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Mission Saint Germain
The Jesus-Saint Germain connection Part I (a personal story)

Jesus and Saint Germain, liberators of souls

The Jesus-Saint Germain connection, Part I (a personal story)


Sometime in 1993 I had the beneficent fortune to start my inner odyssey that began my association with the path of the Ascended Masters.


I had not really plumbed the depths of Thinking in an expansive way

what possibly could inhabit the heavenly realms.


Probably it was limited in a sense that like many homegrown westerners, it was Jesus Christ that occupied my upbringing and influence.


Fortunately though I was not encumbered with a lot of religious baggage that got down loaded upon me by family or heritage. I was and hopefully am one of those free-spirited types. Still it was with a little surprise that it was really my willingness to acknowledge 

Jesus as legitimate part of that heaven or spiritual dimension that enabled me to find Saint Germain.


Oh, my God who is Saint Germain, you might ask?


Before I go on I might have some deference to my Christian brothers and Sisters, who might be aghast that I could any way diminish Jesus Christ by associating “others” that

Might be part of God’s plan. That’s not meant in any disrespect.


It’s just that for me that’s the way it worked out.


I first came to “know” about Saint Germain during a rapid and at times tumultuous

Period in my life.


Later on I would hear the term ‘accelerated” Yea, that’s what it was, “an accelerated time!”


I had been in Tucson, Arizona and came face to face with a small group of people that were studying the Ascended Masters.


The Ascended Masters are apparently part of a Spiritual Hierarchy that serves and guides mankind.


That was when at one of their meetings I first saw two relatively large portraits or prints really of Jesus Christ and Saint Germain. Right there under this rendition of Jesus Christ, were the words, “The Ascended Master Jesus Christ”


Saint Germain had the same title given to his name too.


I would learn that Saint Germain and Jesus were called “way showers” among other things like Avatars and World teachers. They were inextricably connected to each other and part of the same Spiritual Hierarchy called the “Great White Brotherhood”


I know what you may be thinking, but “Great White Brotherhood” had nothing to do with race, in fact Brotherhood also included feminine beings of light called “Ascended Lady Masters.”


It did not just stop with Jesus and Saint Germain either; there were also these portraits of two other figures that I was really drawn to.


Compared to these two Saint Germain and Jesus looked like people in a nearly average sense of acceptance. There was something calming and steady about Jesus’ picture. Now, I’ve seen a lot or ways Jesus has been portrayed in churches and other places, but this picture had a power in it. His hair was long and flowing and his beard gave him a true masculine quality of the Father.


I felt like my soul knew these figures.


The More I looked upon the portrait of Saint Germain the more I felt an affinity for him.


Something inside myself had begun to warm to him and his countenance, even to say the name “Saint Germain” was pleasing to me. It was familiar as was the look in his eyes.


I do not think I made an intellectual path to the discovery of Saint Germain or to this nearly mysterious order of Spiritual beings called the Ascended Masters.


There began to build in me a “remembrance”


I went back to these other portraits of the two other figures I mentioned. At first I could not easily tell were they either male or female. They were really refinements of beauty, of absolute gracefulness, but they seemed to have even a higher correspondence of reverence to me.


One of the people at that meeting, revealed to me the names of these two figures.


That was when I first heard the names “Sanat Kumara and Lady Master Venus”


I asked who they were and was told they were Regents or very high Spiritual Masters that came from the Spiritual plane of the planet we know as Venus.


I wanted to know more of their story and it would eventually help me understand the roles of Jesus and Saint Germain too.


I listened as one and then another that was there eagerly told me about the coming of Sanat Kumara to the Earth on a Mission to save this planet and its evolutions aeons ago.


It was such a story that activated a very deep stirring in my being. One that helped me makes some sense and credibleness to something I carried around my whole life.


Still, I was on the dawn of a new understanding I had not known in my conscious mind.


Here I was in this nearly magical place, a makeshift Castle no less in the Tucson desert and I was hearing these dramatic and vast accounts of Heaven and Earth and beings of Great Light from a distant origin.


I turned again to the portrait of Jesus, Ascended Master or Christ and sighed, then spoke, “I know who you are, but you are going to have to tell me the truth of all of these”


I looked again at the pictures of Jesus and Saint Germain and now they stood so much closer in vibration and energy. I saw them as Pillars. They were side by side; they looked more as brothers as if my image of them together could make some sense in my mind of this even vaster story of Cosmic import I would come to know.


I had to know more about Jesus and Saint Germain and their connection. It would become a journey that I would follow and research for many years and it would yield me a completely new fruit of understanding and insight and become a basis for my own awakening and mission.


The name Saint Germain is applied in the title “Sanctus Germanus” which translates to “holy brother”


Saint Germain has a very ancient connection to the soul and flame of Jesus. It is probably not even too accurate that we can approximate in our mind’s eye the complete Spiritual nature and lineage of Jesus.


It is not something I have found could just be limited to the understanding of Jesus through the sacred text of the Bible.


And yet, there is in the Bible a point of reference we can follow and give a larger meaning in the development and continuity of the work and service Saint Germain and Jesus have shared with mankind and even the sponsorship of souls they have guided and nurtured on behalf of God,


Continuity is an important term here, because in the acceptance or willingness to embrace that in each of us is the story and the continuity of our own souls, through many lifetimes of evolutions we can surmise and understand how through many planes of being and millennium, we are forging our own God Mastery and service to life, as with Jesus and Saint Germain and the story of Sanat Kumara.


NOTE: What is a Kumara?  Well, as far as what we are referring to here, a “Kumara” is not a New Zealand sweet potatoe  or a Hindu boy name!   A “Kumara” as title of a spiritual office given to Sanat Kumara refers to Holy beings of Light that have been enthroned to hold the highest principle of Spiritual devotion and purity on behalf of evolving souls and even entire lifewaves, even systems of worlds.


Back, back, back to Jesus and Saint Germain in the Bible.


In the spirit of continuity and re-incarnation Jesus and Saint Germain have had alternating roles in their Spiritual service.


In the Old Testament during the time of the Patriarch Prophet Samuel, we see the Lord’s prophet (Samuel-an incarnation of Saint Germain) anointing David (an incarnation of Jesus) now, that’s some teamwork!


I kind of wonder what it looked like on the landscape of those Old Testament times. Apparently, they were under the Old dispensation, where lives were a lot longer.


You had to work a lot harder too, just to get your ascension. The percentage of balancing your physical karma was a full 100% as apposed to today’s mark of 51% according to the Karmic Board. Don’t ask me where I got that.


There are stories in the bible about these long lives. I wonder if you or I were there.


Supposedly, the divine spark in man  (also called the three-fold flame) was more enhanced, as was the crystal cord, which flows the life force to man, according to esoteric teachings. So naturally lifetimes were much longer than contemporary times.


It must have been kind of a drag if you had to put up with some ruler or king that just wasn’t working out. Talk about having to live with a guy!


You can see I try and poke a little fun at history, but that was a real key lifetime for Saint Germain. This was also the time when there was the scattering of the lost tribes of Israel, which would lead to some later karma in America, thousands of years afterwards.


People probably think Ascended Masters did not have any problems, but they definitely had their share of issues while in earth lifetimes. A lot of that comes from karmic situations with the souls of people. It is often referred to as the human consciousness.


I have done some research to augment my own sense of intuition and esoteric teaching in regards to the period of Samuel and David.


What is wholly significant is the relationship of Samuel to David. Samuel bore the mantle of Prophet to the Lord thy God and an emissary of God’s will to the people.  As such Samuel in his Spiritual office was an alchemist also. He was ordained by God to vest in Saul first the powers of Saul’s reign as King.


Saul failed in his tests of obedience and had to go bye-bye as King to the people.


Samuel would divest Saul of his sponsorship and the mantle was passed to David and his heirs perpetually to establish the Throne of Thy Lord eternally.


Saul, in fact did not just go easily.


David had received a covenant that the lineage was to remain in his seed unbroken forever!


Remember, this was an incarnation of the same soul that was to be Jesus.


Well, it looks like the twelve tribes of Israel had decided that they were not going to uphold the lineage of David and set up their own king.


Thus these twelve tribes would make also a great Karma of disobedience and interrupt

Their opportunity, to advance in their own spiritual destiny for a great period.


These people and their remnants became known as the lost tribes of Israel.


It appears that it is not exactly know if all of these “tribes” would be counted as the Lost tribes.


I hope I’m not losing you here. Not being a scholar of biblical history I have tried to as accurately summarize.


The next question might be, what became of those lost tribes and what would Saint Germain and Jesus have to do with it?



Sanat Kumara, Spiritual regent from Venus

The Lady Master Venus, consort of Sanat Kumara