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Mission Saint Germain
Keep That Flame blazing!...NEW!!

Applying ourselves in the daily principles of the Light

Get busy with the extraordinary vibration of Jesus!

I love how the Ascended Masters always try and prompt us to keep on keeping on! Saint Germain has said often, "Be not concerned beloved, the Mission moves on!


When we are talking about the flame, what are we actually talking about?


Well, we are talking about of course, an eternal fire, that is a spark, really a fire of our divinity, but it is an attitude also. We must try and maintain a certain disposition of equanimity, no matter what we face on this path.


Rita C. reminded me that we say Blazing, because we need to give it a little kick! 


That kick, can be a momentum we are provided by our devotion. It can also be an energy grant we receive through our IAM presence when we use the Violet Flame. It is also a thrust from the fires we bank in our heart. Spiritual fires.


So many times we have read in the accounts of the Ascended Masters, how important it is to maintain a sense of staying positive regardless of the circumstances we face.


It's not easy for any seeker of spiritual truth to do so always and we need the re-enforcements of our causal bodies and often those sponsoring Ascended Masters, Angelic realms and beings of light that would greatly love to support us. Of course, it is our free will that must be utilized to ask for this assistance, and we must also try and be faithful to keep our own energies, our own force fields free and pure.


Have we tried to just ignore those negative thoughts and feelings that would try and gain entry into our world?


Saint Germain has called them tramp thoughts and says how important it is in any alchemy to be vigilant of not allowing contaminants into our experiments in the use of divine energy.


What could be more important than the Alchemy of our own being!


Therese Emmanuel Grey has spoken how a beloved student of the light, a man named Harold B. and a student of the IAM teachings and the Summit lighthouse would counsel we must compel all error and speak the word, "YOU HAVE NO POWER!"


Can we say it, "YOU HAVE NO POWER!"


So many times we may think any burdens we are enduring are greater than we can handle. But is it, really?


The Blue plume of Power is also represented as faith. Faith often does not yield its lessons easily. Nor does understanding either, which at times we cry out, "if we could just know, why things are happening to us”.


Sometimes we can find comfort in the paths of others who have faced similar tests and have overcome them.


I wonder if God means in a practical way, “I will not leave you comfortless" he provides some solace to our souls through the accounts of others.


In stories and experiences written about Mark L. Prophet, a person who was very dedicated to helping to bring other souls to the path of the Ascended Masters and God, he was yet very much subject to cruelties and belittlements of others. Many wonderful people on the path do very much open their hearts to others and we do get hurt, feel betrayals and experience rejections.


It has been said the soul of Mark Prophet always seemed to keep his heart open to others.


Can we remember, "Be not concerned, the Mission moves on!"


Still there are many times when the comfort we seek, does not come as quickly as we desire.


Our human understanding does not seem capable of knowing the timetables or inner purpose for the initiations we face.


Still, there is safety and joy, in the ark of the Lord.


Psalms, prayers and decrees and the right management of our thoughts and feelings can transmute how we are allowing things to affects us.


The soul likes to feel reassurance in the energy of the higher self, the IAM Presence and the Masters.


A great decree that restores our energy with perfection is:










Guy Ballard, a messenger of the IAM Activity compiled Saint Germain's discourses in a wonderful book, "Ascended Master Instruction" how the power of the Mighty IAM Presence must be continually invoked in all circumstances we face, so that we can only be relying on God's perfection.


Saint Germain said through Ballard, If Individuals, finding themselves confronted by problems would say:”Mighty God in whom I recognize and feel Thy full power of Action! Thou "Mighty IAM Presence!" solve this problem and do it quickly," then calmly enter into the stillness, the silence of the "Mighty IAM Presence"-they would find and soon feel the peace, certainty, and relief from what they feel to be a necessary struggle in the outer to solve a problem.


We could also say: Only God's perfect activity is expressing through me now!


I have found with practice these things catch on, because the first place any sinister force would seek to take up abode is in our own thoughts and feelings, our outlook, our disposition and our beliefs. Even the most positive people can sink slowly by degrees and those who are more prone to needlessly give into discouragement make the battle hard for themselves.


But, Joy is a mark of the Holy Spirit. So we can very much be building and fashioning a personality, a divine personality, that can be very much creative and playful and we can give our own personal spin to how we create divine energy in our lives.


A while back I realized the kind of energy we face in the West on Mondays.


Some how so many people can get into that rut and bemoan having to go back to work. Or if we have squandered our energy on the weekends, their is a natural letdown because we have to get up a thrust again.


Well Monday's are also the day of the week that the energies of divine love are anchored on our planet. It is a day we can call to the Angels of the Third Ray of Divine Love to minister to us and help us pass our tests.


I even started to try and not do cold calls when i used to be a salesman on Mondays because of the appearance that a lot of people were processing a lot on that day.


Now some of the perversions of divine love manifest as impatience and irritability. Divine love teaches us compassion and tolerance, but I found myself being hardly that, so I knew I had to make more of a conscious effort to keep that flame of harmony going, especially towards other people.


I first started to notice how I could quickly spiral into frustration when i had to deal with customer service people, especially credit card representatives. I wasn't really happy with myself that i would let myself get all bent out of shape.


Afterwards, i would regret my energy and not staying centered so i would have to do lots' of Violet Flame and call on the law of forgiveness and vow to not do it again.


You don't really want to make karma with credit card reps anyhow.


Eventually i would actually try and take Mondays off and do invocations for people, to try and create some smoothness of the rough edges souls might feel in the transition back to the work week.


I have read in a book "Dweller on Two Planets" that chronicled life on Atlantis during one of the civilizations there, they did not even have a seven day week. It was longer, but there were more days people had available in that culture to re-create and more time for spiritual and healing considerations, more inner immersions.


Maybe our present culture is reflecting a more manic energy on the soul level, so people are unnaturally out of balance.


I would still go out on Mondays, but i would try and be a better example and inspiration to lift the spirits of people I encountered. People can seem to forget how simple politeness can be a great unguent onto people. Its also a great tool of the Holy Spirit and Angels, especially the Third Ray Angels who have these big causal bodies, just tremendous feeling bodies we can direct through prayers to them and they can pour forth relief over large areas.


I have seen this work before, especially the power of prayer. One time I was in Pasadena on a date and another couple broke out in a fight, an argument that people could hear. I just called to the energy of divine love to be over them and all that disharmony just dissipated...


Driving and freeways are especially good places for the invisible energy of the Violet Flame and divine love to saturate the auras of people.


It is also an area of sometimes being a big test because so many people are in a hurry and a lot of people drive around with this reckless energy around them.


Leave it up to a Saj, to try and make a dent (oops, not that way) oh, progress in the highways we use. Great experiment for liberal Violet Flame Oil. Did you know The VF is a fragrance also?  


Sometimes i wonder if people when they drive are reverting to the times as kids when we would play in bumper cars. We seem, well, so serious about our lives, about ourselves, but energy, especially aggressive energy, is no joking matter. I hope if i let my inner child drive, i let my inner Buddha to also.


Just this week i decided to drive to a wonderful area called Salinas, in Monterey County. I have noticed i have been driver slower to save gas and also because I think its some kind of subconscious effect of trying to slow down in life because I have been concerned I’m not getting the best attunement with God's will for my life.


Well, that driver behind me didn't like that I guess and I tried to motion to him to back off my tail and for a bit he did. But I think his bumper car kid really wanted to ram me because he kept scooting up. Eventually I had to notice I had some resistance to pulling into the next lane. Why should I be the one who had to move, this isn't the fast lane, he should be the one to pass.


But God was showing me in that little voice it would be better to just surrender so I did and he just jetted by.


That wasn't so hard.


It was a better thing to keep the harmony. To keep that flame blazing.


I forgot to tell you i decided to call this day "Menudo Monday" because i was dedicating this day to my appreciation of getting a warm bowl of menudo in Salinas


It helped to laugh and keep my spirits high. It’s not just about Menudo, but every time i go to this restaurant in Salinas, there is this young man named Angel, who manages the store and he has such a helpful energy. It’s like the energy of love is felt in this food he serves.


Maybe we all need to re-name the days of the week with something that inspires us to not take ourselves so serious, but to go with the flow, give each other a break and be able to see the wondrous magic of life; we need not worry to control. 


Eventually I would kind of drop back into an awareness of the Masters again. I started to say: IAM, IAM, IAM the Miracle of the Ascended Master Jesus Christ miracle of perfection made manifest right where IAM.


I though about the power of the Flame, of the resurrecting energies of perfection all around us. My energy took a spike after several of those mantras. I was riding with quite the peaceful buzz. I felt a nice energy; I wasn't really hungry anymore as I pulled up outside Angel's restaurant. I thought about not going in, that I didn't need that Menudo. The light was more in me. Maybe it was those 3rd Ray Angels of divine love showering me with their energy. Showering that whole town.


I waited, then i decided to go in eat and even though i didn't need it really, i wanted to share with Angel some of that light, some of that flame.


I hope that we as people see the kind of power, the kind of effectiveness that we can have in our lives, our daily purposes.


Modern technology likes us to always be reliant on our PDA's, our cell phone.


But that is not even the highest electrical energies we can be utilizing


We would be infinitely more interestingly well off by buddying our energies with Angels, with the higher vibrations. These are currents also.


We all have electronic force fields around us that are magnetic. We can be practicing to purify and elevate our thoughts and feelings. These easily radiate as the law or energy of attraction


Angelic beings see us as we are by the emanations in our aura. In past higher civilizations more people were able to perceive or read the energy impressions around people. This is a truer form of who we are. Imagine as we move into an age of becoming more finer energetic people. How would our culture change?


We can express ourselves by calling on all that beautiful energy of God to be among us, to help us out in practical things. So what if we don't always see the effects immediately. I promise you in my life that I have felt by a regular devotion to these principles we increase our sensitivity to the light and we are more positive about our circumstances.


I think that is what is meant by being in the flame, keeping it cool and plugging in.


It’s also helpful to call on the Masters like our friends and helpers in everyday tasks. A while ago I started to recite the rosary while I iron clothes. I call to Mother Mary and I think of her comforting energy. There is no reason why we cannot think on and feel the presence of God in anything we do.


I don't know if Mother Mary likes to Iron, but I found when i do iron i then do the rosary too, so it’s good for the planet too.


I have already been doing a sort of standing meditation when i wash dishes in the sink. You can be amazed how much soothing energy you can get when we are in the right frame of mind.


I have had some of my best insights come when i am washing plates in the warm soapy water. Maybe it sounds goofy, but sometimes the Christ mind works best when the ego is a little a sleep. Most of the times the human ego doesn't get a lot of satisfaction from ironing or doing dishes, but the gentleness of the Holy Spirit doesn't mind at all.


I hope these words and capsules of inspirations from the Masters can help others remember to live in the flame, not always in the literal interpretation of life. We need a balance of both, we like to think we are pretty smart when we can gleam a single facet of cosmic understanding. We even think it is us, when it very well could be an Archangel who has put the impression in our mind.


God and the Ascended Masters do not always send us an invoice for the assistance they have provided; we could at least do the dishes in the right attitude and help out a little.


What da' ya' think? Aye!


Keep that flame blazing! 


The Staff of Mission Saint Germain


Submitted on August 28, 2008