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From the Origin of Spirit, Twin Flames are borne and the Soul comes forth, here is an outline and a path of returning.



What are Twin Flames?


To help us understand what are Twin Flames, let's first take a look at the journey of the soul and how it was formed.


Many people do not understand much about the Soul even. For those people that have an interest in the Spiritual or energetic aspect of life, we find that we have to go beyond relating to life, in more than the "body consciousness" or the physical realm.


That is the first step because the "Soul" itself is but a vehicle for consciousness and expression. The Soul is a living potential to realize God.


The Soul itself must be lifted up and guided to achieve its goal. The Soul does not die because the body does, but it does not just automatically have its fulfillment, without a process of mastery. In that sense it is like a child in that it must be taught, loved and nurtured and led away from actions that would derail its highest good.


The "Soul" itself is not permanent. It is in a state of becoming. Even though the Soul and its purpose does not expire like the physical body. It is not yet permanent. The Soul itself has an origin. It has a beginning.


That beginning has to do with the birth of Twin Flames. The soul can and does have multiple, even thousands of incarnations or lives. It uses the body as a vehicle to play out these lifetimes.


But before these lives, the Soul itself was borne and created from Spirit. Spirit is not the same as Soul. Spirit is the absolute perfection of being. The Soul is really in the process of becoming perfected.


In a simple sense, each one of us has had only one birth Spiritually. We are created in an original unique pattern or blueprint from God or from Spirit. It is not easy for our "normal mind" to get this but we are borne as an aspect of fire or of a great light. It is the light of creation. It is called the “white fire core of being”


Again it is not automatic in the view we have of ourselves to place our “identity” in a formation of energy and a pattern that is way beyond the personality. But the potential for doing so, for allowing our selves to have a cosmic perspective of ourselves opens up great doors of understanding.


This is not “weird science” It is divine science. The story of the creation of Twin Flames

are important to help us understand our journey.


It begins as a non -physical dimension. Life begins in such a way.


Twin Flames are created in the union of "both" the energies and principles of Father AND Mother God. In that image and likeness.


Here we are already the Androgynous whole.


We have to really meditate on this wholeness. This singleness of Spirit.


We are ONE. We do not have to clamor for finding our way to wholeness that may be lost to the personality or to the Soul in all the lifetimes we have spent. All the highs and lows of relationships, of families, lovers, friends and enemies.




We have both the aspects of MALE and FEMALE polarities and in our "energetic awareness" we stay as one. There is no need for the separating out of the wholeness. We,

are a single proton of God.


Maybe that is why so many awakened souls long to be on another plane, on another dimension. Not always because of a sense of escape, but because we KNOW our wholeness, our perfectionment, in Spirit and we sense the relative density of the material plane and how Earth’s inhabitants have fashioned this world.


How cool! We are already perfect and we were created in perfection.


Now an interesting thing happens with that single wholeness that looks like two or the Twain were formed.


Twin Flames were born!


One aspect took on the image of masculine form, the other the female design.


A "soul" was formed also that each unique aspect could have its own individual expression. Each Soul could make his or her decisions. They could follow their own free will. They could become co-creators with the mind, the higher mind of God, more readily because they were closer to God's vibration and frequency. But still the God Head honored the free will in Twin Flames.


Each one of us is borne with the Divine counterpart called the Twin Flame or Twin Souls.


Twin Flames (and there are millions and billions sets of Twin flames) were really intended to be together. Many sets of Twin Flames set out originally on their missions joined in service, side by side.


They were not really supposed to be separated. Many things would play into Twin Flames individually or collectively leaving the path or “going off the reservation” from their divine calling.  This could lead to an ancient record of pain and longing.


Twin Flames have a magnetization that goes well beyond physical, mental or emotional attraction.

If we could look under a cosmic microscope we could see that both Twin Flames had the same identical pattern of creation


This is called the same identical "electronic blueprint"


No other ordinary soul or even high souls called Soul Mates was the same as YOUR TWIN FLAME.


Well, very interesting things began to happen to sets of Twin Flames. They began to grow apart (I’m sure we can imagine that)


Many Twin Flames began together by taking up lifetimes on Earth or even on other planets.


But that free will thing became an interesting equation.


We should also mention that in previous periods in the Earth’s history of Twin Flames incarnating, there was a great and complete success for millions of these souls.


They ALL ascended back to God. In fact entire life waves, millions, even billions of Souls, called ROOT Races were able to accomplish this magnificent Victory.


It has been put forth in many accounts of esoteric history that in fact the first THREE ROOT RACES did ascend.


Many of us that are still working out our reason for being may be here on Earth, toiling on these Physical Planes.


Many Twin Flames have endured a long journey to find wholeness, to find the Twin Flame and to find our way back to the God Reason for our being.


Because Twin Flames started making their own freewill decisions to follow a certain path or to become embroiled with other souls and to seek out different interests with our energy, often times they became separated.


Of course not all Twin Flames remained separated. Some did Ascend too. Sometimes one Twin Flame Ascended and another is still trying to find their Mastery. 


There is a deep and ancient memory and connection we have with our Twin Flames.


Even if there have been long lifetimes of not being with the beloved, we have a Soul knowing of the presence of the Beloved.


At the deepest parts of our being, we have the record of our Spiritual union not just in the beginning with the Twin Flame but also with Father-Mother God in the beginning of our creation.


For many of sets of Twin Flames, there became a densification of our energies and the faculties of our soul sensitivities that has almost caused us to forget not only the desire for union with the TF, but our own connection to God and our Spiritual or divine reason for being


This is called the Divine Plan.


Our worlds became a myriad of material and sensory experiences, often becoming so immersed that only the fulfillment of desires and the exalting of the human personality and body we pursued.


We could have "fallen" so far from our higher Spiritual estate; we no longer consider the importance or purpose of a spiritual life or Path.


It might have been a sad story for the cosmos if it had not been for continued opportunity God hath giveth the Soul through re-incarnation.


Some Souls maintained a great desire to accelerate and continued to follow the inner reality of being, seeing lifetimes on Earth as a "schoolroom" never completely forgetting our divine inheritance.


Fortunately our Twin Flame may have already climbed to the summit of being and from the higher Ascended states is drawing our own soul upward on the path of soul liberation


Such as the love of Twin Flames.


But the Love of Twin Flames is not intended to be squandered upon ourselves.


In the God purpose for Twin Flames there is the plan that sets of Twin Flames devoted to Divine causes could be capable of great things. It is not as simple as that Twin Flames were created to provide comfort to each other in times of hardship.


When Twin Flames can contain their Harmony and direct their focus toward service and establish the flame of God's qualities, all of life could respond in patterns of their own perfection.


Such as the power of Twin Flames united in divine love.


The magnet of their love could help with the evolution of millions of souls or could be as vast as helping to sustain life on behalf of a whole planet.


It has happened before. Let us consider the story of Sanat Kumara and Lady Master Venus. (See footnotes)


So, when we only dwell in a romantic ideal of love, perhaps we can see how divine edict and for the necessity of our soul growth Twin Flames may have been required to learn the tests of selflessness and service, first.


But, we are also entering a time in this New Age of Aquarius where Twin Flames are being brought together. It may be in the physical encounter or it may come through a quickening of Spiritual Planes that our point of being with our Twin Flame can occur.


But the point is always in the Spiritual acceleration and the dedication to that unique individual and joint divine plan.


Are we ready for it? Can heaven count on us, to leave off the pettiness or spirals of unforgiveness with our Twin Flame or any other part of life?


Are we finally ready to face our divine destiny?


And Heaven is eternally hopeful!


Any one of us can begin to create a re-union with the energy of the Twin Flame by deciding to dedicate our energies to the higher self.


We can start with a meditation on life even. To practice divine purpose in all we do.


We can begin in simple ways to discover, that we do have a path. We do have a unique reason for being.


Fortunately many of us have already cultivated small and greater steps of awareness.


We are changing in vibration. We are already developing a frequency for God and the beloved.


We have to allow ourselves to receive the graces of God, forgiving ourselves, believing in our missions even as going gets tuff, trying to pass our tests.


And we will find God has not left us comfortless.


Oftentimes many Twin Flames have already maintained a contact with what we may call sponsoring Ascended Masters or Angelic realms as well as have a strong inner tie with our higher self, the inner teacher that helps the soul.


So even in periods of feeling alone or apart from the energies or meanderings of the World, which often has little interest to these types of higher souls, we are not alone, but are being compelled to sustain our inner tie with the light.


In this place often through inner means we are sustained through the energies of faith and feeling that often are a purified absorption of God’s love and guidance that pours to us.


Is it so hard for us to see we have this energy of divine love that fills us and causes us to pursue life with more than an ordinary quality of being?


The Soul may wonder or be uncertain if it can carry this burden of light, but the higher self encourages our being to proceed and to trust often while the non-visible realm of divinity assists us.


These are simple but important steps on uniting with the beloved.


It is an inside job as they say in the world, but we have to train ourselves to believe in God, when our loneliness comes.


Maybe it is our Twin Flame that is not in the best of shape and they are really counting on us to help them out.


Isn’t it interesting when God fills our cup; we have more of that love to Give to another part of Life.


Maybe, we will meet our Twin Flame, maybe we will not in the way we think we would like to. But there is a purpose.


That is the discipline. That is the kind of language the soul really needs to help itself.


Meanwhile, we must be content to try and find our reason for being. Our point of service in the way that we interact with this world and our fellow man and woman.


We may feel "oh Lord comfort me!" and yet we are led to help another part of life that has fallen. Love that flows from divine source is intended to be expressed. Somewhere the energy of our love is needed. Maybe it is in nature. In the elemental kingdom. Maybe it is for new souls just stepping on the path.


It is not always such an easy path, but there is something in the mystery of being that supplies the wholeness we are seeking.


It is an inner journey for the Twin Flame.


Probably it is not an average path, but many of us are very old souls. We cannot really kid ourselves or keep putting off that which can truly help us find liberation in this lifetime.


So many Spiritual souls are already walking this planet and this physical plane and it might be just a good effort in service to life and devotion to God and we will make it.


The Path to the Twin Flame is the path of overcoming, of knowing when to give the gentleness to our souls and when and how we have to build up our own fire and just keep on going.


God builds our fire.  We are a flame. We are a living flame. We are Twin Flames in the beginning and the ending. Lo, IAM Alpha and Omega in the white fire core of being!


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Sanat Kumara and Lady Master Venus are great Spiritual regents of light that came from the Spiritual home of Venus. During a period of great densification in the Earth's history, Lord Sanat Kumara and his consort Lady Master Venus provided the establishment of Spiritual energy that sustained the Earth in one of its lowest periods of evolution.
They are Twin Flames of great magnitude in their point of service to life and attainment in the flame of God. It has been attributed that when Sanat Kumara came to the Earth, 144,000 of lightbearers volunteered to come on this mission of saving Terra (Earth) to assist Sanat Kumara. Many were also sets of Twin Flames. Some even became entangled in the complexities of Karmic and energetic patterns of this plane and to this day are still retracing their own steps to their original pattern of being. Many of us may be part of that original 144,000 and the mandala of lightbearers, still looking to find our brothers and sisters of light and accomplish our own divine purpose and reason for being.