverend Phil. (see notes in upcoming events for our booth in Santa Fe at the Whole Life Expo (another "expo" event, different show, similar name) 


We also made a connection with another radio show hosted out of Las Vegas, which we have worked with the producers before, we will be announcing up coming broadcasts with Mission Saint Germain.


"Karma and the City"- Radio broadcast notes Wednesday May 28, 2008


Wednesday May 28 at 7:30 Pm PST we will be a guest on a Radio broadcast from Las Vegas, Nevada hosted by Mary Shur on www.blogtalkradio.com/thevortexnetwork call in number to ask a question or comment is 646-200-3394

 we will be coming on after two other guests, for about 20 minutes. We are going to explore among other things, why certain areas or cities draw certain souls. The interactions and expressions of how Karma, plays out among people. Mission Saint Germain's Ron Henry will try and introduce the relationship of "energy" that acts as a magnet in circumstances between people and how Saint Germain's Violet Flame is very useful in getting us through "entanglements" that we all face.


Notes on Atlantis and Lemuria


Atlantis and Lemuria have been referred to by many esoteric teachings as "the Lost Continents" that sank into the ocean and still have geographical remnants that exist in the Western part of the U.S, the Hawaiian Islands and along areas of the Eastern Seaboard, among other regions.


Lemuria, some schools believe could be as ancient as 200,000 years ago and was before the time of Atlantis, another continent that presumably was in the area off the eastern coast in the Atlantic Ocean. A large landmass, approximately the size of the United States, Atlantis, had both the rise of advancements in Culture, Science and Religion as well as higher learning.


Atlantis had many epochs or periods of both advancement and then decline. Some esoteric historians put its 'disappearance' around 10,000 B.C, though its tenure was for many thousands of years before.


Many Ascended Masters teachings have pointed that the land of America (IAM RACE) is in fact Atlantis come again.


Souls that were present then and involved in the development and then subsequent decay of the high culture have re-embodied again.


Many of the same "inventions' and technology that were found in Atlantis are coming to the forefront of "today's "consciousness" as experiments in genetic engineering, cloning and other manipulations of the DNA that Atlantean Scientists mis-used to bring upon the people of Atlantis and its lands a cycle of adjustment and balance.


There were also high souls who attained a great Mastery in the inner attainments of the sacred fire, adepts and devotees of the Sacred Sciences that helped maintain the balance of Spiritual integrations and material breakthroughs in living.


Lemuria, located in the present Pacific Ocean was also know as "Mu" or the Motherland. James Churchward, a British occult writer, became one of the most renowned sources about the probability of the period of Lemurian Civilizations. Like Atlantis, Lemuria was a very advanced culture and many of its inhabitants possessed developed abilities in Clairvoyance, healing and extended lives.


Know to have many temples of healing and devotions to the Source or God, Priests and Priestesses helped draw into Physical understanding the gifts of the inherent Spiritual Powers in the raising of the Mother Light (also know today as Kundalini or Sacred Fire) 


Edgar Cayce, among others gave readings that foretold of ancient records of Lemurian Civilization falling because of selfishness of its people, the de-basing of the Mother Light and cultural decay and mis-use of the Sacred arts.


California, along the Big Sur area, today a majestic and stunning cliffed region along the West coast has been pointed as an area of prior temples of light and land area of Lemuria.


The question remains:  are "Souls of both Light and those that contributed to the downfall of these ancient civilizations," who re-embodying today will express a higher evolvement that can reflect in the opportunities we have in America and throughout the world



SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO outreach event


We will be at a booth for the first time in Santa Fe at the Whole Life Expo on May 31-June1 see www.wholeexpo.com Our Booth "Mission Saint Germain" will be in space A-13


On May 30th, we will also do a pre-recording on a public broadcast program called " Word of the Prophets " hosted by Reverend Phil.


I already listened to one of their archived shows and felt a good flame to Reverend Phil's message.  Below click and go to "Blessed are the Peacemakers with Rev. Phil and Tom Caldwell





We will be back soon with more pictures and updates from Mission Saint Germain in the field!


God Bless The Mighty IAM Presence!







Vaishali, radio show host and Ron Henry at 2008 NLE

Posted 5/22/08