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Mission Saint Germain
Book review! Miracles, Masters & Mirth


Mother, Mystic, Adventurer writes book on discoveries, turns, on Spiritual quest.


Therese Emmanuel Grey's new book of her own Spiritual coming of age is a quite useful account for any seeker and participant on the path of divine discovery.


I really enjoyed how Therese served up extra helpings of simple truthfulness in directing the reader on an odyssey of her own personal emergence beginning as a young child in Paris.


We sometimes undervalue the imprint of those early life remembrances when the development of our soul had yet to be encumbered by too many mental musings and was more wholly free to learn.


I felt like I tri-cycled along with her in the telling of her first encounters with God as an energy and an inspiration, even as the childhood of Therese she tried her best to normally develop alongside her siblings and parents.


The chapters of this book flow briskly and Therese helps guide us in a chronological sequence that just as easily leaps out, already apparent in little Therese’s' soul qualities and her introductions of the inner life.


Some of Therese’s own experiences mirrored those I have heard of similar people of light while in Childhood.


Without giving away too much, it was an interesting confirmation how oftentimes  the innocent babe on the path, already faces vulnerability and even dangerous scenarios


Therese recounts how at a very early age she was almost stolen from her stroller, while her nearby yet diverted Mother had been shopping


"Miracles" is an appropriate part of the title of this book and in the life of the personage because these chapters are full of near miss brushes with Karma, seeming counter influences and Therese's own impetuousness


My own soul has an experience as a child where I too wandered off into the ocean while my father had become distracted, then "saved” as you will at the last moment.


What is very prominent is the soul of Therese, in a very strong sense already fastened to God and Goodness. I started to think of Therese as in the likeness of Joan of Arc, the erstwhile and completely impassioned child-warrior with a life jump started in spiritual inclinations.


Another theme was the sometimes indifference in the role of parenting that can occur when the child places a greater desire in non-material interests.


I get this picture of a feisty and yet fiery soul almost held back by waiting on the maturing of the body and outer years. "COM’ on, I've got a mission!", we get the sense Therese is exclaiming.


Though the premise of re-incarnation is developed later, one already senses the wise ness and eagerness Therese exhibits got grandfathered in from previous expressions.


It is also obvious this book was written in plain language terms. Therese did little to mystify us in her own admissions, confessions and hopes and because of that she delivers a simple straightforward message, yet there were many spins, turns and spills right around the corner.


Throughout the book Therese does a very creative job of establishing the unseen forces of the Universe guiding her fate.


I loved the chapter where as a twenty-ish woman Therese battles with a team of street scam artists in South America.


Miracles are again appropriate in the rather unusual occurrence when a pooped out Therese successfully chases down a man who had sprinted away with her wallet.


Therese recounts, how the man, moreover "gave up" even though ahead and after a young Therese gave an impassioned plea for help to her Mighty IAM Presence


We also see in her accounts the influences any sincere seeker could encounter in their efforts to find higher truth.


Such as the earlier encounters with atheism in France testing Therese's resolve to explore her own unconventional Spiritual birthing.


Along the way we see the earmarks of life choices, relationships and efforts to embrace different paths in seeking work.


I found myself humming "you’re in the Army now!" during Therese's brief initiation in a solder's life.


It all seems to reflect the rather deep breath of experience the soul can encounter with both speed and occurrence while accelerating in her search.


After a world wind of adventurers we find Therese face to face with a direct point of contact with the Ascended Masters.


These are the "masters" referred to in the books title and where Therese's life becomes dedicated to and a source of her life’s point of service.


She expounds upon her eagerness and joy in hearing her first "dictations," a sort of Spiritual proclamations delivered by the Ascended Masters through their messengers.


Here, we have learned about the Ballard's of the 1930's and their acclaimed discourses that introduced many in the west to Saint Germain.


But it was really Elizabeth Clare Prophet that enabled her to personify the path of "initiation" that Therese had already come through, not always consciously aware of.


Mrs. Prophet helps Therese in personal encounters solidify the existence of a Spiritual Hierarchy to the Earth, know as the "Great White Brotherhood"


Interestingly one of Therese's most significant messages from the Ascended hosts was delivered by the Lord Krishna.


Krishna, as revealed in another esoteric text, "Man-His Origin, History and Destiny had been identified as one of the first " Christ’s" or part of a succession of "Christed beings" that had been assigned to the Earth by Spiritual Hierarchy to maintain an infusion of evolved Spiritual energy and illumination for mankind.


By now, we get the sense Therese had wandered off the reservation of any orthodox Spiritual understanding, reserved for those willing to make sacrifices for more occult mysteries.


Still, this book succeeds in helping to provide an outline of what a person could encounter in the divine drama of life.


This book's strength is that these experiences of awakening that Therese endures are interspersed with normal and seeming mundane nuances of life.


They could be happening while waiting for a flight at an Airport or revealed in the caretaking of children. But what emerges is life itself is teeming with the extraordinary, with realms of aware nesses that encompass much more than a physical understanding of the Universe.


That is not to undervalue nor diminish neither the person that takes up esoteric fine print of what could be the purpose of the soul, nor the occasional glimpse behind the ordinary reality of modern life.


I found myself exclaiming, "hooray!" while Therese plan fully opened us up to a world of unseen helpers, the Ascended Masters and along the way had to get jobs, figure out relationships and raise children.


That she did it with a twinkle of mirth that is needed on earth makes it all too plausibly delightful.


If your interested in getting a first edition copy of "Miracles, Masters and Mirth" contact our site info page: sirronald@earthlink.net  and ask to order one!