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Mission Saint Germain
Saint Germain's connection to the Caribbean, Temple of Purification, Atlantis

A likeness of the Great Divine Director, teacher to Saint Germain

Thousands of Years ago, during a period right before the sinking of Atlantis, Saint Germain was embodied as a Priest in the Temple of Purification in Atlantis. Saint Germain had been instructed, by his teacher, the Great Divine Director to transport the physical focus of the flame of Freedom to a place of safety in the Carpathian foothills in Transylvania.


The actual physical retreat of “the Temple of Purification” was drawn up to the etheric level where today it is above the area of Cuba. It is known now as then as the retreat of the Seventh Ray of the Archangel Lord Zadkiel.


Saint Germain had many more embodiments until the time when as Christopher Columbus, he set sail to discover the New World. It was by no accident that Saint Germain (Columbus) was led to an area modern views point to the Bahamian Islands, in that region.


Saint Germain had followed an inner prompting to an area of great soul familiarity and record. He was magnetized to the area of this Spiritual retreat by the Flame of Freedom in the etheric Temple of Purification and by that inner memory of serving in that Temple on Atlantis.


It could be said that Saint Germain had to find or re-find that “flame of Freedom” before the flame of freedom could be established in what would become America. He then carried or tended the preservation of the flame of freedom though his own disciples that would come later through the founding fathers of America, including George Washington, an incarnation of IAM Activity founder “Godfre Ray King” or Guy Ballard.


It is said America is Atlantis come again and the flame of freedom, held by Saint Germain and the Archangel Zadkiel is “the Violet Flame of Transmutation”


Some historians actually believe that Columbus’ voyage set down in the area known as Espanola (Haiti) there is an ancient record of the sinking of Atlantis and the mis-qualifications of energies and even black magic in that region. The Violet Flame and the Temple of Purification can be focuses of light and alchemy to transmute the cause. effect, record and memory of any ancient and current practices of mis-uses and perversions of sacred sciences.


The Temple of Purification if a specific focus of light we can direct our prayers to anchor the actions of mercy, forgiveness, transmutation and justice and to restore that region and its peoples to the establishment of their divine plan. 


We have within our power and opportunity to liberate all areas of life, with the flame of transmutation, the Seventh Ray rituals sponsored by Saint Germain and Lord Zadkiel, and the Violet Flame. We are all intended to be torchbearers carrying that flame of Freedom to all life.