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My Journey from the stages of fighting with Chemtrails to majesty and Power of Sylphs

Th Artistry of form is evident of this Sylph image over Marin

How Sylphs saved the day from Chemtrails

My story begins with my deep desire to do something about the spread of chemtrails. For those of us that know nothing about what Chemtrails are, I would ask that you search, “ What in the World are they Spraying” on Google and you can find a video that will help you get started.

Sometime around 1993 I first heard about what “Sylphs” were, from the Summit lighthouse and a very specific outline that Elizabeth Clare Prophet taught, so I have to give her credit for opening my mind up to something I think I knew nothing about at the time.

Without going into a big thing “Sylphs’ are a part of the “Elemental Kingdoms” in nature that make up the four Elements of Fire, Air, Water and Earth. To be honest I did not take this too much seriously at that time. Sylphs were a part of the “Air” Element and their “forms” supposedly could be seen in the sky. They controlled and helped purify the atmosphere.

When I found out about the strangeness of “Chemtrails” years ago, it was not quite as prevalent as what we see now. At least I did not notice as much as I do now.

I started to see the regular appearance of “chemtrails’ in the skies strongly in 2010. By 2011 I was up in Mt. Shasta for a break I thought I needed to get my spiritual energy in balance. To my surprise I found out about a “chemtrail awareness day” and a kind of demonstration walk the next day in Shasta.

When I returned to Marin County the day after I was a little shocked that I noticed some large “chemtrails “ being sprayed above in the sky. I just stepped out of Macy’s and I was like, “what the you know what is going on here?”

I became pretty fiery about getting the word out that the trails that were often being emitted by high altitude aircrafts was not what people think as normal “contrails” which is really water or “condensation” coming from the engine exhaust. These were “Chemtrails” as in “Chemical trails” and they were different. Get the difference between “Con” and “Chem?”

A couple of days after seeing them I fell ill to the point my whole body, my head my muscles my respiratory system just got hammered. I remember laying in my bed thinking and feeling that something pretty powerful had come over me. It did not seem like a regular flu and it really weakened me. I also noticed it was very nagging and it tried to hang on for weeks. I had a time shaking it.

After I recovered I knew I had to do something about this. Being a spiritual person and seeing how there were either most of the people who could not even confront the idea that something nasty was being sprayed on us.  There were other people who were pretty hip to it, but they did not really consider that we might need spiritual help to do something about this.

I remembered the “teaching” I had about the Sylphs and I decided to write a prayer, which became an invocation that I typed up and whenever I drove around or stepped outside I pulled out my paper and fired away up to the sky where “chemtrails” appeared. I had my hands full. I traveled to LA and noticed the “chemmies” as we started calling them, were being sprayed in San Francisco, the East bay, Marin and as I drove down the South Bay, San Jose and Salinas, especially. It was in a lot of places. It was even in areas like San Luis Obispo. I just kept pulling out that page and directing the energy of Gigantic Sylphs to dissolve all the possible toxins, bio-agents, chemicalizations and particulates.

This went on for weeks. I learned to wake up and watch the skies. After a while some of the spraying was so heavy I was getting discouraged. I was wondering if this was doing any good. A part of me thought I might be praying and hoping for something that did not exist or maybe there was something I was doing wrong. Maybe my heart was not pure.

So I noticed I was getting angry too and I was not really in the best vibration about all of this so I got the message to just cool out and do not put any of your own negative energy into this, but do not give up.

I even asked God to show me some evidence that this was the right thing to do and please, please help me to see that sylphs were real and able to help or I might go koo-koo.

But I did not give up. I made a kind of commitment in my heart that when I would see Chemtrails I would just kind of lovingly affirm that “come on” you guys, you’re not still trying to do this?” I decided that as long as these things were appearing in the sky I was just going to keep giving those calls to the Spiritual helpers. By now I did not even use my page already and I had begun to call to Archangel Michael, Saint Germain and the Violet Flame too and I always called to the Sylphs. I really tried to focus on “gigantic Sylphs” too.

One morning I went out for a nice ride in the town of Fairfax in West Marin and I noticed there again some pretty big Chemtrails. There were no planes that actively had these chemtrails coming from their exhaust, but they had already laid their trails and just as clear as a giant chalk line in the sky they were as clear as a bell for those that would notice. I took my camera out and took some pictures but I noticed most of the sky was still blue and the “chemtrails” had not fanned out as they usually do and turn into a milky grayish color that kind of becomes a big haze. I also noticed I did not have burning eyes or irritations. Still they were “chemtrails” as I have seen hundreds of times before.

I did notice something different in my own attitude though. I really tried to study and look at the sky and notice the formations of the “chemmies” and any other “regular” cloud formations. I of course made my “calls” (my prayers) again and was really in a pretty good space. I noticed my own perceptions had been altered. I was much more centered in a sense of wisdom and balance, though I was still determined that any of this kind of manifestation had no place in God’s Kingdom or (Kind-Dom) I was in a better place of love within myself.

I think I made one of those “shifts’ that people talk about.

I went home to watch the basketball game (The Lakers lost) I wound up going outside after the game and I looked up in the sky above Larkspur, north of Sausalito in Marin.

I became very interested in the unusual formations in the sky. It was a quite blue sky and yet there were all these different aspects of clouds and in a way I though they seemed like figures. It was quite a large area that I scanned and I could not really notice the distinct way chemtrails are laid. These images that were in the clouds had a delicate quality to them and yet some of them were quite long and they seemed to drape over and around and intertwine with each other. It was like they was a kind of master painter that was weaving these dimensions in the Sky. It was quite beautiful and vivid but complex.

I had the thought in my mind could these be what Sylphs look like? Are they Sylphs?. I stayed there for a while and walked around and tried to get different views, which is not as easy when you are looking up for some time trying to see all the detail over such a large area.

I was not really sure but I knew there was something that nature displays that is a mystery. I looked for forms or ways that I could make out possible images. I tried to not just want to see things and yet you have to expand your idea of how imagination works (image-In)

I got the idea to go inside and get on my computer I knew that there were people that posted youtubes on what they said were Sylphs overcoming Chemtrails. I wanted to see if their images were similar to what I was seeing in the sky.

I looked around a bit and I found what were some similar images of what I was seeing in the sky. My heart started to really open and I felt I was becoming attuned to what to most people is an invisible world. One thing I noticed was that even though the pictures of Sylphs people have captured they were not all alike. They were similar but they were very transparent and wispy like creatures, which I would rather call creations. They were also shifting so their form was difficult to place singularly.

I read somewhere that Sylphs are not easy to see to the untrained eye and I found this to be true in my case at first too, though it got better and my interest in Sylphs and my concentration on the skies revealed much.

I went back outside to see how “my Sylphs” were doing. I think in sort of a childlike way I adopted them, though their power as nature beings was very great.


I noticed that the Sylph beings above Marin skies were somewhat different. I tried to do my best to identify them and to notice the different types of Sylphs. I have heard different types of how people describe Sylphs. Some people call them Angels of the Skies. Some see them as Cherubs, which is a type of roundish Angel forms. I do not dispute this because there are so many realms of how this energy manifest. I was having my hands full trying to learn about the friends I could see.

I did notice that there were smaller and long wispy figures and there were also present these really large and very expansive gigantic Sylphs that seemed to take up miles in the sky. I was happy to recognize them, because remember I had called that Gigantic Sylphs come to our aid with the Chemtail formations.

I was in awe of how the Sylphs had really seemed to take command over the areas where Chemtrails had been laid. They truly seemed like rulers of the skies.

They apparently had done much of their work in clearing the sky and there were hardly any appearance of the chemtrails anymore. I had the distinct feeling that they stayed in a proud display of heavenly glory. I felt they really wanted me to know them and they want also humanity to know them. I realized it was weeks before I was able to see the appearance of these Sylphs, so I was very deliberate though I was also in a sense of awe and wonderment. It became a very inspiring Spiritual experience and has affected me in new ways.

I felt I had come to the next stage of coming to terms of how we as Spiritual beings were able to connect with another realm of Spiritual life that has manifested in nature.

The next day or so I woke up with a sense of being in a dreamlike state where I met a woman who was delightful and had a pure beauty, I felt the sense of love and joy like any person who is experiencing some encounter that fills their heart. Then I heard this feminine form saying to me, “would you like to dance?” How delightful it was and such a beautiful feeling and presence I felt.

I woke up though and I wanted to go back to that place and yet I was awake. “Oh well, “ I thought.

As I arose the name, “Amaryllis” came to me and right away I knew what that meant. I knew this was a being of the nature Kingdom. I tried to look in some spiritual texts to see if I could find some insight into this and yet I could not, so I took to the computer and tried to place different spellings and of course came up with the name for a flower.

I kept on going and sure enough there was an entry written by a woman that described “Amaryllis” as the Goddess of Spring and that Elemental beings of Fire, Air, Water and Earth follow her from one in of the Earth to the other and she imbues life and nature with Divine Love and the energies of the Holy Spirit. How fitting I thought this was, now I know the name of Amaryllis and I can call on her Goddess flame to help the Sylphs. I felt like the dream I had was connected. The Goddess feminine energy was saying, “come dance with me!” It was also very interesting that the person who had the quote of describing Amaryllis on her website, I knew personally!

Such synchronicity! More of how life is becoming a Reality shift.

I want to conclude this little article by saying I went out to life with an eye on the sky and to notice the work the mighty and beautiful sylphs were doing to help us with the Chemtrail issue. I cannot really explain the sense of hope they have brought. Still for reasons yet to be revealed the spraying continues.

This became even clearer just a few days later when I noticed an enormous phenomenon-taking place in the skies. I was not certain if it was the usual Chemtrail weirdness (which has its own progressions) or were the Sylphs in the midst of doing their work?

After watching this for a while playing out in the skies I figured that something was going on inside a very large cloud formation that was somewhat dark from the underneath. At first it looked like the Sylphs were involved. I notice on one end of this cloud conglomerate was what appeared to be a small squadron of Sylphs about 6 or seven. They were not large but wisplike and they looked like they were working on only one end of this very large formation.

To me it seemed like they were overwhelmed or trying to do too big of a job. I watched this scene on and off for a few hours. I had the sense that something very big was going on like a battle and from our earth view we could not see how things were going.

What I did perceive was that the whole area was “contained” It felt like the Sylphs I could see and an even more powerful group had “corralled” what look like some bad ju-ju. It really felt like it was a battle in the skies.

Later I noticed that the whole area had been first dispersed and then there were many, many wisps of chemtrails that seemed to be inhabit ting the space between all the muck and were consuming the rest. The result was the sky had broken free.

I believed I had indeed witnessed the power of these beings and also the tremendous energy that they must employ to transmute and dissolve the substances and pollutions that mankind deposits in the sky.

I made my decision that I would both watch and patrol the skies just like the Sylphs do and I would study and find my own heart to their energy.

I also felt humanity had an obligation to help the Sylphs and all the nature spirits. For me I remembered a understanding that had been giving to me that we could send the Violet flame to help nature beings transmute the burdens they take on by their mighty clearing work.


So I would try and remind myself to give a portion of the Violet flame to support the mission and work of the Sylphs in dissolving chemtrails.

I think all forms of gratitude and love we send the Nature beings, are felt by them and they respond to our gratitude also. In my own experience they made themselves known to me because I prayed for them and ask the Spiritual helpers to gather them in service.

Today we can see that in spite of these wondrous works by Sylphs that chemtrails have been returning. As long as that there are those among mankind that have been determined to bring about such plans we will have to be vigilant and call again to the great helpers and rulers of the Skies.

It has become a great sense of belief in the powers of transformation.

What is important is to validate that there are solutions both by divine providence and through active awareness of how we are capable of participating in these solutions, so no matter what we cannot give up or give in.

I have become convinced that Nature is trying to open up its secrets to an awakened mankind that we can heal the Earth and ourselves and live in harmony and discover something more about the mystery of divine energies.

I hope that more people will be encouraged to find the part they can contribute and realize that there are many people that have a very good attunement with the Nature Kingdom and the divine helpers.

We only need to employ these faculties of divine wisdom and love and see the expression of a balanced action of power that we can find our victory, our oneness.

Ron Henry is a metaphysical writer that resides in the Bay area of Northern California. He credits Saint Germain as being his spiritual mentor and believes in the Universality of truth that connects the Spiritual realms with the evolutions of Light on Earth.

To contact Ron for an interview or on a radio, internet or TV program, please e-mail Ron at sirronald@earthlink.net or call 831-210-2500

For more info on Elementals and Saint Germain, Violet Flame go to www.missionsaintgermain.com

Internet shows with Ron at www.blogtalkradio.com/7raysradio

Have an idea for a show or want to be a guest yourself? please contact Ron


Grouping of Angel Sylph forms and Dragon Sylph (center)

The Sky was filled with Sylph formations in Napa day after heavy spraying

I have been able to make out a bird figure flying towards dragon sylph bowed head facing each other

Sylphs like to gather around Mountains Mt Tam in background

This is one form of a Chemtrail spraying. i do not even like the image to look upon

A aerosol spraying also called a chemtrail above marin nobody notices?

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Submitted 4/13/2011