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"Confessions of a Limousine Mystic "

by Ron Henry

Hoping to become useful to the causes of Light!

Some of you may have already heard me say that un-expectantly while I was 5 years of age I started to draw symbols of what later in life I found were connected the Ascended Master Saint Germain.


Over many years instruction and insight about Saint Germain came through different teachings and while a specific teacher led me to much of my awakening to my connection with Saint Germain, I realized in a deep way I knew Saint Germain already before this life.


I have never felt a calling to try and become some type of channel to impart the wisdom of the Masters personally and quite frankly I have concerns whether many who claim to channel Saint Germain actually do


It has always been my experience though that we can prepare our souls to receive the higher wisdoms and develop soul faculties. We can begin to notice the synchronicities that help part the veil between the higher octaves and the normal realm of consciousness the mass of humanity moves in.


This to me is what the Spiritual path is really about, becoming a seeker of truth


I must admit for many of those early years i did not think of the significance of those early drawings i did, certainly did not even hear the name Saint Germain or did understand the role in my life.


Somewhere around 36 I became in touch with Elizabeth Clare Prophet's community and I would learn in a much accelerated 60 day period of instruction many of the mystery teachings about Saint Germain and the role of the Ascended Masters on Earth


Some of you know ECP passed in 2009.


After, I had made some "contact" with the Brotherhood (the Ascended Masters have a fraternity of Ascended beings called the Great White Brother hood-no human racial attribute implied) many unusual things had already come to pass, though I did not always notice them at the time or knew what they meant.


Prior to taking the before mentioned "courses" in Spiritual instructions I was already being initiated through the regular course of living my life, though I had an inner knowing I was on some type of path.


I do not often say to people but my first "contact" i might have made with the Brotherhood came again un-expectantly when a small book called "The Impersonal Life" almost leapt off the shelf in a Tucson, Arizona metaphysical book store.


I did not know until years later that those small books might have had anything to do with Saint Germain or the "Masters" because they did not mention them by name but rather helped me to learn about the principles of the inner light, the way of the path of truth and the energy of the spiritual teacher that could come as the energy of the Christ or Buddhic consciousness,


I think I had been endowed on the importance of the principles of spiritual energy, practice and vibration.


This has become a lifelong practice I have tried to impart to others where God might humbly lead me to share, though I have to always be on guard for the error or my own ego or personality.


I also know something of the tricks and challenges the counterfeit forces could put on a developing soul to try and assail us and keep us from finding our true spiritual estate and calling. 


Something that could occur on the path of the beginner into the spiritual mysteries of occult (hidden) wisdom can come in the form of simple discouragement or more overt forms of "energy" not in a benevolent nature


At least twice prior to a more direct association with representatives of Saint Germain's teachings, I was assailed by efforts to "scare me" off the path


One night upon laying on my bed in Tucson, i felt a strange energetic vapor that seemed to rise up from underneath me and envelop my horizontal form.


I sensed perceptibly this (presence) was not of the light.


I felt intuitively to call in the name of the Christ command to expel this intruding vortex.


To my concern, my voice was not able to speak. Relinquishing the tendency to become fearful, I felt the inner voice speak the command, "say it with your mind" as I transferred what I would have said with words to the power of thought form and the release of the energetic shackle was immediate.


I had to wonder what parts of me, with conviction and soul strength played in this Victory and what parts of  unseen assistance had I received.


Later I would learn with more certainty there was divine providence working on my behalf but I never felt I got an invoice from Saint Germain, for services rendered.


It became very much evident to me it was better to attempt mirror the activities of an Ascended Master than to hope we could trust some "source" to avail us of the words, admonitions or prophecy of things attributed to beings of light


Many people prescribed to the idea and hope of finding one's divine plan or reason for being


It was obvious mine had not been to raise a family, become only a salesman or tarry too often in the affairs of men or of a worldly consciousness


Fortunately I was able to connect with the story of Sanat Kumara coming to the Earth aeons ago in a rescue mission and the gathering of the 144,000 who came also with Sanat Kumara as legions of Light to support SK, but who some themselves lost their way


It became a part of my divine plan I adopted, as I felt strongly I was one of these souls and through outreach service and sites like Mission Saint Germain we could contribute to this important service.


Still at times as I toiled alone. It seemed certain points of my mission and service waned in realms of the Earthly pulls.


Some of us I believe are set apart, left by ourselves in this certain "schoolroom of life" to work out our dharma, our point of mastery, facing the tests and subjugations of personal karma and likely momentums.


I felt there were at times the energy of the Master could not touch me or draw close as through periods of indulgences


Such is the state for many souls, though while of the light or perhaps a developed attainment have many attachments and habits to work through


I loved the saying Buddhists speak of the great Rinpoche Padmasambhava, that he was devoted to be a "tamer of souls"


This of course resided alongside the free willing "New Age" beliefs that had a very liberal idea of soul freedom and short on discipline in the perfecting of energies.


So, the "Masters" I believe work much through books and teachings given to the soul in refined states rather than direct instruction or the lowering of their energies to our realms.


It is not always a popular topic, but sometimes we have an aversion to carrying out the rigors of the path including the sacrifices, the personality cults and our secret interests and the servicing of our desires.


I know that has been myself at times and I can see many others have the same condition.


Somewhere I truly believe the Ascended masters have set a standard for our souls and laid out a path for our personal ascensions, but we have the elements of rebellion sown in the folds of our own being, and the strong nature of the personality to contend with.


If I feel I could be falling short, it is not a sense of guilt or condemnation I feel as much as the passing of missed opportunity.


Some people don't feel the necessity for any type of co-measurement that guides us. To bring our own souls up higher though often requires some relationship to the divine or agents of divine principles


This is the fire Ascended Masters like Saint Germain have tried to instill and other Masters like El Morya, I’m told stay on our butts about.


So in the most practical of realizations that is what Saint Germain has meant to me.


Lover of the soul, confidant? Protector? Ass-Kicker!


Sometimes people write to this site or me personally and say, they are not having any special circumstances that might either confirm the existence of the Masters or whether some practice like using the Violet flame is working.


That does not mean the apparent absence of such experiences or feelings determines whether Spiritual energy or attention by higher energies is not present.


Some souls receive a sparse helping if any of obvious signs, others may have several experiences or perceptions that help to anchor a direction intended to be taken, then there may be a period where these things seemingly fade or a different approach is employed.


Neither the obvious occurence or seeming absence is alone criteria of the Masters purposes.


In fact it is often possible a particular soul may for periods in the "beginning" for example receive many "instances" where special phenomenon is apparent that helps to galvanize our awareness to higher realms.


In fact in my case I had many heightened "dreams" where many figures of light appeared often symbolizing their role in my life and pointing out places "My soul development" might be stuck.


I remember instances of "seeing" both Jesus and Saint Germain in a scene that was presented as a nightclub, where "Kuan Yin" was also present


Other out of body experiences and even day time transferences to higher realms ( i once followed a refraction of light from a crystal) that led to an upper room of vibrant light where everything was hued with a white essence. Here a being of light I thought was Jesus but came later to believe was Saint Germain presented images and thought patterns to my soul.


My point being that although i was graced to have these experiences, over the mainstay of years practicing the path, many of these types of connections did not continue to occur. Much of the reason for this is a mystery to me 


Rather for the most part there remained the testing and application of my soul through many seeming ordinary life experiences


Many seemingly mundane, but within the layers the development of the soul was brought to light through the interactions with people and the "initiations" that come with life.


On the surface these were perhaps "ordinary." But really filled with mirror like quality that reflected the strengths and soul refinements i had and the more dense aspects of entrenched personality traits that were blocks to the divine personality.


This certainly became apparent that i had some work to do to be in a frequency and like vibrations with beings of light and it was not because I was being judged.


Sometimes the energy of the Master is near us and we can send them away. In some instances the power and purity of their light is too much for us to take or we insist in engaging in behaviors that because of the proximity of spiritual light we can get very uncomfortable, even irritated.


One time while in the early stages of my "training" I found myself in a town in the Bay area at a hotel where I was formally inclined to carry out certain trysts of a sexual nature and i felt the presence of El Morya.


Well to put it mildly i wanted no part of his energy being there in that hotel because I really wanted to carry on this behavior, so in some way I sent him away.


The Masters respect free will and also do not invest their own energy or sponsorship lightly


Of all the Ascended Masters i feel the greatest affinity and compliance with Saint Germain. I must have served him in a loving and devoted way for many lives because i feel such a compassionate connection.


Oddly, perhaps though, when I get in trouble I go running to Jesus! Go figure.


At some point after a pretty significant body of posting stories and articles about Saint Germain and his lives, some of his teachings i felt in my soul I had to find new contemporary ways to keep "fresh" the energy of Saint Germain to souls that might be drawn to him.


I felt "charged" or inspired that we had to make the teachings of Saint Germain come alive to people.


I started to use humor as well as other anecdotes to try and personify the presence of the Ascended realms to seekers of truths.


We started to wittingly refer to outreach booths as points of contacts, where we could set up lemonade stands for Saint Germain or that i was a "divine janitor" for Saint Germain to help him clean up the planet with the Violet Flame. 


Mostly I came to see that the path of sponsorship of Saint Germain and dedication to the Spiritual goals of life were really along  the lines of a long distance race, not a quick sprint to the finish.


It definitely helps to have some community of like minded souls helping each other; otherwise it could be more unpredictable.


Sometimes we are in a good congruency with the path of Saint Germain and the Spiritual purpose of life. Others times, it is well relative to put it in kind words. You do your own score.


Saint Germain is attributed to have said he made his Ascension through two million right decisions.


Some days or in certain instances I know there are times I would be begging to give myself a C, so the concept of the long haul is important but it should not engender us to the proverbial manana ( always tomorrow!)


Sometimes others comes in unexpected roles to wake you up


I have this sister who called me recently and left a voice mail message on my cell. I have an announcement about being a professional Chauffeur and leave a message for interest in Mission Saint Germain.


My sister left me a message that poked some fun and perspective about my Spiritual devotions lately by saying, "I’m not getting the feeling Saint Germain is in the picture now" as a way of perhaps indicating a trend and she's not even close to being a devotee


So, the messages can come from strange sources.


Fortunately I had already caught myself


So I really had to carry a pretty devoted sense of belief but very much as well a practical way to keep re-inserting the consciousness of the path, the story and the inspirational energy of my relationship to Saint Germain


It kept coming back to ways I could keep being connected, by keeping the flame alive and active with the site, our blogtalkradio programs and personal interactions as just a few ways


Otherwise it could be to others that I was preoccupied with invisible beings.


But we are really not seeking approval from others. What is really important is what does the God consciousness see in our efforts, our daily strivings?  Are we at peace within our own higher selves?


This is where I get some of my co-measurement through my involvement with life and its higher purposes. One of the philosophies I have is to imagine when I pass from this screen of life and have a life review.


I do prescribe to the precept of re-incarnation as continuity for the Soul’s purpose and as a lawful path Universal law has afforded us great opportunity to perfect our actions and deeds thru re-embodiment.


This is also at the premise of the Ascended Master path and The Lords of the Seven Rays of which Saint Germain is the Chohan of the Seventh Ray.


So I’m standing before the Karmic board and upon the Cosmic mirror flashes the record of my previous life. All the agreements and opportunities I have had with people and points of service or sacrifices I may have made. How did I do?


I would want to know I did a good job in helping to deliver some understanding of the divine purpose to life to those I met and encountered in this schoolroom. That I did not hold out useful information or help point a soul to some facet of cosmic law that might assist them on their own path.


I would not want to find I was too concerned with the image of how I might look to people or that I myself was lacking in personal willingness to show compassion or tolerance or give care to my own soul or forfeit forgiveness to another part of life.


Probably my record would not be spotless, but though somehow trying and striving to keep a reasonable account to my desire to assist an Ascended God Free being like Saint Germain my aim remains high, my hopes true and the motives of the higher self more pure


It remains to be, how the record of my life stream will be written in the annuals of cosmic perspective. By aligning my life with the principles of service Saint Germain has sponsored to the Earth, I have a blueprint to follow; I have the creative flame of my own individual soul attainments and the blessings of fellow co-strivers.


At the center of this un-waveringly is the Spirit of Freedom that pulses, resides and inspires in the energy of Saint Germain. This is What Saint Germain means to me!


" A Cause for Freedom"
The original banner for Mission Saint Germain

published 8/24/2010