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Mission Saint Germain
Violet Flame....more than ever!

The World is awash in the Violet Flame!


Swirling Pulsing Electrons around that fiery core

Ever seeking stability our great God self adore

Great Principle of Creation love expanding ever more

Seeks its highest purity let harmony restore

Source of infinite power Intelligence divine

Make of matter obedient a perfect will refine

Inheritor of Perfection in Body, Mind and Soul

This is my Very purpose all supreme is my goal

Willing Free and Perfect I claim my divine birthright

Manifesting all that is God Good this is my inner sight!


.... From Mission Saint Germain



More now than ever, we need to keep the flame of Saint Germain in the forefront of our consciousness. Not because we have such idolatry for any part of life ascended or unascended but because the magnet of our divine perfection is the solution for the any conditions we face.


When we meditate upon our own divine energy before the image of our IAM Presence our energy rushes toward the magnificent flow of Love, wisdom and power flowing into our lives.


We can be thankful that the Violet Flame is here to help us. We can be grateful that the Ascended Master Saint Germain has sponsored the Violet Flame on our behalf.


Violet flame more than ever now, in divine solutions to our economy, to compel our understandings, to desire that our laws are in alignment with divine laws.


When we offer perpetual giving of the Violet flame, for a time letting behind our troubles and concerns that we might enter into a divine communion with our higher selves.


Unfailing light of God IAM Calling your perfection into action in me now!


We call and than call again to our Mighty IAM Presence because when we do so we establish momentum of energy that we can utilize.


Many people may be using the Violet flame but do not realize, that we are given energy by this Spiritual light, but we also have to give something so that same light increases and multiplies.


That is why it is important we add to this pool of Violet Flame by sending higher energies of our own light that have been raised up and given in devotion.


The mind and right use of free will can help 


There is a meditation of the mind that occurs when we submit a certain willingness of our being that the Violet Flame can mitigate circumstances in our consciousness.


When we are torn about something, a certain amount of our energy has already begun to be potentially misqualified.


Thought and feeling are already registering an impression of the likelihood of the outcome where our attention is placed.


It is helpful that we redirect our energies into balance or neutral. Then we can be more receptive to the divine pattern and direction flowing to us.


It can be a simple mantra that helps us establish the inner blueprint of the right use of change or alchemy that is needed.


I am a being of Violet Fire. Iam the purity God desires.


Sometimes we can add. IAM God Success, IAM God Happiness, IAM God loveliness. It is very interesting to watch how very practically, the mind can go in a positive direction.


We can just as easily affirm for our Nation or planet. IAM the fulfillment of the divine plan and destiny of America! Now made manifest!


Do we think the earth, just as our own soul has a divine blueprint? Well it does, and the Violet Flame energy can greatly assist it. We don't have to take the attitude that there is nothing we can do.


The command or wish we send out becomes the desire that goes forth into our beings and out into the Universe.


This is where the formula of the Violet flame begins to work.


The Violet Flame is attributed to be an intelligent flame, because its spiritual nature has consciousness.


It discerns.


It is also a temperament in that it is both the action of mercy and justice.


So by invoking the Violet flame into pockets of energy, divine balance occurs. It flushes out substance as it transmutes.


Violet fire penetrate. Violet fire consume! Violet fire raise up in me! Violet fire Illume!


Without the recalcitrant pockets of energy clogging the receptors in the mind, the mind becomes free to receive a stream of higher insights as impressions, ideas and inspirations.


People start acting and responding on intuitive levels. We begin by practicing a "harmony of energy" where we can be instantly connected to others of like mind. It's as if there is a spiritual Superhighway we can access.


The Violet Flame is one of these energies or frequencies of light, but there are others. Divine love has its own energy, so does God Power. We may begin by intuition that we sense these spiritual energies, but oftentimes our outer minds need a new type of training to understand these levels, and to use them 


The Violet Flame is more than intuition, it helps us to a science which confirms at energetic levels we have a far greater potential. It can help us learn about divine Science.


Little pieces of phenomenon can start to occur that we can notice


Phone calls can come from those we are thinking of, synchronistic occurrences accelerate.


We can find ourselves tuning into "a field of optimism" that has larger group energy. The sense of being alone is transformed.


Our individual worlds become free to explore creative solutions.


We can then naturally extend this usefulness of mind into greater arenas.


We are pouring forth the same Violet flame energy into the form of our world and a planet.


The Earth is a being of Violet Fire. The Earth is the purity God desires.


Because of this application we invoke personally, a certain percentage of this energy becomes an atmosphere or layer of Violet Flame in the aura of the planet.


Other people then, on a soul level have the opportunity to contact this Violet Flame reservoir of energy to use and work with.


It is there because people who consciously apply the Violet Flame can ask that it be directed into the planetary platform, including the environment and the subconscious layers that are also a part of the Earth's atmosphere.


Saint Germain spoke in a volume called "Ascended Master Instruction" that our very earth contains different "octaves of thought"


He said that thought-forms or energy we utilize in our thinking creates layers within the atmosphere just the same, as strata exist within the earth.


He went on to define these octaves saying lower energies such as the octave of "crime" exist as a thin layer, and then to the thickness or density of these layers such as anger or even criticism exist in a greater degree. *


As such benevolent energy as thought such as "octave of tolerance," "pure love" and "perfect happiness" also exist as octaves around our atmosphere. **


* And **-full "teaching available in the book "Ascended Master Instruction" Saint Germain Press pages #167-168


Here we see in earthly conditions it behooves us to send forth and meditate on the Violet Flame energy saturating a condition.


The Earth is a being of Violet Fire. The Earth is the purity God desires.

IAM a being of Violet Fire. IAM The Purity God desires.


More people will wake up in this Age of Aquarius that the Great God self will help provide solutions to all of mankind’s problems and challenges if we would seek and desire divine resolution.


Yet, we have to first come to terms with the divisions that are spawning in our own energy. Then we turn this "energy" around. We re-direct these energy qualifications into the light, into the Violet Light! For transmutation.


Freer to give and receive we say: 


"Into the flame I leave a lesser sense of me, rising from that Alchemy I find new Victory!"


Liberal use of the Violet flame as Saint Germain has recommended will advance our evolutions.


Sometimes it can be a simple recognition that provides an impetuous or thrust to travel upward or just get us going.


Even a small focus or picture of Saint Germain in the dash of your car can act as a divine reminder or catalyst.


Just by saying aloud the name of Saint Germain can activate an increment of divine energy that is calling into perfection in me now.


Saint Germain you take command of this entire situation!


Of course the conscious release of the Violet Flame in the name of the IAM Presence in prayer or mantra is the revolving of this God Free energy into the earth.


The Ascended Masters know that it is God's energy we are accessing and utilizing. So by focusing our energy on the divine energy of a spiritual being of light we are merely allowing that flow of light to manifest in us.


Swirling Pulsing Electrons around that fiery core, ever seeking stability our great God self adore!


This is what is meant to be in a state of perpetual prayer, where the rhythm or cadence of our being is almost lockstep with the higher energies.


We can be as the Ascended Masters have directed us, to be in and among this world, but not of it because our vibration is striving to align ourselves with the higher energies.


It's important to notice when we have moved out of the center of our being, when we have entered into lower octaves of thought.


Our problems in a sense are boring when we have not recognized that it is far more useful to engage the energies of our IAM Presence for solutions.


This is not some abstract formula. It is really the law of our being and the law of energy that is acting in us. 


It is a very practical application, because we will find as we are able to experiment with disciplining our energies, watching our thoughts, we leave open a vacuum that the higher energies of idea and inspiration flow to us.


Its true that each individual is responsible to in essence figure out for ourselves what steps we are to take in the specific issues of our lives, but the Violet Flame can help us purify and erase those stubborn nuances of habit patterns that limit us.


Then it becomes alchemy, a rather exciting opportunity to demonstrate that which is not limited, the fires of our immortal creativity.


On a personal note, i feel the Violet Flame is like a good friend. It helps provide a hopeful energy in our outlook and the way we see things.


I have found the Violet flame improves my personality, it helps us form a personality that is more expressing the qualities of the Violet Flame itself, a sense of forgivingness, a desire for freedom, balance and courage to help us change, to look for change where it is necessary.


It just makes good sense that can learn to use the Violet Flame, to allow its energy to go ahead before we act or to help us heal what we might have already done.


The Violet Flame within and without in the Earth and all there on, more than ever!


God Bless You!



Dear Friends for more helpful explanations and guidance in learning understanding and using the Violet Flame navigate through this site for specific posts about the Violet Flame. Always contact you own Great God Self for inner truth!