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A recent visit to Santa Fe, New Mexico reveals a diverse history of Saint Germain's involvement in this state.

Saint Germain's vibration in the land of enchantment

Santa Fe, New Mexico May 30th 2008


My day in Santa Fe began in the morning of May 30th, trying to find the Community College campus for a radio interview I was doing on behalf of Mission Saint Germain.


I was able to eventually find the school and I stood outside my rental car in a mostly empty parking lot waiting for the arrival of "Reverend Phil," the host of a public radio show called "Words of the Prophets"


It's easy to see why they call New Mexico; "The Land of Enchantment" because I could hardly keep myself inside my car earlier that morning in traveling to Santa Fe, from a mountain town outside of Albuquerque called Tijeras.


The vastness of the New Mexico sky and open space had me pull over some twenty miles before Santa Fe and just walk alongside a paved road.


Already, I was feeling my soul and the happiness I experienced as like a boy I felt in the desert and outside of the cities I have lived in, like San Francisco.


We need space sometimes, to gather about ourselves, the presence of divine energy. 


Already seeing this trip would include more places than Santa Fe, and I especially looked forward to time on the road in New Mexico. I even journeyed as far as El Paso in Texas, which appeared to have a surprising interest in what Saint Germain wanted to show me. 


It was early so I got to take in the energy of Santa Fe, which I still perceived in that openness, my mind got a spot to be quiet, so it was comforting. I can be a motor mouth and talk a lot, so I’m sure my God self appreciates these moments that inner voice can get a word in.


Somehow I got inspired and I desired a piece of beef jerky and of course I found some like I would not find in California, a more natural, unprocessed strip of beef, dry and peppered, weathered as it had almost been laid out in the Sun.


I must of had some soul flashbacks as I chewed and wrangled that strip of beef, I felt my juices savor its taste and my eyes squint in the bright sun, I felt at once both youthful and wise, a sense of creakiness in my true age but a delight of the adventure that was coming.


I watched the few cars that came to that parking lot until a large man, perhaps in his 50's like myself had gotten out of his vehicle, with long hair, glasses and a pony tail. I said to myself I bet that's "Reverend Phil"


Soon, I followed that same person and to little surprise, he was indeed the radio host I was seeking.


I was surely more pleased to be in the studio with Phil, other than a more common way of being in one city, while the host was in another.


I would prefer to be in a sense matching chakra to chakra across each other and within a physical grasp.


Later, upon looking back on how the whole time we spent in New Mexico, I thought how perfect it was that the radio show would come first.


It felt like we were bringing a new energy to town. It felt like a scouting mission to help revive a flame of contact for Saint Germain in New Mexico. Other times it felt like we were raking the soil of some very old encounters in this land.


Often, in these ways of things, the word goes forth, first. So the radio segment was perfect.


I pray I would not be lodged in my ego, but able carry out some purpose of discovery on behalf of freedom's causes.


I sensed that there were already braids of truth that stood before and a history that would inform me on this journey.


The warm winds of the desert had already begun to blow about my being.


I thought how, Santa Fe as "holy faith" was already linked to Saint Germain as "holy brother" and there was a kinship in the soul memories I felt. 


It would be an interesting awakening and parts mystery to find what the souls of Santa Fe and New Mexico might impart to me on Saint Germain's influence here.


                    Saint Germain and the Loretto Chapel


I became aware of an account of Saint Germain's connection to a pretty famous Chapel in the downtown Santa Fe area known as the Loretto Chapel.


Another individual who I knew as a student of the Ascended Masters teachings and who was living in Santa Fe, suggested I check out visiting the chapel, because of the rather mysterious and inexplicable circumstances surrounding the construction of a "Spiral staircase" supposedly fashioned by an artful and unusually skilled "carpenter" sometime around 1878. See: http://theoutlaws.com/unexplained2.htm.


Well, apparently the nuns known as the "Sisters of Loretto" had towards the end of construction had prayed a  "novena" to Saint Joseph, the Master carpenter to help them find a solution to construct an access or stairway to a loft in the chapel.


Well, in fact at the end of their novena a man arrived by a burro and with few tools almost miraculously constructed what still stands today as a rather remarkable feat of carpentry and without standard supports and nails, then vanished without any desire for recompense nor could anybody find a trace of either the man or the way in which the materials he used for construction (woods not from that area) had been acquired.


The "sisters" believed none other than Saint Joseph himself had completed it. "Saint Joseph" or the father of Jesus has been cited as an incarnation of the Ascended Master Saint Germain.


Another interesting note as was the Chapel was know at that time by the order as the "Chapel of Our Lady of Light" or as Mary, Mother of Jesus.


Was Saint Joseph/ Saint Germain simply answering the call to help out again in the mission of the Divine Mother (Mary) and his wife and compliment of the Holy family and trinity along with the son Jesus?


Today, we can go physically see this magnificent "spiral staircase" in downtown Santa Fe, though it has oddly become at the epicenter of really, Santa Fe's teeming tourist attractions.


Still, is the flame of Saint Germain on display in a mysterious alchemy? The Ascended Master has been known to fashion such inspiration the minds and spirit of people.


           THE SAINT GERMAIN FOUNDATION and The "I AM" ACTIVITY in Santa Fe    


It is widely know and cited on our own site that The I AM Activity founded in the 1930's by a mining engineer by the name of Guy Ballard has been accredited with bringing the knowledge and teachings of Saint Germain to America.


Though Guy Ballards accounts with Saint Germain in the Mt. Shasta area of Northern California became the basis for the release of Saint Germain's hopes for the Individual soul to unite with the energy of the magnificent I AM Presence, Guy Ballard, also know as Godfre Ray King also had a wife who also served as a messenger for Saint Germain.


Edna Ballard, who continued on with the work of the IAM Activity after Godfre's passing into the Universal Light of Divine Love, actually moved to Santa Fe in 1942 and resided or kept a home their for 30 years.


The Ballards work and inspiration they received from Saint Germain is quite evident through three classic metaphysical texts known as the "Green Books," published by the Saint Germain foundation.


These books published as "Unveiled Mysteries," The Magic Presence," and The IAM discourses have served to help potentially millions of souls become illumined to the reality of their magnificent IAM Presence, beings of great Light who serve the Earth, and Spiritual tools of transformations, like the Violet Flame or Violet Light.


The evidence of Edna Ballard establishing a platform of the teachings of Saint Germain, lives on through various students of the Ballards and Saint Germain in Santa Fe. Though during our visit to Santa Fe, we were not able to visit, the current "I AM" sanctuary at 510 Old Taos Hwy.


I did have a friend and author who was able to pass by the "white buildings" of the I Am temple, here in Santa Fe and while we were at another event we came to Santa Fe for on this journey www.wholeexpo.com we had some interesting encounters with people that had been touched by students of the IAM activity in Santa Fe.


Many members of the original I AM Activity had adhered to a purity of teachings and moral conduct. They would often wear white, especially at services and tried as best as possible to devote their lives and energy in adoration of the God Flame, striving to espouse virtues and maintain a sense of sanctity within their community.


There have been greatly reported numbers of people who joined the IAM Activity especially in the early part and middle of the 20th century. As the latter stages of moving into the passing of Edna Ballard in 1971, the movement became a more reclusive appearance.


Mrs. Ballard had been at the forefront of difficult challenges in trying to meet the hopes that Saint Germain had for the success of the Activity.


While at the height of the IAM movement, especially during Godfre's time as the head of the organization, the "Activity" was very willing to offer to the public Saint Germain's teachings. The organization eventually underwent much reconsideration in deciding how to impart the activities and goals of the Ascended Masters thrust.


It will be interesting to see how a revival of the original thrust and release

of Ascended Master instruction given through the Ballards, is accepted and preserved in our current times.


Many of the original IAM students see the work of the Balllards and their role as messengers as the only accredited arm of the Ascended Masters that contains the original purity and accuracy sponsored by Saint Germain.


My friend’s recent visit outside the I AM sanctuary in Santa Fe, confirmed people are still attending services in white.


A woman who I met at the before mentioned whole expo, expressed how she had been dismissed from attending some IAM service because of her affiliation with Tarot card readings.


Neither defending nor upholding that practice, it is pretty clear, many students of the IAM activity are quite older and do still strive to adhere to both principles and practices they believe are necessary in their esoteric understanding.


On another note and again at the Expo, more than one person told me of a massage therapist business in Santa Fe that always had an image or chart of "the Magic Presence" awaiting massage clients. Apparently the treatment facility's owner had been a student of Saint Germain's teachings.


       Whoa! What happened to Reverend Phil?


I remember Reverend Phil characteristically pointing out to me our show was going to be more like a discussion than an interview, and I sense he (Phil) had a good sense of himself and his own space,


It’s always a better flow when there isn't a hogging of airtime between personalities but rather a playing off each other’s strengths. Phil had that kind of flame and it put me in a natural ease to explore these sometimes-deep concepts of sharing the gifts of the Ascended Master energy, God willing.


The segment he did with me, that morning of June 30th on his radio show, "Words of the Prophets" was originally intended to be a pre-record to be played at a later date.


I felt quite comfortable with Reverend Phil's style, he's not a self-centered host, and he feels like he has a genuine interest in the Spiritual path and the Spiritual understandings of others.


It was a little unusual that he didn't call me to ask about some questions we might go over on the show. I really did not know if he had much familiarity with the concepts of what was an Ascended Master or who Saint Germain was, or really Who Saint Germain is?


I remember Reverend Phil asking me a question about Saint Germain that I kind of overlooked at the time, that in retrospect was kind of an interesting way to approach an understanding.


Phil, mentioned or referred to "Saint Germain" as kind of a boogey-man aura to him, at least during a certain period, he referred to him in the 80's and early nineties.


The question had a way of putting perspective into how people evaluate these types of things and basic values and beliefs that reveal a lot when we try and connect with each other.


Its important because we don't see Ascended Masters, and they often have to accommodate the consciousness of both, people that apply themselves to be students and sometimes teachers to others and the receptivity people have to them.


None of this discounts that God can choose to illuminate any person of the realities of Life, seen and unseen.


Already Reverend P, had by his question reminded me how easy it is to be mystified by vague understandings and in the case of Ascended Masters, undeveloped concepts.


Sometimes, we forget to remember the leap of understanding or willingness people have to cross over, to just consider, that there is the possibility Ascended Masters exist.


I had not heard Saint Germain in the context of being a boogey-man before, but it probably validated why I generally make a good effort to connect a "profile" of what an Ascended Master is first, then in Saint Germain's identity, go into some of his past life's, the journey of the soul and his role as a Spiritual teacher to man kind. The hope is these outlines have the effect of de-mystifying as much as we can about Saint Germain.


All of these themes, we fortunately developed on Phil's show


The program's theme, "words of the prophets" was very much a positive format to explore with his audience the spiritual precepts of the Ascended Masters in an open and illuminating way.


We both kind of whizzed through the show, Phil's questions were pretty dynamic and help us explore some significant understandings of the Spiritual path from the Ascended Master perspective. It turned out to be 28-minute interchange, but it felt very sufficient.


After our taping a gentleman approached Phil with one of those "can I talk with you vibes" and I knew something was coming to pass.


I knew this man was some kind of a person in charge of the radio station and I waited in the booth as long as I could for Phil to return. Something told me I might be able to offer some comfort.


On another level I knew intuitively when the Ascended Masters energy is close, there is often a re-arranging of things. A lot of shifts can happen. Things get accelerated. Relationships change. I was thinking while I waited in that recording booth, already? And that perhaps our time in Santa Fe might reveal some interesting insights. 


I caught up with Phil in the parking lot and I was already listening to a CD recording of the show, and we found out after 9 years the station had decided they were going in another direction and our recording was to be Phil's last taping.


I felt for Phil, and of course I thought about the timing, but something told me, there was more to this picture and I have seen it before and some odd things can happen.


I learned a few years ago to respect the "Light" that gets released often by the Ascended hosts when we speak, when we write. It’s all about the word going forth and the energy that comes with it. It’s a fire, an electronic essence, so this was some kind of sign, maybe a reaction.


It was rather telling that possibly the last segment of "Words of the Prophets" might close with a dialogue about the Ascended Masters, about Saint Germain. Interesting synchronicity. Has a nice upside, though!


I wanted to spend more time with Phil, but I was somewhat in a schedule window to get to my next appointment in Santa Fe, so I had to leave.


I could sense something was lingering, some kind of energy, yet fulfilled, yet to be determined was out there.


(To be continued in Part II) 



I came upon this Church (now a museum) in Santa Fe, it had such a great light around it that day and the blue sky was wonderful. It supposedly is the oldest shrine to Mother Mary in the U.S.


Here is a photo i took (in studio) of "Reverand Phil" host of Words of the Prophets radio show, we taped on May 30th in Santa Fe. Later, we would find out this was to be the last? show Phil would do on this station. It began an interesting series of developments during our visit to Santa Fe. I had a sense Phil is a kindly man and with a devotion to the Spiritual paths of others. He had hosted his show for nine years. Later, its broadcast in Santa Fe on the following day would yield some contacts we met personally at the Whole Expo event in Santa Fe May 31-June 1 (see part two for more info) Thanks for the Good Karma , Phil!


Here i am inside the Loretto Chapel in santa Fe, before the "Spiral Staircase" and the legend of Saint Joseph (previous lifetime of Saint Germain). Maybe you can make out the name of the player on the back of my Laker Jersey!

Stay tuned for Part II of Santa Fe, in search of Saint Germain!