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Mission Saint Germain
El Morya, cornerstone to Saint Germain

First and Seventh Ray Masters

Behold on the shore of the emerging soul plane lies the indomitable summit of The Master Morya, guardian and protector of the Sacred Mysteries and beholden one of God's will to mankind. "MORYA!"

El Morya is the esteemed one and fortress of humility and sublimation of God's cosmic stead and honor guard honed over centuries and realms of life timeless by any accounting. Referred to as “The Charactered One" in the Phylos Classic, "An Earth Dweller Returns. He was Abraham, of the olden Testament and King Arthur and Blavatsky's Tibetan Master and Tutor, The Master M.

Morya is on the First Ray of advocating to initiates, how to forge and form one's energies in the higher realms of service and to the upward spiral of the Soul.

Where Saint Germain is positioned as the Seventh Ray of Transmutation, Alchemy and Freedom and Sponsor of the Aquarian Age along with Beloved Lady Master Portia, it is Morya, Chief of the Darjeeling Council and the First Step we take in the Path of The Seven Cohan’s, teaching, bringing succor, chastity and comfort to our Souls Through his First Ray school.

He was as Arthur and more than lore, King and Progenitor to Knights and Ladies of The Table round, along again he came in the Time of the Christ borne as Melchior, of the Wise Three pointing and announcing the herald of the Avatar.

As the Master of the Blue Ray fire he directs and purges from us the dross of our human substance, though often working out of sight and through the hand of Earth's schoolrooms. It is he who hears us as we cry out, "Father", though we may not so easily be willing to abandon our largesse of desire, nor are we always deemed finished with our Human meanderings

None the Less, "Morya, serves through his agents and amanuensis, often it is the female form that finds his mantle and constancy to obedience . Unwavering. If it be I , who has the Rebel's spirit in us, we may not liken or cause our being to embrace the Father principle, for at times it may seem stern and unyielding

Yet, there are those who fasten of allegiance to Morya's crown and certainty, he has earned his Victory that God and Cosmic council would appoint him to lead an aspiring humanity and Soul in the upward Climb

Morya, has his pages, that serve him in his retreats and we can call to him and Prayer through decrees of God's will. He is in the Hierarchy held by The Elohim Hercules and Amazonia. Call to Morya and learn to come to his retreats as our body sleeps and our Souls reach his planes. Be aware that Morya would come often if we invite him and his hand is felt in the outworking of our conscience. Wear his regal and Royal Blue on Tuesday and seek to Morya and the Angels of God's will, Michael and his band.

Nearby no doubt will be Portia and Saint Germain to complement and complete our training, along with the other Masters and Ascended Lady Masters like Nada, Mary and Quan Yin

Morya, we hear thee and heed thee and trumpet God's will being loved and established, eternally!


El Morya, we look to thee, help us gain Self Mastery
The Golden Age is drawing nigh
Lift our thoughts to God on High!....

From El Morya, Chohan of Power Decree