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The New way to help Saint Germain!
Mission Saint Germain

Can You help the Count?



We are in a time when the days of endlessly studying the lives of the Masters are over! The Ascended Masters are tired of the students of Terra (Earth) just talking about them.


Saint Germain said this! Saint Germain did that! Are we just a bunch of copycat-ers? It is time we decide that WE deserve to be a God Free being and will find a way to pick a part of the Universal Mission of Light the Masters have sponsored and say, " I will patrol my section of the Universe" I will take responsibility of commanding the Violet Flame in my city. "I will become a conscious soul of light that has determined the Golden age will come!”


And if anything less than perfection occurs around me, I will say NOT on my watch! I will command the Angels! I will pray for my brothers and sisters to come up Higher!


I will make more than an average effort in my station in life and I will no longer leave the hearty work to Sanat Kumara or El Morya. I want some of that GOOD karma for myself!


And all of heaven will rejoice because the students of the IAM activity or the Summit Lighthouse or the Bridge to Freedom will make an understanding, "well, we better get along with the other communities of light and the souls that have been incarnated from other realms and dimensions but who have their place in Universal Freedom and accept each other's gifts


I will no longer embarrass Saint Germain with a paltry effort. I am determined to be a great soul of light and if even only two souls will listen to me or find some inspiration through me I will be most grateful!


My God! I know the Higher self of my own soul and that of my beloved Twin Flame did not come into embodiment for anything less than the total victory!


I will win my Ascension and I will be determined that the legacy I leave on terra will be a legacy of light that future generations will find because of my vibration, my frequency, my efforts to take some part of Cosmic Truth and to share it with other souls, to share it with humanity!


I will decide I will provide the effort and quit whining about my prosperity and start winning. I will be one of those who will figure out the way for others and to make it plain.


I will not become a bummer to other people or Saint Germain! I will be a living fount of Freedom That lifts up life. And if I have nothing affirming to say, I will walk the hills until I can find some inspiration.


I will remember the elemental life and I will pray for them and give my gratitude for the purification elemental life brings to the Earth


And I will remember how great an opportunity it is to have life and remember that there are billions of souls that are waiting in line just to get into this plane, just to have an opportunity to be in a mortal coil. So I will have an appreciation for life and will pray we miss not one opportunity to fulfill even a single embodiment.


So when I walk down to the Supermarket, I will say IAM determined to be like Saint Germain in embodiment! I will have a little chip on my shoulder because I know the heavenly hosts are with my and IAM determined to not let this time pass by without imparting a flame of Victory to those I meet.


I will hum the Violet Flame under my breath and I will sing the praise of God My Mighty IAM presence when I am driving in traffic, when I pass through the cities and towns, You better believe it I will make a better effort today!


And if it is one of those days where I still have to have at least one more victory I will go out before I lay my head and I will do as El Morya has said and I will find one more Victory!


And when Saint Germain and El Morya are up in some cosmic rec room shooting pool, I want them to look down on the cosmic mirror to Earth and find me and my twin flame engaged in the work of the Ages and say, "look at those life streams!" I want to put a smile on their faces!


It will be so because IAM determined to become a being of Light and start acting like it!


One day I want to be able to say that Great councils of Light can call on me to sponsor whole evolutions of souls.


I want to be ready when they call my number and I am already an Ascended Master or Cosmic being.


IAM determined to earn my stripes on Earth, so I will make a decision this day to adopt a piece of Terra and be responsible to call on the Cosmic forces to keep my backyard clean, to keep the atmosphere free in vibration and frequency.


And if I have to, I will set up my lemonade stand for Saint Germain and I will give a little piece of his teaching to people. I will impart that flame to people


And if it happens that one day I left some rut of the human consciousness out there, well I will go out and clean it up


I will be like a divine janitor and I will help Saint Germain clean up this planet with the Violet Flame.


And of course I will remember to take care of my inner child, my soul. I will strive to eat foods that are of higher vibration and to bless my food, the water and the elements.


And I will give to my body temple a good go of divine love too. I will praise every atom, cell and electron and I will charge my being with Light, only Light.


And of course I will take some time out to reflect upon the great Victory we are bringing forth. I will go to my room or will take a rest and I will think about the great progress that is being made.


I will maybe walk in nature and I will hear the sounds of the birds and look up at the vast sky and I will fan the Mighty sense of God Reality all around me


And I will take comfort that millions of souls are just like me and I will find evidence in many things that a wondrous transformation is occurring even as each powerful thought and feeling I express in an ever-expanding universe.


I will remember we are not in a sprint but it is a long distance we are covering, so IAM in it for the long run, even so I will pray for acceleration that God might shorten the days for the elect. 


I will still strive to be steady, to give of an equal cup of light to God and divine love each day


And God will pour forth Divine Love back to me and I will see this hand in all the synchronicities and confirmations the Universe is giving me.


So IAM prepared to do this, I was born into embodiment to become a shining expression of my divinity. IAM love in action now! I am determined to be the God Free being I AM created to become. All this IAM.


Always Victory!


Please feel free to share this energy and qualify it by your own God momentum!


Article OK to be produced with permission, Please try and quote in entirety and credit this link: www.missionsaintgermain.com

submitted 3/19/2010 by R. Henry   re: sirronald@earthlink.net