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Find Five for God


A Proven way to improve the conditions in life is to find a way to follow a path of service as a first cause of our own life

In other words to do what God does. Care and nurture life

What better way than to decide to in a sense to choose 5 individuals that you are dedicated to their own spiritual welfare.

This does not mean we are trying to play God in the lives of people. We do as the Source does and respects free will, yet we have decided that we are turning our focus outward as well as inward and we are tending to the needs of people as the God source would tend to our spiritual selves

This often times is done best in quiet and reverence. Everywhere there are people crying to be nurtured and attended to. We really do not have to look far; we just have to be open.

We can start by asking our higher selves to find us candidates that we may render such a service to life. We will certainly and quickly see that there are no shortages of people that deeply desire to feel the caring energy of divine force moving in their lives.

We can start by asking ourselves how we can prepare for such an undertaking.

I found that one of the first things I wanted to improve was that I would develop a more pleasing personality for God

I mean how else could I be qualified to give careful consideration and attention to the precious souls that God might entrust me to.

I started to read spiritual books of people that became dedicated to learning how to inspire and uplift life.

I was learning that I had to practice to have an inner sense of peace and poise when I interacted with people

So, I started practicing

I started to see how selfish I was in many ways, thinking of me first. I ask myself how does God's angels see people?

Well, Angels I believe are extremely patient. They are also tolerant. They teach to humanity, divine love.

I wanted to know how divine love felt and looked like, so I tried to notice what God was teaching me. Again, there was no shortage of opportunities.

God truly wants to improve the lives of people, but people have to learn how to make room for God, for this to happen.

Sometimes people are very downtrodden. They have become broken in ways that have hurt them very deeply. They may have even been turned away from God's love and force that could help them, so we have to first show them a better side of humanity.

It is not just the sad and broken people that may be bereft of Spirit, it may be the people that seem to have success but they are lonely people that have not connected with their inner lives. They may look like they have everything but they are critical about a lot of things. It may be a simple thing to say, yet it seems that are not really happy in spite of all these outer blessings

I met a woman who is a professional photographer and we started talking about people. She told me a story of a beautiful young woman who was getting married. She seemed to have what many women dreamed of.

She was of course physically striking in her dress and her face was filled with great features, her eyes, her good smile and teeth. Her husband to be was too, also handsome and they had a good living coming to them.

The photographer said she seemed to guss over everything and anything about her wedding and all the arrangements and all the people they had hired. She was very critical and appeared to not be able to be satisfied with anything really.

Finally, the photographer would take her pictures and she of course wanted everything to be perfect, every shot and of course outwardly it looked very well, but the photographer notice she just did not seem like a happy person.

I asked her, what did she think was her problem and she said,” well, you know that saying if you do not love yourself, you will find it hard to love anything, people or the gifts that you have, it reminded me of that"

So maybe not all the people we are led to will be people that have obvious needs that have to do with survival. Some might have a very undernourished side of their inner life and because they have not sought the need to make a place for Spiritual energy and purpose they have become empty of connection to life and especially their own. It is a sad predicament.

The Good news is that Spiritual force is very transforming and in many ways we can feel the sense of radiance and power working in our lives.

People may overlook this because they look for outer things first, but often one of the first places the God energy reaches us is through outlook. We are more positive and less negative, because spiritual energy first contacts our attitudes often. It gives us something we may not notice as easily and yet we have more sense of hope, the feeling of our abilities that we can cope with our lives. It is because we are really working on establishing a spiritual connection with life and God's flow of energy to us increases our sense of well-being no matter what we are going through.

I was reading a spiritual book and I was very touched by what the author was saying. She was saying that everything improves with God and service to life. She found that when she turned her attention to helping other everything started to improve

She found more friends and opportunities, was not despondent and generally cheerful. Her whole lot in life became improved and even when there were still "problems" there was this new force that could deal with it.

It got me to start to thinking that sometimes our lives changes and its really for the good, even if we lose a job or somebody we love moves on or we are faced with concerns about our futures. It is a way God is preparing us for to build both an inner strength and a reliance on Spiritual love and power. Many people are actually destined to be ministering to live in some way, that our currents lifestyles or people that we are surrounded with or attached to might be standing in the way of what we are here to do.  

I discovered that many times we as people look to something in our past that made us happy or when we were younger or during a time when life was more fun.

I wanted to start to focus on all the good that was coming my way and start to look forward to life with NEW adventure. I asked God to help give me vision, so I would not just seek my memories. So he started to show me, see every moment as a renewal, that nothing is the same and that life is a process of creation, so find a joy in every breath you draw. You have to have a sense that I will help create in you a new vision, a new world, so everyday look at things even really little things and see the newness. I will be watching to see how you are doing.

I will lead you to things that will become obvious you cannot do by yourself, so you will become more believing on my Presence and my Power to change your life and so I want you to begin to always be on the lookout for me and to spend your days and your hours thinking of where you can serve me and how you can serve my children and my sons and daughters.

You do this and I will gradually remove your troubles and the ones I allow you to keep for a while are because I have yet use of them that you may grow strong in your dependence and me and my Spirit will grow in you

Gradually you will be lifted up and you will become more like me and you will feel the full force and grace of my way, of my life and you will not be so filled with the ideas of only how men see but you will be filled with my force and my measure as you are able to take it. You will not wonder that you have need for vision anymore because daily I will inspire you.

Now, go and be and try and see through my eyes and realize that your being will also take on new dimensions of understanding that no part of life will seem so normal, so mundane anymore and be willing that in all you do IAM there and see how this has changed your life. Your motivations will be different and I will be there with you and I will notice your asking me, your seeking my heart and path and take no heed of how I shall direct you for know that it is coming, know that my aim is true and all of your fixations on the worries and concerns of this world will also become secondary because in all that you do I shall be leading you if you will but discover a compliant heart, a willing heart, a heart dedicated to me and my way.  This is what I ask you provide me and the way that you do your part. 

This will be your way of overcoming and tarry not on how I shall feed my flock nor take measure of what you shall do, for you are but my instrument and I will guide you and direct you what to say and how to listen as I hear. Take no stock of yourself and all this will be made plain, for that is my secret.

I sat down with a friend recently and tried to pass along if you will the idea of spreading God's Love to 5 people in our lives. I did not think about if it was very scientific. She asked me, how do we know when our help is really, helping somebody and not interfering with somebody's free will?"

I have to admit she had some good questions, but I had not really thought about those things. I felt that the answer was in how pure were our motives. I mean this is really God's plan not mine or ours, though we are the instruments.

Maybe that is why the higher mind showed me it might be done and gone about in quiet and hidden away from the personalities of people including our own.

I do know that in each person there is already a small group of people that are really waiting for us to touch their lives, It is something that is obvious to us if we will only allow to see it, It's not like these things have not already been shown to us. In fact, most of us have chosen to ignore these promptings, these inner nudges our consciences have given us. The rest is between us and Spirit, for we have free will too!  

Really we did not need to be convinced that there were people right nearby us that really needed and were grateful to receive the kind of soul care and attention we are talking about. We just had to BE WILLING to take action.

I would also find that when I made my attention to be focused in this way, I would almost always find that some way, the God energy had cleared a path for me. I would be guided to send something, maybe a message or a passage I had found and when I sent it, the person would respond, "this is just what I needed!"

Other times I would place a call to the person just to kind of check in and a more profound conversation would ensure, people seemed to have something to share or something that they needed to have somebody hear.

People would often seem more receptive too. I would have to go back to my lists and add names and in some times I would pick up the list and just look at the names and I would kind of meditate quietly and I would be directed to take some course of action. Others times it would be like I would just emanate energy in thought to a person.

I started to see the way that God sees and thinks of people is the like the great gardener of life. He gently tends over people and checks in to see how they are growing but is not bothersome. This started to affect all my dealings with not only people but every situation we face in life.

I would be surprised by a name that would come to me and be adding on the list. I would say, "why that one?" or what can i do there?

Of course, it did not matter what I was able to see, but what God was going to teach me or show me his will. This was very humbling and yet very satisfying and rewarding spiritually.

I found my own spiritual nature increasing and I started to feel and experience what a pleasing personality to God looked like, what it felt.

Many different chapters of life were opening up to me and I saw that often the people God had led me to put on these lists were people also that would get their own lists.
It started to become obvious that God was building a community that was filled with diverse and creative people that had their own unique gifts and they would be adding to their own garden of people that they would reach.

How exciting and more purposeful life is evolving by these principles and each day I try and follow the remembrance the God source showed me, that no moment is normal, no seeming routine is rote, but yet active with divine discovery.

The rest is something of a mystery as to the success that a plan like this will grow into and yet it is an honorable station to lend ourselves to in the cause of a greater Spirit moving more consciously in our lives. It is a worthy experiment for those that have the eyes to see the merits. Those that have found the calling.

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